Getting started in the world of paid content writing

Getting started in the world of paid content writing


Ever wanted to get into the world of paid content writing but don’t know where to start? Read on then as Money Shed member Ruth tells us how she ended up earning quite a lot of money from her natural skill in writing.


The opportunities to get started in content writing for the Internet have changed since I began in 2008. What has not changed is that written content is still very much in demand and it’s possible to earn extra income or to work full time from home as a content writer.

Text is a major factor in getting people to visit a website or a blog. Written content can be of any length and of any type. In addition to blog posts and articles, content buyers often request things like product reviews, forum posts, About Me pages, e-book content and promotional or marketing content.

Fiction is not in demand because few people use search engines to look for short stories, and most buyers want content containing keyword phrases that will bring visitors from search engines and show them relevant ads on the same page.

Creative writing skills are helpful for ghost writing. Sometimes I’m expected to write an article or blog post as if I were another person. For example I could be instructed to write as a successful young professional, a busy mother or someone with a specific health condition.

When I started out there were several sites offering upfront payments for knowledge articles. I joined one which offered upfront payments. However, this site was bought out by a big publishing company and like so many others it has since been closed down.

Very few sites now offer upfront payments, but there are other opportunities to start getting paid for writing content.

Content Mills

These sites allow content buyers to post requests. As a writer you get to choose which ones you want to write. Your work will be rated by the people who purchase your content and, although payment is very low to begin with, you should soon be able to earn more money from projects that are only available to writers with higher ratings.

While some writers are critical of content mills, what they may not realize is that these sites also allow you to get direct requests from buyers.

At I regularly get offers that never appear on the site’s list of available writing jobs. These projects are exclusive to one or more writers, who can either accept or reject them. Buyers are willing to pay more for these exclusive project invites, because they choose writers they know will supply good quality content.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing sites can either be in a form of multi-author blog or they are knowledge sites where you create your own pages. Revenue sharing sites do allow you to write on any topics you choose (with the usual exceptions, as stated in the terms of use).

Earnings are usually based on the number of times each of your posts gets visited. Usually only unique views count, not repeated views from the same person. Some revenue sharing schemes rely on visitors clicking on ads or visiting links that appear in and around your content.

Other Options

You can join a freelance job site or set up your own website offering writing services. You can set your own price list, but some buyers may want to see samples or examples of your work. It’s also possible to sell content through article marketplaces. As a content writer it does no harm to have various sources of income.

Getting started in content writing is the easy part. You just need to choose whether you want to be able to choose the topics you write about or if you are willing to follow instructions and write on topics that might involve some research.