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Mystery Shopping with Tern

Mystery Shopping with Tern 2

Getting paid to shop. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? We chat to Victoria from Tern Consultancy Ltd to find out the truth about becoming a Mystery Shopper.

Victoria, let’s begin by clearing up what a Mystery Shopper does… 

As a Mystery Shopper for Tern you will be paid to visit our clients and observe their day to day operations whilst posing as a “normal customer”. You will be following an assignment brief which will tell you what you need to look out for during your visit: attention to detail is key for mystery shopping!

So to answer your question Jonathon, yes you do get paid to shop and will often be reimbursed for any purchases that you make during an assignment.

What happens after you leave the store? 

Whether you choose written, audio or video assignments you will record your experience as a customer in our online report, attaching any necessary evidence:

  • Written Assignments: evidence in the form of a photograph (of the store front, your receipt or any documentation received)
  • Audio Assignments: evidence will be captured through a covert audio recording device which will capture your conversation during your visit.  
  • Video Assignments: evidence will be captured through a covert camera attached to your clothing during the visit (often in the form of a button camera)

Our team of external editors will review your report and supporting evidence and provide you with detailed feedback along with a shopper score of 0 to 10 (with 10 being the highest). The higher the rating the more work you are likely to be allocated in the future!

What equipment do you need to carry out written, audio or video Mystery Shopping? 

As a Mystery Shopper for Tern you are able to carry out written and audio assignments as soon as you sign up: we will provide you with an audio device when you apply for any of our audio assignments.

To become a Video Mystery Shopper you will need to purchase your own covert video equipment: you can now do this directly through Tern.

Tern have recently launched three affordable packages of covert video equipment, starting from just £300. These have been tried and tested by our team of Video Mystery Shoppers so you can invest in in confidence with Tern – visit for more information or get in contact (see details below).

What type of work can you expect as a Mystery Shopper? 

We have a range of clients so you may find yourself purchasing underwear one day and then sitting down for a mortgage consultation the next. Assignments at Tern cover high street retailers, car dealerships, financial services (banks and building societies), hotels (and leisure facilities), travel agents, opticians and pubs to name a few!

We also have a number of opportunities for those looking to work from home with regular email, telephone and online assignments which pay anywhere from £5 to £65 depending on the client.

How long does an assignment take? 

This depends on the type of assignment you pick up. We have retail visits which can be completed in under half an hour to financial visits which can take anywhere up to four hours – your fee will reflect the amount of time and effort you put in.

How much can a Mystery Shopper earn per assignment? 

Again this is difficult to say because it can be anywhere from £5 to £200.

Mystery Shopping is ideal for those who are looking to make a little extra each month as you can easily fit the work around your lifestyle and prior commitments. You apply for assignments on a self-employed basis through our online Job Board, giving you the freedom to pick and choose assignments that suit your schedule.

On the subject of payment, how do you pay your Mystery Shoppers? 

We run payments on a weekly basis via BACS transfer which will go directly into your account.

Do you need to live in a certain area to pick up assignments? 

Absolutely not: from the Scottish Highlands to the White Cliffs of Dover we have opportunities for Mystery Shoppers across the UK.

Finally Victoria, how can you sign up? 

It’s quick, easy and free to become a Mystery Shopper with Tern, simply fill out our online registration form by visiting

Tern Mystery Shopping

My role at Tern as the Field Team Manager is to be the contact for Mystery Shoppers.

As a potential member of our team I would like to encourage you to get in contact if you have any questions (big or small) about joining Tern, I will always make time to speak to you!

Email: ?Phone: 01939 235555 ?

Thanks Victoria. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a Mystery Shopper make sure you check out our Working from Home Toolkit and Mystery Shopping thread on the forum

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