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Use your time wisely when earning online

Use your time wisely when earning online



Time is precious – this is something that is drilled into you from a very young age. Nine times out of ten it comes from your Grandparents who always want you to look at what you are doing in life and make sure you are getting the most out of it. This mindset could not be more important when it comes to earning online from home I think.

Everyone has a different situation when it comes to the amount of time they can dedicate to earning online from home. For someone it may be the whole day while for those that work full time in regular jobs it may only be 1 or 2 hours a night. However much time they have to spare, it is precious and it is important that you are always looking for a way to maximize the income you can get for the time you can spend.

If all you have is 2 hours a night Mon-Fri spending that time doing surveys or writing up mystery shopping reports may not be the best way to spend that time. Instead maybe doing Web Search Evaluator work where you are paid a set, high, hourly rate (above UK minimum wage) would work out much better.

By contrast if you have more time to spare then doing more varied lower paying work may be what works for you but I believe what you should ALWAYS look to be doing in the long run is replacing lower paying work with more higher paying work. Imagine it as a job promotion that you have a lot more control over.

How do you find those higher paying jobs? Well our forum is a fantastic place to start but apart from that it mainly involves exposing yourself to higher paid opportunities. They are not really going to happen if you are ‘going it alone’. Instead what you should do is get involved with the community. Speak to people in the same situation as yourself and see what work they are doing and how you can get involved. You may be come exposed to work you never even knew existed and at that point you can think about dropping lower paying work to replace it with whatever new higher paying work you have just become exposed to.

I feel it’s important to always keep this mindset no matter if you have been involved with earning online from home for a matter of weeks of years (like myself). You should always strive to earn the absolute most you can in the time that you have available and always keep you eyes out for opportunities to expose yourself to ways to earning you didn’t even know existed.

In summary then – if you want to earn the most money for you time it’s all about a) being exposed to as many opportunities as you can and then b) cutting back any opportunities that are not worth your time. If something isn’t worth your time, that isn’t going to change no matter how much you may stick at it.


4 thoughts on “Use your time wisely when earning online”

  1. Great post, in the tracker i’m developing I’ve got a column called Equivalent Hourly Rate where I’m guesstimating the hourly rate for time spent on a given income stream. I am prioritizing my daily routine based on what pays most per hour. Wondering if TMS could suggest an equivalent hourly rate of the plethora of income streams – i’m thinking of an index made up of inputs from trusted TMS members perhaps?

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