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OnePulse : Get paid to voice your opinion on your phone

OnePulse : Get paid to voice your opinion on your phone

OnePulse (Available for Apple & Android) is a fantastic new app which pays you for giving your opinion on your phone. You can earn while on the bus, train, heck, even on the loo if you so wish.

So why is there such a buzz about this new app? We chat to OnePulse directly to get all the latest information. If you want to join in on the OnePulse discussion head on over to our dedicated thread for it here

Can you tell us a bit about OnePulse and your company in general?


OnePulse is a technology start-up that became available for public testing (beta) in January 2014. We exited our beta phase at the end of summer 2014, and are ready to launch the service fully.


OnePulse enables smartphone owners to give their opinion on things that interest them via a mobile app. Brands/businesses send out ‘Pulses’ (questions) to our mobile app community and compensate users for their responses. This gives our community the ability to interact with businesses directly, make a difference, and earn money via a fun mobile experience!



What made you realise there was a gap in the market for a phone-based survey app?


OnePulse was born from our own frustrations – we wanted to gauge public opinion quickly on a news-related issue and we were not able to do so outside of our own social networks or comments sections in online newspapers. This situation brought about the initial concept for OnePulse, and from there we developed a technology that could benefit both businesses and people.


What makes you different to the likes of


We are not a market research company – rather, we are focused on people. We designed OnePulse knowing that the majority of people have an opinion, but don’t like to do lengthy market research. We’ve created an experience that is people-focused, and fits into the daily lives and habits of smartphone users.



How easy are you finding it to convince clients that this is the future in terms of getting results quicker?


These days, businesses need to make quick decisions, and OnePulse supports this need for agility by getting 100 responses every 90 seconds. However, OnePulse isn’t just about speed of results, it is about people being heard by the businesses or brands they support. It is about businesses truly wanting to understand consumers better and giving them the products or services that they want.



Where do you see the OnePulse app going over the next few years?


The future is bright for OnePulse. In the short-term, we will continue to get more people to download our app and join the consumer revolution – we are starting to earn them more money for their opinion as more of the UK’s forward-thinking companies sign up to the service. Longer term, we have some exciting technological advances in the pipeline which we will launch when people and the market are ready. This will help integrate OnePulse further into people’s lives, ultimately ensuring that the products and services we consume will grow and become better.


What do you plan to do to keep user engagement high with the app if there are periods with no available work? (For example, Roamler dish out unpaid ‘tasks’ that help people to rank higher)


There is always fresh daily content on OnePulse that our mobile app users can engage with. This content isn’t paid, but it builds their profile in-app and gives people the opportunity to express their opinion on popular news stories, while discovering new products and services. We are only at the beginning of our journey, but there is always new content to take in on the app.


What made OnePulse decide to go with a ‘ranking up’ reward style system where people gain more access to work as they do more for you instead of just giving all members access to everything?


We decided to use a rewards system in the app because we like the idea of rewarding respondents as they go. The rewards system also helps us gather insight about our users, providing them with Pulses that are tailored to their interests, as opposed to generic content that might not be engaging for them. In essence, we like them to be able to earn rewards because we want everything they do on OnePulse to have a purpose.


Where does OnePulse feel that the world of surveys and online feedback is going at the moment?


It is in a transitional stage, where technology is providing better means of connecting with consumers than ever before. However, many businesses have not changed their mind-set; they continue to use familiar or traditional methods of gathering research which don’t always ensure the best results, and aren’t enjoyable for consumers to get involved with.


Further, we think that people should have ownership of their own data. These days, people give a lot of personal data away for free, another company sells this information, and they receive nuisance phone calls and emails. We want to change things for consumers, giving them the ability to exchange their information transparently with businesses. People should know that their data will not be sold, unless they agree to it themselves.


With the survey/opinion market being quite crowded what do you think makes OnePulse stand out, both to clients & to the end users?


OnePulse stands out for a number of reasons; for users, it is because of the simple, transparent and rewarding experience they have on their smartphones. For businesses, OnePulse’s value comes from its ability to create on-going conversations with consumers, engaging and rewarding them in a new and exciting way.


If you wanted to say one thing to get people to signup the OnePulse app what would that be?


How many of your mobile apps earn you money? Have fun, voice an opinion and get paid.


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