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Grab yourself a bargain (and make some money) with Pedlar

Grab yourself a bargain (and make some money) with Pedlar 1


Sponsored Post : Who doesn’t love a bargain? The only trouble with them though is that they can be a lot of leg work trying to find one, comparing deals between different stores, looking for money off vouchers for free shipping etc. and sometimes it is just easier to pay full price.  

Alternatively you could just pop over to Pedlar and let their members do all the leg work for you.

Pedlar is a fantastic money saving site that allows you to browse or search for items that its members have found at a bargain price and allows you to purchase direct from the site offering the deal. Not only that, by becoming a member yourself you can share your own deals with the site and earn money every time someone buys via your listing.


How does it work?

The members of Pedlar find and post items that they think are an absolutely bargain to share with other members of the site or people who are just browsing for a cheaper item. Every time someone purchases a listed item, the member who posted it receives 2% commission from Pedlar for their time and effort. They have an enormous list of sites and companies that they are partnered with, these are the offers that will receive commission; if you post a deal from a site that they’re not partnered with then they will look into getting that company on board.

For example: You see an iPad on Amazon (a partnered site) at the amazing price of £150, you post it to Pedlar and then share it via your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter). 75 people then see your bargain, buy it and you have made yourself £225. It really is that simple.

Sign up and referral offer

You will receive £10 for simply joining the site, signing up is quick and easy either by filling out the short form or linking it to Facebook. The £10 is instantly confirmed and a payment request can be made.

A further £10 is up for grabs for every friend that you refer and is payable once they earn £25. There are members who have already hit £150 so £25 is easily doable.

How are you paid?

Payments are made via PayPal and you have to request them from your dashboard. You need to pop into your settings and edit your PayPal details before making a request for payment.

Pedlar has an extremely user friendly design, that responds quickly and works brilliantly not only on a PC/Laptop but also on tablets and smartphones which makes it perfect for posting offers while you are on the go; sitting on the bus, train or on lunch breaks.  There is a chat section to the site where you can post comments or ask questions directly to the guys in charge.

This has the potential to be a real money earner, you can spend a few hours a week throwing up some deals and sharing them with your friends/family then watch the commission come rolling in.


On top of all this there is also mobile apps available for iPhone and Android available from

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