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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Paid surveys – the best of the rest!

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Paid surveys - the best of the rest!

It is no secret that I am a fan of online surveys. When I first started earning money on the internet some years ago paid surveys were one of the best ways to do so. Times have changed, of course, and there are a whole variety of other ways that you can make money online now. Despite this there are still a few paid survey companies that I work for regularly. Not only does this work bring me in a steady stream of money throughout the year but it has opened up other opportunities to me including paid product trials and paid focus groups.

I have already spoken about Prolific Academica company that pays more than £5 per hour for surveys. Now I am going to share with you some of the other paid survey companies that I really enjoy using. I mostly enjoy using these websites because they have lots of surveys available, the surveys are interesting or they are good payment for the time that they take. It is worth mentioning that I complete a lot of paid surveys throughout the month so I am speedy, know what test questions usually look like and can zip through surveys in next to no time. However, even if you are just starting out you can still make yourself a nice bit of pin money by completing online surveys.

Maru Voice – Earn up to £3 per survey with this great site recently reviewed on The Money Shed Blog! Earn points which you can convert to Virtual or physical Visa cards, Amazon vouchers, iTunes vouchers, Google Play vouchers or even charity donations.

PopulusLive – I usually make at least £20-£30 a month from these surveys, despite only receiving 1 or 2 invites per week. The surveys start from £1 and you earn £1 for each 5 minutes that the survey is estimated to take. I have had some large surveys, such as £5, that I have been able to complete in just 10 minutes or so. I find these surveys quite interesting. They also contain test questions at the start and finish that will make sure that you are paying attention so ensure that you do! The money is good for these surveys and you don’t want to get removed for failing a simple question. Cash out is £50, via cheque, and I am always surprised just how fast I have reached the next payment.

Pinecone Research – These surveys pay a flat rate of £3. In the past I have been able to receive LOTS of lovely products to test. All of these are products that are either new to the market or have not been released yet. These is usually another paid survey at the end of the product test, to get your views. It is great fun to be able to try new products and I NEVER run out of cleaning products thanks to Pinecone Research! You can cash out from just £3 so no waiting around for your balance to build up.

GlobalTestMarket – This is a fantastic company that send me a ton of surveys. Typically I get at least 20-25 invites per week and I get accepted for around half of these, on average. These surveys vary in length and pay from 10 – 100 points on average. 1081 points will earn you £30 and I find that I can cash out at least 2 times per month, often more.

YouGov – These are short but sweet surveys. If you are a fan of politics then these are surveys for you! I am regularly getting asked about my opinions on television shows and things related to politics – both topics that I love. The cash out threshold is £50 but it soon adds up throughout the year and I usually achieve at least a few cash outs per year.

Branded Surveys – I love Branded Surveys because they have a ton of different companies providing their surveys. This means that if you log in to the website there are always going to be lots of surveys for you attempt. Also, they will reward you with points on selected surveys for being disqualified. We all know that points make prizes! What’s more – they have a daily poll on their website that pays you 5 cents so you can make a few £s a month just for visiting to check if they have any new surveys. Cash out is from $10, via Paypal, and takes just a few days. It can be slow waiting for your surveys to move from pending to approved but once they do you can cash out instantly and then just wait a few days for your money.

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they have amazingly well paid surveys, sometimes they don’t. Personally I like to visit their website a few times a week and just attempt the highest paid surveys. They will give you points if you are disqualified from surveys and there are a whole host of other ways that you can make money on their website too. I know that some people are not a fan of Swagbucks but as long as you are savvy you can pick up the best paying work and leave the rest for someone else who has more time or inclination.

If you have enjoyed reading about these websites that you might enjoy reading The Survey Bible that I previously wrote for The Money Shed. This is a HUGE list of my favourite survey sites and it has a breakdown of their cash out thresholds and other information too.

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