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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Make money using your mobile phone

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Make money using your mobile phone


More than two thirds of us own a smartphone now, and even more have access to broadband. By combining these two fantastic tech items we are able to make LOTS of money! Today I am talking to you about how you can make money using your mobile phone.

I have been using my mobile phone to make money for a number of years now. There are quite a few fantastic ways that you can do this. Here are some of my favourite ways that you can make money using your mobile phone:

Selling on eBay

Thanks to the eBay app, and smartphones having cameras, you can now use eBay to buy and sell goods. It is super simple to upload your items, and take the photos on your phone. I find that I can complete a listing in around 2 minutes – speedy! Selling on eBay can help you de-clutter your home or you could even use online bulk purchasing marketplaces to buy stock from abroad and then sell it yourself in the UK. Remember that you would need to be registered as self-employed to do that; find out more about self-employment with our TMS self-employment toolkit.

Completing tasks

Now I have already wrote a post about making money using paid apps but there are other ways that you can make money using your mobile phone. Ways that don’t even require you to go outside! Spare 5 is one of the best paid task companies that I have found. Over the last year or two I have completed a variety of tasks. I have made $1000s from completing such offers and the work can be picked up and put down at any time. On any given day there could be as many as 10 different tasks to complete. These could range from a brief survey to drawing an outline around an item of clothing on a website. The tasks are simple, and quick to complete. Typically tasks pay just a few cents each but I have had days where I have been able to generate $100+ of earnings in the past. I love Spare 5 for those days when you do only have 5 minutes spare but want to make yourself a little bit of money on the move.

Answering surveys

There are quite a few applications that are designed for you to answer short, snappy surveys, from the comfort of your own home. In addition to these applications a lot of the survey websites that are featured in my Survey Bible can be used on your mobile phone. Some websites even have specialist surveys that are ONLY suitable for smartphone users.

Test websites

You can use websites, such as WhatUsersDo, to test out mobile websites and applications. You will require the use of a computer or laptop also but a mobile phone can open you up to more opportunities. There are a variety of companies that want their services tested, and want to listen to genuine user feedback too. You can earn around £8 for each test that you complete so this is a fantastic little earner.

There are a whole variety of ways to make money using your mobile phone. These are just a selection. If you want to find some more of the great ways that The Money Shed members make their money then please do check out the earn online section of our forum.

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