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Saving money when you’re having a baby

Saving money when you're having a baby

Saving money when you’re having a baby: Having a baby is a considerable expense. There are a lot of items that need to be purchased that will only last a short while, and these items are not cheap. Here are a few ideas to save money on pregnancy and new baby expenses.

Purchase nursery furniture that will last

Don’t purchase nursery furniture that will only last until the baby outgrows its crib or cot, and moves into a junior bed, with a new wardrobe etc. This means purchasing larger, more general wardrobes, a separate chest of drawers, not one that has a changing table built into it, and a cot bed that can be altered to accommodate the growing child, instead of a single cot, which would only sleep an infant up to the age of around 18 months, or when they are able to stand and potentially climb out of it.

A junior bed will last until a child is around 7 years old. They generally begin as a cot, and you are able to move the base down gradually until it is at the bottom of the cot, and then you are able to remove the sides and turn it into a bed.

Find out the sex

Okay, saving money might not be top of your agenda with this decision – nothing can beat the surprise of “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” being announced upon delivering your baby, but from a financial viewpoint, you will save a lot of money by finding out early into your pregnancy. Pink and blue outfits are often on sale at almost every baby clothing vendor, at some point, and if you know the sex of your baby, you can stock up on outfits for them at knocked down prices. Neutral clothing is not only more expensive in general anyway, but it is never on sale. And you will probably find that even if you have a great selection of cute baby outfits in gender-neutral colours, once your baby is born you will want to show off to the world that “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” by dressing him or her in pink or blue.

Buy used items

Used or second-hand baby goods is a big business. This is because most items, such as a baby bouncer, or clothes in specific sizes, are only needed for a few short months, before the baby has outgrown them. As such they are often in pristine condition, with some clothes never having actually been born, as they were slightly too big and then suddenly too small. You can find such items on websites such as eBay and Facebook selling pages, or local car boot sales or NCT ‘nearly new’ sales. Items that you should not purchase in a used condition are car seats, bottles and teats, and cot mattresses, for safety reasons.

Don’t fall for gimmick items

There are certain items that become must-haves for new parents. They guarantee to make a new parent’s life easier, and the baby cannot live without such modern luxuries. Some of these are: newfangled bucket shaped baths – an ordinary bath is fine, or indeed, perhaps an ordinary bucket, if you should wish to bathe your baby in a bucket (you may probably want to research that, for safety), electric breast pumps – they are handy, but manual ones are a lot cheaper, and work just as effectively, expensive black and white toys from a specific range – the supermarket’s own brand have toys that are just as educational/entertaining for your baby, and specific light-up singing teddies – any toy of this type will perform in the same way, and those with ‘womb’ noises or white noises are usually even more expensive, and a free app will provide the same noises.

Make use of coupons and sign up to websites

New parents can sign up to many different websites and schemes, to offer them free products and/or money-off coupons for nappies, infant formula, soothers, and extra points on purchases, such as Boots’ baby club, which offers parents 10 points per £1 spent on baby products in their stores. There are several Bounty packs and others, that can be collected, which contain samples of Sudocrem, washing powder, and nappies, as well as many offers that can be utilised to save money.

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  1. I did a lot of shopping around for our things and found what I wanted was cheaper at a couple of warehouses – I then played them off against each other to drop the price a little.

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