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Roamler – The Best Smartphone Task App

Roamler Paid Tasks

For people who are looking to make an extra income every month, there are a variety of options including surveys and freelance work to name a few. The increased popularity of technology and more specifically smartphones has seen a huge increase in the number of people making a second income from their gadgets. 

Mystery shopping used to be a lucrative side hustle where you could be paid simply for going into a store, completing some questions and pretending to be a customer, giving your feedback on products and services. Now, smartphone apps have widely replaced many mystery shopping jobs, making it easier and quicker to complete tasks in stores. 

About Roamler

Roamler is essentially a smartphone task app that allows you to complete tasks and jobs in your local area and is one of a variety of money making apps you can download to your smartphone. You are able to sign up and complete a variety of tasks including mystery shopping and merchandising jobs.

Roamler is a very popular platform for businesses to get real-time store insights from people visiting their stores and businesses, and unlike traditional mystery shopping the tasks are quick and easy to understand, gone are the days of pages upon pages of paperwork. 

How to get started with Roamler

Roamler Training Tasks

To get started with Roamler you will need to create an account where you’ll be asked for a Roamler Activation or Invite Code. The good thing with Roamler is that they restrict the amount of people working within the app, meaning that when you do get signed up, the market won’t be as saturated with workers all competing for the same jobs.

Getting a Roamler invite code isn’t the easiest processes however with The Money Shed you can pick up your own code by becoming an active member of the Money Shed Forums, contributing at least 10 high quality posts on the site. You’ll then get access to the app and can get started with the in app training that Roamler provides. 

The Roamler app can be download via the app store on both Apple and Android phones and you can easily sign up within a couple of minutes, getting you started on your money making journey today. 

What Tasks Can I Complete on Roamler?

Roamler Task Instructions

Just like in any new job you will need to undertake some training, with Roamler this is simple and takes only a few minutes. 

You start off at Level 1, completing training and some simple tasks to show your understanding of the app will see you gain enough XP to reach level 2. Level 2 is where you can start working on paid tasks, although you will be limited to only a few jobs until you gain enough experience within the app. 

The type of tasks that are available, change on a regular basis. Most jobs are mystery shopper type assignments where you’ll need to go into a store, locate products, take pictures and answer some simple questions. Once you’ve done this you’ll be required to upload all of your evidence and submit it where it’ll be reviewed by a team of reviewers and will either be accepted or rejected, and you’ll be paid once successful. 

The tasks can pay anything from £2 per job so it’s not exactly life changing money. However, the best way to maximise your earnings is to complete batch jobs. On many of Roamler’s tasks, there are several available in your local area, so you could complete 1 ice cream check job and receive £3 or you could choose to complete all of these ice cream jobs in your local area and earn £3 for everyone completed. This way you’ll see a bigger pay-out for your time and will gain more experience as you go, gaining access to higher paying jobs along the way. 

Another thing to note with the Roamler app is how dynamic it can be, you may find that one week you don’t have any jobs in your area whilst the next week you could have many potential money making opportunities. The Roamler tech is advanced and will show you any jobs as soon as they are available, remember that you need to level up before gaining access to some jobs, so you may not always be able to do the jobs that are listed within the app. 

The overall process of completing a Roamler task is simple and you are always provided with clear, easy to understand instructions before you set out to complete the job. Alongside this, Roamler provide new taskers with training guides on how to complete tasks, things to look out for and how to make the most out of the app, these useful guides will give you the chance to gain more knowledge whilst earning experience points which go towards you levelling up. 


RoamlerTech is a new offering for people based in the UK and offers the ability to do tasks for other people in their houses. You obviously need to be qualified to do the repair or service however if you are a tradesman looking for more work then RoamlerTech offers a fantastically easy way to bring in more money. Just like the regular mystery shopping tasks on Roamler everything is done via the app and you can apply to signup via this form on their website.

Pros and Cons of Using the Roamler App

Pros Cons
Easy to use app There won’t always be tasks available
Training guides given for new taskers Pay can be low for completing single tasks
Pay is quick and via Paypal
Tasks are quick to complete with no paperwork

So there we are, Roamler is an ideal money making opportunity for anyone looking to complete simple, quick tasks during their free time. Roamler isn’t unique in its approach to mystery shopping tasks with other apps such as BeMyEye which offer users the same opportunity. However with Roamler care about their taskers, and therefore you are provided with more training and have access to a larger number of tasks with the chance to get paid more than with other apps. Roamler boasts quick PayPal payment meaning that you could receive the money as soon as your tasks is approved, so it’s perfect if you need the money quickly. 

It’s not a get rich quick scheme and quick often it can take a while to build up the knowledge and experience to really get the most out of the app, but once achieved you are likely to see a decent flow of income every month from Roamler. 

Looking to get even more money? You could try using several of the Task Apps at the same time to really unleash your money making potential. 

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