Thank you Money Shed readers!

Thank you Money Shed readers!

This year we have gone from



To this…



Then to this….



and finally we have settled on



but not forgetting also our blog



For the whole of the year The Money Shed stats look like


With over half a million page views and the average amount of time that a user spends on this site each time being 11 minutes. Do not for one minute think the number of members who talk on the forum actually represents the number of people in the UK that use this site.

I just wanted to make this post as we head towards the end of the year to say thank you very much for everything you have contributed to the site.

I am just one user on here so without everyone else we wouldn’t have had over 18,000 posts this year.

Thanks for sticking with me during all the changes and as I learned what fits and what doesn’t for this community.

We ran some great contests over the Summer and beyond and I hope to be returning to those in the new year because as always, I like to reward people who engage in this community.

We’ve had opportunities listed on here that no other site has offered, we’ve had direct engagement from companies that offer work from home opportunities so that workers can directly provide feedback to them.

We’ve bought advertisers on board that offer relevant opportunities to the community

All of this has been done on absolute minimum budget with 99% of our advertising being word of mouth and people sharing the great content that YOU bring to this site. Thanks for anyone that has ever helped promote this site.

Thanks also for running your earning diaries, they are important and are always the first thing I try to expose people to who maybe have gone down the MLM / Direct Selling route of earning from home / online and don’t believe you can earn a decent amount in any other way sadly

Just wanted to basically say, you are all awesome and thanks for using The Money Shed!

oh and don’t forget ;)



I am having Christmas off in terms of updating the blog. The next post will be on Friday 9th January 2015.

Have a fantastic Christmas!








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