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How to save money on back to school shopping

How to save money on back to school shopping

How to save money on back to school shopping

With the end of summer comes the arrival of the new school year, meaning some inevitable expenses are on their way! While stocking up on back to school essentials for your child is unavoidable, it doesn’t always mean your bank balance has to suffer. Take a look at these easy tips and tricks to keep in mind to help you save as much as possible on back to school shopping.

Shop end of summer sales

A great way to save money on clothing and essential bits and bobs is to wait until end of summer sales. Many shops offer big savings on clothing items such as school shoes, school bags and backpacks, and even small essentials like socks – it all adds up in the end!

Look for bargains online

Shopping online can be another great way to save money on your child’s school items, giving you the chance to compare prices and be more selective in your buys. If your child attends a dance lesson or after school dance club in their school, there are many shops that give you the chance to buy dance shoes online for a great price, without sacrificing on quality.

Save on stationery

Avoid spending a fortune on back to school stationery by shopping in the right places. Supermarkets and discount stores offer some great stationery for half the price of specialist stationery retailers. If you feel like getting crafty, you could even try out some DIY by making a pencil case yourself! This way you can also center the design around your child’s interests and even decorate the case with their name for some personalised detail.

Plan lunches

If your child takes packed lunches to school, putting more thought and planning into the meals you make can save you a lot of expense. Check your local supermarket for discounts on certain items, and swap pricey crisps and biscuits for fruit and veggies. You’ll save some cash while offering a healthy alternative at the same time!

Buy books second hand

If you have an older child who’s preparing for their GCSE’s, it’s likely that expensive revision books will turn into a regular occurrence. Instead of buying books brand new, look for second hand copies on Ebay or Amazon, as well as looking round second hand book shops. This way you’ll save some money which can then be spent on after school tutors or other things your child needs to succeed in the upcoming school year.


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