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TotallyBlogging – The best FREE Resource for bloggers on the Internet

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Totally Blogging is a fantastic new FREE resource that is for bloggers of all abilities. At the moment there is sadly a trend online of people wrapping up information that you can find online for free about how to run a blog and charging for it with some of these courses costing in the 3 figures!

For a while now it has annoyed me that I see people charging for this kind of ‘all the information in one place’ type offering and so I wanted to create a site to disturb the market hopefully and offer everything for FREE!

When you are first starting out as a blogger the entire blogosphere can seem a very daunting place. Full of terms and acronyms you don’t understand yet and often you can really end up doubting yourself about if you are doing things the ‘right’ way.

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With over 30 guides available (and more to come!) the site offers everything from hand holding you while you set up your first blog to reviewing the available affiliate networks and how to get your content to rank well on Google and everything in-between!

Each page is extremely easy to follow and full of screenshots to help illustrate what you need to do throughout.

For a lot of people who start out blogging it is easy to lose focus as once you have the site up and running it can be hard to know how to grow your blog. Using Totally Blogging you can always have something to aim for which will help keep you in the zone!

Once you get your blog up and running there are a great number of guides showing ‘step by step’ how you can earn money from your site in a multitude of ways. One page that is going to be extremely popular will be ‘How to find and apply for Sponsored Posts’ as this is one of the most sought our pieces of information.

With all the above in mind, I thought I would give you the top 3 reasons why as a blogger (or wannabe blogger!) you should be using Totally Blogging.

TotallyBlogging is TotallyFREE

With 30+ guides available at launch and more being added you never have to worry about being locked out of content! All the information is there in an easy to use way with a lot of the content interlinking so that you can find how to earning money on your blog with Awin and then learn how to get your content ranked well on Google at the click on the button!

Exclusive Offers

Totally Blogging is working with companies such as HostPresto to offer you UNBELIEVABLE offers such as 50% OFF your annual hosting costs!

Non-bloat Content!

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When I was creating the content for Totally Blogging I looked at what was already out there and realised that a lot of the existing guides could be cut down by 30-40%. If you went to a guide on how to set up a newsletter using MailChimp then that’s what the reader wanted to know! They didn’t want to know that and then have to read paragraphs about how they used to prefer a different newsletter provider back in 2011 etc! It’s because of this that all the content on Totally Blogging is cut down to size to make things easier to absorb. All the content is written in plain English and is very easy to understand throughout!

So no matter if you are a totally beginners or a professional blogger looking for more ways to earn extra money from your blog make sure you head on over to Totally Blogging today and take advantage of this AMAZING FREE RESOURCE!

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