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A beginner’s guide to using Ultimatcher when matched betting

beginners guide to using Ultimatcher when matched betting

Ultimatcher : Matched Betting is a hot topic right now for those trying to earn money from home. It’s easy to do, creates tax free earnings, you can easily earn £1000+ a month from it and you don’t need much money to get started. However, keeping track of those earnings can be quite difficult. Some people might make their own spreadsheet to keep track of their profits and loses, however, I have decided to use Ultimatcher which is a spreadsheet that seasoned matched betting people use to keep track of everything.

It can be very confusing when you first start using it so I am giving you a ‘getting started’ guide here. We will cover putting in your details, doing a few bets and looking at how the information is tracked. This should be enough for you to get started using the sheet, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Download Ultimatcher

The first thing we need to do is download the spreadsheet. We can do that by going here – You can download both the 2003 MS Office version or the 2010 and onwards one from that link.

If you are using a Windows 8 system, then you’ll need to follow these instructions to get Ultimatcher to work:

  • Open Ultimatcher, but DO NOT allow Macros.
  • Press ALT-F11, to open the VB editor
  • Click on Tools / References (on the top menu)
  • Deselect ‘Microsoft XML, V6
  • Select ‘Microsft XML, V3’ (If you have a V4, this should be fine as well)
  • Click OK, then close the VB Editor
  • Save the workbook
  • Open the workbook, and this time enable Macros

Another point worth noting is that I have only known this spreadsheet work as it should do on Microsoft Office. Due to the sheer number of macros / vb stuff within the sheet it just doesn’t seem to play well with the likes of Open Office or Google Docs.

How to setup Ultimatcher

I’m going to run through what to do in the following order

1) Putting in your bank details

2) Putting in the bookie / exchange details

3) Placing bets and manual adjustments

4) Understanding the logs

Open the spreadsheet once it has downloaded. If a pop up asks you to enable editing then check “YES”

If you look at the tabs at the bottom you will see one called Banking – we are going to use that one first.

Ultimatcher - banking

In this screen we simply need to enter 3 bits of information. We do that under ‘Add New Bank’ The details you need to enter are your bank name, the currency (which will be GBP) and your starting balance which would more than likely be £0.00. Once you have entered the details simply press ‘Add Bank’ and you are done. If for some reason you are using multiple bank accounts to fund your matched betting venture then you could add those in by just repeating the same action.

Once you have filled in all your bank details click the Bookies tab at the bottom

Here we need to enter details for the bookies and exchanges that we use. You don’t need to do this ALL at once if you are just getting started, just enter the bookies you have used so far.

Ultimatcher - bookies

Under ‘Add New Bookie’ enter the name of your bookie, choose if they are a Bookie or an Exchange, the starting balance would typically be 0, same with profit, commission would be 0%. If you are entering an exchange like BetFair the commission would be 5%. Then you can enter some of your login details, choose which Bank you are funding the bookie account with and set the currency to GBP. That is all we need to fill in at this point so you can just click ‘Add Bookie’. Rinse and repeat this for all bookies / exchanges you use.

Tracking our first Matched Bet on Ultimatcher

We are now at the point where the spreadsheet knows details about how our matched betting is funded and which bookies and exchanges we are using. This is more than enough for us to put our first bet into the sheet so click on BM1 at the bottom in the list of tabs.

I will go through an entire free bet scenario here, including both the qualifying and free bet

First we need some qualifying bet details so let’s say the offer is

Bet £20 on Coral and get a £10 free bet

We will be betting on England to beat Germany – Coral odds are 2.0, Betfair odds are 2.1

The first thing we need to do is enter the event details – We do that in the top left hand corner of the BM1 sheet.

Ultimatcher - event details

If you click ‘Date / Event’ it will fill in the current date by default which is quite helpful. On the right hand side of that we put the event taking place and then put in the information for what we are backing and what we are laying.

We are now going to fill in the ‘Bookie’ side details of the bet

Ultimatcher - bookie side

On the right hand side where it says ‘Bookie Side’ we select Qualifier (as that is the type of bet we are doing here. We choose Coral as the bookie, input our stake and where it says Odds Input we put the odds for the back bet (2.0) – That is all the information we need to put in so now we look to the right where it says Match Type

ultimatcher - match type

Here we select our exchange (BetFair) from the drop down box next to Bookie. We next put in the odds for the lay bet (2.1) here where it says ‘Odds Input’ and then put in the value of your lay bet where it says ‘Stake Override’

That’s all you need to enter, if you scroll down a little bit on the sheet you will see this Bet Statistics info which tells you how much you will lose on this qualifier based on if the bookie or exchange side ends up with the money.

Ultimatcher - bet statistics

We are now all done here so press ‘Process bet’ – It may seem long winded when you start doing this but given enough time you can enter these details in around 30 seconds once you have done it a lot of times.

It may be a few hours (or even days) until this event takes place so the bet will vanish from infront of you and go into the Pending tab at the bottom – and that is where we are going next

Ultimatcher - pending

This is a very simple tab to use. Basically we just tell the sheet how the bet ended. We will say that England didn’t win in this match so we simply click where it says ‘Pending’ under the result column and select ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’ next to the Coral line. That’s all there is to do on this tab, we are simply confirming the result of the bet. All happy, then press ‘Process Bets’ and the bet will again vanish from in front of you as you have told it that the event is no longer in pending and a result has taken place

A short while later we get our free bet from Coral so it is time to go back to the BM1 tab and enter the bet details.

We are going to bet on the 14:10 at Newmarket on a horse called Smartysocks. Coral has odds of 5 and the exchange has 5.05

Ultimatcher - Free bet

I won’t go through the entire process again as the only change you need to make here is changing the bet type from Qualifier to Free SNR (Free Stake not returned). To do that simply click on the right hand side of where it says Bookie side and select Free SNR. Then enter the bet details just as you did before. Scroll down a little again on that sheet and you should see the potential outcome below

Ultimatcher - Free bet statistics

If you are happy with everything then just press ‘Process bet’ again and then it’s over to the Pending tab again

Once again we are going to select the outcome of the race

Ultimatcher - Smartysocks

In this case the horse didn’t win so the Betfair side got the win and that is the result that we tell it by again clicking in the Result column and selecting the outcome. As you can see it’s obvious to see our £7.60 profit from this free bet. All done here so we click Process Bets and it will again vanish from this tab.

How to deal with Manual Adjustments in Ultimatcher

Any seasoned matched better does not just restrict themselves to doing sports events and so will play the slots quite a bit as well. If you make some money out of those you need to enter them into Ultimatcher as well. To do this we go to the Bookies tab again at the bottom.

Ultimatcher - manual adjustment

In here we will be using the ‘Manual Account Adjustment’ section

We simply choose which bookie the slots offer was with. Put in the amount we won under ‘Amount in GBP’ and under Reason we enter something like ‘Win on Slots’ – that’s all there is to it so we just click Make Adjustment and we are all done here.

This pretty much covers everything a day to day matched better would use Ultimatcher for but it’s important that we can actually see how we are doing with out bets and what profit and loss we are making. For that we need to click on the Betting Log tab.

Ultimatcher - betting log

Here we can see all 3 of ours transactions. Our qualifying bet, our free bet and finally our £40 slots win. As you can see it also keeps track of how much we have staked during the course of our bets and how much money we have made. The Stats tab at the bottom gives some great information once you have started filling in Ultimatcher a lot more with more varied information as you can look at which bookies are performing the best for you and all sounds of other useful information.

Hopefully this is enough of a guide to get your up and running with Ultimatcher and keep track of your matched betting career.

If you want to give matched betting a go then just click this banner below and sign up to Profit Accumulator which is the matched betting service I use. If you are already involved in Matched Betting then make sure to check out our official thread on the subject here


What is Ultimatcher?

Ultimatcher is an easy to use spreadsheet that anyone who is doing Matched Betting can use to track their profit.

What software do I need to use Ultimatcher?

Due to the use of macros Ultimatcher can only be used on Microsoft Excel. It does not work with the likes of Google Sheets or Numbers on the Apple Mac.

Is Ultimatcher easy to set up?

Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet simple enter your details about as requested and then fill in information about any bets you are planning to place.

What advantage does using Ultimatcher give over using a built in profit tracker?

Ultimatcher offers far more flexibility and control when it comes to detailing your profits and open bets.

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28 thoughts on “A beginner’s guide to using Ultimatcher when matched betting”

  1. The fix for windows 8 doesn’t work in windows 10 btw. If you do the above it sets everything to dollars when you use the banking tab or when you are processing bets. This is Excel 2013…Is there a fix for this

  2. I am loving Ultimatcher!
    So easy to use. I am using it with Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and it works perfectly. Thanks for your detailed instructions it was easy to see how to set it up and where all the different info goes.

  3. Hi – does this work with Macs? I have downloaded both available options and it asks me whether or not to enable macros. If I do then about 50 windows open. If I don’t then it does not work correctly. I have tried both versions.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks

  4. Hi Samuel

    The only way it will work on a Mac is by running it using parallels

    HOWEVER if you head on over to our forum and look at our HUGE matched betting thread you will see there is a Mac user on there who has made a fantastic spreadsheet and offers it out to users who need it

    Hope this helps


    1. Hi Jon

      Thank you for the advice. I have started using it through Parallels but I will check out the Mac user spreadsheet too.

      Thanks again


  5. Hi, I’m on Win 8. I had no prompt about macros on opening for the first time, or on re-opening. But when I try to ‘add bank’ it says cannot run the macro and that it may be unavailable or disabled. I followed the VB editor steps, V3 was already selected as were few other boxes at the top and, V6 deselected. Any clues?

      1. HI, yes the rest of the sheet seems to be working fine its just that one page doesn’t work ?

        Also is this spreadsheet available on Google docs?

        And do you has more advanced guide i cant seem to find anything other than this page?

        1. Hi Lewis

          Just to confirm though you are using the RIGHT VERSION for your version of MS office as there are 2 copies of Ultimatcher One for office 2000/2003 and one for later versions and I just wanted to confirm you are using the right one since you are getting that error.

          No Ultimatcher doesn’t work on Google Sheets however come and check out our Matched Betting thread on the forum as some users there have designed some great Google Sheet compatible MBing spreadsheets they use and share with other members.

          1. hi

            i think so ??? i downloaded the unlitmatcher4.05.xlsm file and im using Excel 2016 could this be my problem ?

            and could you point me in the right direction on your thread to the googlesheets that people are using, as there is so many posts i cant find anything?

            Thanks for your help

          2. I have found a bug or error i think. When I transfer money from my bank to my bookies and back again my total bankroll decreases. Why? In the pie chart of my cash locations the money is going into a section called pending bets but in pending bets there are none.

            To try and copy this error

            add a bank of 400£
            add a bookie balance 0

            now your bank roll should be 400

            transfer money to and from the bookie and watch the bank roll lower….it shouldn’t.

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