MumPower Interview: Part 2 Tim Williams tells us why you should get involved

MumPower Interview: Tim Williams tells us why you should get involved - Part 1 2


MumPower is a unique company in the crowd sourcing world. Their user base is made up entirely of Mums. It is an exclusive group which only the fairer sex can join. We have chatted with the MAN at the top, Tim Williams, about many topics, including why he decided to target just that demographic and how you can go about earning money by signing up to work for them in part 2 of this interview.

Have you had any experience of earning from home before starting MumPower?

I have worked as a freelancer so understand a lot of the challenges that come from working from home. Its not an easy route and you need to be very disciplined to be successful working from home. My experience with what makes a successful freelance relationship have helped shape our model. One example of this is a belief that good communication is key to a successful freelance project. To help foster this we encourage our clients to speak with our workers on the phone rather than it being a purely digital relationship.

How do you see the gig type sites changing in what they offer in the years to come?

I think we’re likely to see a move to quality that mirrors changes made by big businesses in their approach to outsourcing over the past 15 years. The initial focus for big businesses was moving jobs overseas to cut costs, for example most banks moving their call centres to India. What we’ve seen in recent years is that a connection with the local market and high quality workers are more important than raw cost cutting so these call centres have returned to the UK.

At the moment the freelance outsourcing market is still dominated by a “cheap is best” mentality but this is starting to change as lots of people have bad experiences with low cost workers. High quality niche marketplaces like YunoJuno are starting to appear and get traction with large companies. We believe that the best return on investment on outsourcing is using high quality workers working without the traditional overheads of on-site office employment.

Why have you decided to focus on Mums with this company? Is there research that is telling you that is the right thing to do?

Our focus on mums is based on personal experience and the world around us rather than heavy research. We’re lucky that the mum community is very vibrant and well serviced already with a number of local meetup groups and online forums so it has been easy to get in touch with lots of mums.


Would you ever consider branching out to let Dads apply for this sort of work as well?

As a startup company its important for us to keep things simple to begin with. Whilst our model of working may be applicable to dads, students, retirees and other groups our initial focus is on helping mums as we believe this is the biggest group that benefits from our service and is a social problem that we can have an impact on. We support the moves towards equal parenting and rights between mums and dads so don’t exclude Dads from joining but remain committed that helping mums is our main focus.

What sort of work is it that clients are requesting the most?
The majority of the work is small (<20 hour) projects working on research, information analysis, report writing and social media management. As small UK businesses become more familiar with outsourcing we expect the work to grow in to larger projects across a wider range of skill sets. One advantage we have is a really diverse set of specialities that would be hard for a small business to find on their own. As an example one mum has over 10 years experience running a Pret a Manger shop. A small retail shop owner was able to hire them for a 4 hour consultation on their processes, accessing a level of skill and experience that was extremely useful to them and very difficult to find elsewhere.

If you are a Mum in the UK and want to sign up to do work for MumPower then head on over to their site and sign up

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