MumPower Interview: Part 1 Tim Williams tells us why you should get involved

MumPower Interview: Tim Williams tells us why you should get involved - Part 1 2


MumPower is a unique company in the crowd sourcing world. Their user base is made up entirely of Mums. It is an exclusive group which only the fairer sex can join. We have chatted with the MAN at the top, Tim Williams, about many topics, including why he decided to target just that demographic and how you can go about earning money by signing up to work for them.

What exactly is MumPower?

MumPower is a UK based online marketplace connecting businesses with high quality UK workers who want to work flexibly from home. The majority of our workers are professional women looking for work opportunities to fit flexibly around childcare but you don’t need to be a mum to join.


What was it that made you decide there was a gap in the market for such a company?

We started from the belief that there was a huge pool of talent in the mum community that was lost to UK businesses. Traditional office based working and contracted part-time hours did not solve the issue of how to work flexibly around childcare commitments so it became obvious that working from home was the best way to reconnect this lost workforce with the workplace.
Despite the existence of general freelancing sites they don’t offer the level of help and support that we feel is needed and many mums do not see themselves as freelancers so do not engage with existing sites.


What differs MumPower from the likes of fiverr / fivesquid / PPH etc?

I think we complement those companies well by offering a high quality, premium service rather than a large volume free for all. We are small enough to offer a personalised service to both workers and clients including phone contact and individual assistance with finding the right person for the right project.
Our focus is on carrying out high quality work for a fair price. We only work with UK workers and only take on projects that pay at least the National Living Wage. For freelancers this means they aren’t competing with overseas workers looking to carry out jobs at a fraction of their cost and for employers this means they don’t have to sift through large numbers of low skill workers to find the level of quality they need.


What advantages are there for Mums who wants to work signing up?
Many mums come from a traditional employment background so don’t see themselves as freelancers. We are able to guide them through the process of thinking about what skills they have that companies need and helping them regain the confidence to engage in the workplace. As a community we can also connect mums with others in a similar situation. From a practical point of view we take care of invoicing, payment processing and customer service for the client so a mum can start working immediately without worrying about lots of the overheads of self-employment.

What sort of clients are you finding are showing an interest in the MumPower business model?

Small businesses and startup companies are our main clients. These companies are typically time limited with a small number of employees carrying out a wide range of tasks and having to work long hours to get everything done. We’ve found that by using our services they don’t have to spend all of their time on minute by minute activities and can spend more of their time growing their business (or getting home a bit earlier!).


Part 2 of this interview will be up next week but in the mean time if you are a Mum in the UK and want to sign up to do work for MumPower then head on over to and sign up

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