How I’ve made over £25,000 so far doing RISK FREE Matched Betting AND YOU CAN TOO!

Matched Betting win

Anyone that looks into working from home world will have seen a mention or 10 of Risk Free Matched Betting. It’s without question the number 1 fastest way to earn the most money in the shortest amount of time. I started my Matched Betting journey back in the summer of 2015 with only £50 and have never put more money in. I sounds crazy but it’s 100% true and as time went on and I did more and more risk free offers my bank account just got bigger and bigger.

How did I do it and can anyone do it? Well to answer the latter question the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

Risk Free Matched Betting is simply a case of using a tried and tested MATHEMATICAL SYSTEM to take advantage of the ENDLESS list of offers that Bookies give out such as ‘Bet £10 get a £20 free bet’. It takes just minutes to do each time and if you want to give it a go just click through to Profit Accumulator who will hold your hand the entire way and you will make around £45 TODAY totally RISK FREE and see just how easy it is! If you ever fancy looking at what other Matched Betting companies have to offer I suggest you take a look at my site Compare The Matched Betting which shows you what is behind the paywall on each of the major sites and tells you what you will get access to for your money!

Matched Betting Calculator
Another £38 profit for a few minutes work no matter what the outcome!














So the question is how have I continued to earn money LONG TERM with Matched Betting. Well the answer is simple in that I do every offer I can possibly do each day.

New daily reloads, weekend horse refund offers and of course the endless Accas refund offers from bookies such as Coral you will find everything soon adds up.  There are new offers throughout each week you can do such as PaddyPower with their weekly football free bets you can do every weekend during the football season and before you know it you will soon be planning your next holiday before you know it!

Yet another Slot Win!












On top of all the sports offers there is a great number of slot offers you can do. Some are 100% Risk free so are in the nature of ‘Bet £10 on a casino slot and get up to a £10 refund if you lose’ and some other ones require you to maybe put a bit of cash that you’ve earned from the GUARANTEED up to risk £10/£20 to see how you end up.

I would say while you are doing Matched Betting as a whole you will come across 3 different types of ventures.

GUARANTEED Sports offers

RISK FREE Slot / Casino Offers

ACCEPTED Slot / Casino Offers

To be fair you can earn THOUSANDS just by doing the sports offers but if you want to open yourself up to earning even more then I would suggest at the very least you do the RISK FREE Slot / Casino offers as well.

Matched Betting Win
Another Risk Free Slot offer Win!












TOP TIP – One Casino that offers some amazing bonuses / offers is Virgin Games – At the moment they are offering 21 FREE SPINS and a £200 BONUS with only 4x wagering requirements via the UNIQUE link above!

Another tip I would give is to not be scared of learning new things. There are all manner of amazing risk free reload offers that appear each week and you have to be open to trying new things when you do them. Just remember that every offer you do is just a variation of what you learned at the start so it’s ALWAYS just a case of following simple instructions and NEVER anything different!

Matched Betting
Accas – They HONESTLY aren’t so scary to do and make ENDLESS money from!













So what have I spent my £25,000 on so far. Well so far it’s gone on 2 All EXPENSES TRIPS to Florida, a conservatory for our house (that was promoted as #matchedbettingconservatory on Twitter if you want to look it up!) and a car!

The future is looking fantastic for people that do Risk Free Matched Betting so why not give this GIANT Sign up button below a click and as mentioned above let Profit Accumulator guide you through the whole thing and I ABSOLUTELY promise you that it will change your life financially for the better!

Profit Accumulator







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  • I would love to give this a go but honestly the thought scares me, hubby wouldn’t be happy if I lost money. It really sounds too good to be true although I am curious lol .

    • Hey Cathy! You won’t lose money as it it RISK FREE so there’s no need for your husband to worry about that happening honestly 😉

    • @auntygeek

      If you’re worried about losing money then you MUST stick to the risk-free offers. Some slots offers gamble £20 for x free spins and there is no guarantee you will profit at all – I’ve done a stack of these and made an overall loss. But I HAVE profited on the ‘deposit £50 and get 100 free spins’ – you don’t use your initial deposit, you just use the free spins so it is totally risk free. A realistic figure is probably £5000 per year profit from matched betting if you don’t want to spend hours on it. Even if you want to just do the sign ups and nothing else, it’s such an easy risk free way to get £2000 within a few months. Literally free money! I thought it was a scam or too good to be true as well, then I dived in 18 months ago and I’ve paid for my wedding through MB so it has been a life saver.

  • Talya Stone

    I keep hearing about batched betting but I’m not much of a numbers person….do you have to be to make it a success?

    • Hi Talya

      No you don’t need to be a ‘numbers person’ at all. Profit Accumulator will hold your hand the entire time so it’s just a case of following their VERY SIMPLE instructions and you will money GUARANTEED with every offer that you do!

    • @auntygeek

      The most important thing is to read all the instructions very carefully from Profit Accumulator and take your time. You don’t need to understand the ‘numbers’ behind it as long as you follow the instructions like a recipe. I work in data so I love numbers but even I was very slow at first getting my head around it. But now I can practically do it in my sleep! It’s just a case of entering your stake, the odds and clicking ‘calculate’ on the PA website and it’s all done for you. You don’t need to be a numbers person but I would say you need to be good at admin or quite organised as if you make a mistake you can sometimes lose a lot of money – that happened to me and I pride myself on being a numbers geek! Reminders on your phone and lists or spreadsheets to keep yourself organised are key – PA have a lot of these tools online as well to make it even easier 🙂

  • tots2travel

    I’ve heard a lot about this, I know people who do well out of it, but I stop at the word maths!!

    • I suppose Math is maybe the wrong words. It’s more ‘putting 2 numbers in a box and hitting calculate!’ all the Maths is actually done for you!!

  • I am thinking that I might do this when I have more time working from home next month. Would you be able to help me if I need it please? I am going to save this post so I don’t forget.

  • Kara

    Wow, that is some amazing earning. Maybe I should give it a go again!

    • Hi Kara, please do, it’s easy to earn a great income from it!

  • Becca Talbot

    I have heard A LOT about matched betting, and I used to work at MoneySavingExpert, so know a lot of people who have done well with it. But for me, it’s more about my feelings towards betting – I’m not a gambler, I don’t even do the lottery. So this wouldn’t be something for me x

    • Hi Becca. The good thins I suppose is that Matched Betting is betting in Name only. It’s all about math!!

  • I simply don’t understand it, it sounds like free money but it must come from somewhere/one. My partner is a numbers man so I’ll get him to take a look

    • Hi there

      The money you make comes either the Bookie or the Exchange that you lay the bet at. It’s not free money as such you still need to spend a few minutes placing the bets but you get much quicker as time goes on 😉

  • I don’t really like this type of game but I can understand that some people do.

    • Aye, a lot of people are earning a LOT of money from Risk Free Matched Betting. I wouldn’t view it as a game though, You need to treat your Matched Betting like you would do a business!

  • £25k is very enticing and many of us would be running to sign up in hopes of earning something similar but it’s something I am not really interested in trying.

    • That’s fair enough, I suppose It’s good to know the option of doing Risk Free Matched Betting is always here for you if you ever need an extra £1000 or something one month!

      • That is very true indeed

  • Laura Dove

    I have heard so much about matched betting, the money is incredible!

    • Hi Laura

      It sure is! I’ve seen so many people posting on our forum (and elsewhere!) talking about how it has changed their lives financially for the better!

  • 25,000 is a lot more of money. That is good money made from home.

    • It sure is Stella! It’s great that there’s nothing stopping anyone doing the same!

  • Newcastle Family Life

    That is amazing, I keep hearing so much about matched betting but I know my other half would get carried away with it

    • I would be surprised if he does. Using an online calculator each time you place a bet isn’t the most addictive of things!