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Uber – Get a free £10 ride TODAY!

Uber - Get a free £10 ride TODAY!

Uber – Get a free £10 ride TODAY!

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you need a taxi but don’t know exactly where you are, or you’ve not got any cash on you and don’t know where the nearest cash machine is? In those situations, having a taxi company who accepts card payments and can collect you from your exact location using an app on your phone sounds like a dream come true; well, with Uber that is possible.

Uber are a worldwide company, who are currently available in 383 cities. They offer a prompt, enjoyable and efficient taxi experience from start to finish. With their flawless app you can see where your local Uber driver is, book them to pick you up from your current or designated location, see their picture and vehicle details, track their journey to you and finally pay them via the app using your registered card.

Both the website and app have a rather handy journey calculator so you can see how much your journey is going to be, roughly, which means you know what it will cost you before you get in; no surprise fares at the end. Uber also have tiered services for certain cities such as UberX (Fast, Cheap, Reliable), UberXL (Low cost rides – for large groups) and UberEXEC (Fast, Reliable Luxury) so you will always get the level of service you require.

They use GPRS and WiFi to pinpoint your location for accurate collection and so you know how long your driver is going to be. If you are sharing a taxi with friends who also have the Uber app then you can split the cost of the taxi with each person being charged, each person’s card is automatically charged.

Uber strive to give you a five-star experience, and welcome all feedback which is collected anonymously after your journey. They use this feedback to continue to improve their services and genuinely listen to their customers.

If you sign up using this link you will receive £10 off your first ride (depending on your city) so you can give them a go and try their five-star service for yourself. Sharing with friends is also rewarding, not only do they receive a voucher off of their first ride but you get credit towards your rides.

Using Uber can firstly save you time, there is no need to spend a few minutes googling local taxi numbers to then have to ring and book the next taxi available – you just click and book. It can also save you money, Uber tends to be cheaper than most other taxi companies plus you can check out the rough cost of your journey first. Make your next taxi an Uber and let me know how you get on.

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