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Which type of Money Saver are you?

Budgeting for Christmas

As I write this Black Friday is literally a few days away but I’ve been questioning myself the last few days in terms of if I am truly a blogger in the ‘Personal Finance’ sector. Sure on TMS blog we chat about ways to make and save money online but while other bloggers in this sector go out and about chasing reductions and will do anything to get a bit of money saved on a product they are buying I just don’t seem to feel that same way.

I see other bloggers putting up photos of their latest hauls of shopping where they have saved £2.80 from a £14 shop or something and I wonder to myself why none of that interests me, and then it clicked!

I think I am the sort of money savvy person who is only money savvy when it suits them. I have no interest in going to the ends of the earth to buy 300 Strawberry yogurts just because a glitch has appears on HotUKDeals and you can get the entire lot for £1.99.

I don’t want to get up to 5am on a Sunday to go to the car boot and see what amazing treasures I can find to them sell them on eBay later that day.

I remember the story about the kid who travelled to Berlin to get to Essex because it was cheaper and saved himself £7.72 and I just thought.. WHY!

Are we heading to a future where we look at awe at any discount that is perceived to be big and just think WOW instead of WHY!!

People that gets £1000s of pounds of shopping with Coupons that they’ve saved for the last few years and then talk about it to other people as if it is something normal to do and anyone can just fit this feat into their regular lifestyle.

Martin Lewis is always on TV telling us we could save £££ by changing our energy supplier and all I can think is what an absolute chore of a job and you are usually jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire just to save some money. It’s not as if the energy company you move to won’t end up raising their prices in the long run anyway!!

There’s been a lot in the news recently about how people need to think before they buy during Black Friday week or else you end up getting stuff you don’t actually need just because you think it’s an offer and not to be missed and I sometimes feel that bloggers in the Personal Finance sector contribute to some of that hype. The weeks before they will post up the amazing deals that are coming up during Black Friday and then the following week there will be a post up about making sure you don’t overspend on Christmas.

I know everyone is responsible for what they buy and Bloggers are only really influencers but I do worry sometimes that financial bloggers can play this juggling act between promoting deals or links to make them money with one hand and then offering SOUND financial advice with the other and tell you not to get into debt towards Christmas by overspending.

Like I said above, maybe I’m just the sort of savvy money saving person that at 35 is generally clever enough to separate the emotion of seeing an amazing deal with the practicalness of if I actually want it or not.

It’s clear there are a lot of different types of money savers out there so which one are you?





15 thoughts on “Which type of Money Saver are you?”

  1. As I am in my first job I am definitely more if the sender than the saver, finally enjoying making my own money and being able to spend it the way I want. Although I always try to finish the month with a couple hundreds left in my account, so not doing too bad I’d say!
    Sandra x (

  2. I try and only buy things at great discounts only when I generally need it or know i will use it. I totally agree with u about black Friday and feel there is too much hype surrounding it.

  3. I do try my best to save the pennies. I use the typical cashback sites and always try to look out for discount codes to add at the checkout 🙂

  4. Natalia Molinero Mingorance

    I try to not to buy things that I like in the moment that I see them: I save the link for later and if in a couple of days, I still need it, I get it: I saved looots of money that way! haha x

  5. There are some amazing bargains to be found out there if you can be bothered and be patient enough to look for them for sure. But like you I’m not going to just go get 300 bananas for 20p because of a glitch or an offer because I just don’t need them.

  6. I have to admit I do love a bargain. However, I don’t spend my life seeking them out. A few weeks ago I thought I would try and do my weekly shop in Lidl. I couldn’t get everything I needed, so had to go to two other shops to get everything, by the time I paid for petrol I may as well have just done my normal shop – I don’t think I saved anything at all 🙁 x

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