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Nutmeg Investment Management

Nutmeg Investment Management

Sponsored Post :Nutmeg is an investment management website that builds and manages pension investments that are tailored to their individual clients. They do this by learning about their clients as individuals, what they are interested in, and then creating individualistic packages.


The Nutmeg website is really easy to use and accessible. The website is divided into sections: why Nutmeg, which explains the company’s objectives; fees, which highlights clearly the fees that clients can expect to pay, based on their investment size; ISAs, which gives specific information on these; pensions, which gives specific information on these products; and about, which gives company information. The whole website is dedicated to making the experience of learning about the company, discovering what investments entail, to managing a pension package, as simple and as painless as possible. Within the pensions section of the website, for example, a user can ‘start a pension’ or ‘transfer a pension’ or find out more about the scheme.


nutmeg’s investment management services entail investing in fund packages that suit the individual client, so there is not a typical investment package, as the manager will work closely with the client to ensure that they are delivering a package that is appropriate for that individual. There is a requirement of a minimum investment of £5,000 for pensions, which will allow them to create a unique and diverse investment portfolio. There is an instant government top-up of 25% on regular personal contributions, subject to tax status.

Although Nutmeg’s investors offer a good package of investment management, the company’s fees are significantly lower than other wealth fund managers. This means that more of the client’s money can be invested in funds, and therefore into the portfolio of the individual client, boosting returns. As well as this, the company offers brilliant customer care, a straightforward approach, an award-winning service, and all of this without any hidden fees.

A pension with Nutmeg is a plan whereby one can invest money now in order to have it in their later life. There are three main different types of pension: personal pension, which is the same as any ordinary personal pension plan, whereby investors choose how much to put into the plan, and where the government will contribute a further 25% to the plan, up to a personal allowance of

£40,000 or the individual’s annual salary, if this is lower; a workplace pension, which is usually operated and maintained by a person’s employer after they opt in, and whereby typically the employer matches the employee’s chosen pension contributions; and a state pension, whereby a person makes national insurance contributions from their salary toward it.

A personal pension cannot be drawn upon until the individual is 55 years of age. The Nutmeg pension is easy to set up and easy to transfer other pension plans into. Upon setting up a pension, the investment team will create an individualistic plan and manage and maintain it without any fuss. The plan can be set up in minutes on the website, which is designed in order to make the process as simple and easily accessed as possible. SIPPs, personal pensions and other workplace pensions can be transferred to Nutmeg in minutes also, using their easy-to-use online form.

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  1. “Instant tax relief -Get an instant 25% top-up on all net personal monthly contributions, subject to your tax status.”

    Any idea what “tax status” this 25% auto top-up is subject to ? I cannot find any further information on this “deal”.

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