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The Origins of Gambling

The Origins of Gambling



Sponsored Post : Lots of people earn money online through gambling, but did you know how the activity actually started out?

The exact origins of gambling are unknown but we have seen games of chance being played over the years, from the Romans and Ancient Greeks to Elizabethan England and Napoleon’s France. The first casino, originally known as a gambling house, was formed in 1638 in Venice and they now spread across the globe with most of the famous ones being in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a multibillion dollar market with a global revenue of $159.71bn (£104.07bn) in 2014.

People will travel across the world to visit some of the finest casinos, with the most popular by far being the Las Vegas Strip in the United States; it has been the centre of many films, books and a venue for weddings.

Although they are still going very strong, betting at Casinos has changed greatly over the years; like with many things you can now play most of your favourite card games and slot machines online. Everything from blackjack and poker to roulette and slots can now be played from the comfort of your own home; which means you can enjoy it at any time. Gone are the days of having to put on your best suit or little black dress to enjoy a few games at the poker table, or sitting at the slot machine.

There are many websites that now offer you the chance to play online with a variety of games to suit every taste and most of them give you a sign up bonus which instantly makes them a little more appealing than physically visiting a casino. This obviously gives you a greater chance at winning more money because you are given more to play with; and I’m all for the chance of earning extra money.

Even regular bookmakers (aka bookies) have started to branch out from their once traditional markets of sports betting to having slots, bingo and roulette on their websites to compete in gambling market. With so much choice around it is hard to know where to start looking.

One of my favourite casino sites to use is, they have a fantastic range of games and offers that keep me going back to them; it’s great that I can come and go when I fancy a cheeky 10 minutes on the slots. The customer service is also great, with them on hand for any help via chat, phone or email.

As technology continues to evolve I think it is pretty safe to say so will the gambling industry, many companies are already making use of the mobile/tablet format for their sites and games. I think that virtual reality technology would work brilliantly alongside things such as roulette, blackjack and poker; the players can actually go to a table and feel like they are interacting with other players and the dealer so it adds a little more excitement to the game.

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