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Why bloggers should learn about SEO

Why bloggers should learn about SEO

Today we are going to guide you through the world of SEO, or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is remarkably important in the online world and this is why bloggers should learn about SEO.

What is SEO and why is it something that you should worry about?

SEO is the means of getting your website or web page to show in a search engine’s results. There are usually two types of results, paid and unpaid, and great SEO helps you get into the unpaid results section, which is where you want to be.

SEO training is a fantastic way to learn more about SEO and gain the confidence that you need to build up your website.

SEO is important because it will help you drive traffic to your website and in turn receive more sales or page views, which leads to improved revenue. Driving the right quality traffic to your website will help you boost your customer base and keep people returning in the future.

What helps to drive traffic from search engines?

Google are the largest search engine in the World, by far, and as such they dictate a lot of the search results displayed for any given term. Google constantly change their algorithms and practices as well as how they rank individual websites.

Having high quality information available on your website will help to drive traffic from search engines. Having links to your website from trusted sources will also help drive traffic.

Researching Keywords

This is another important element of SEO and one that can require quite a lot of research. Choosing the right keywords can be difficult, and time consuming, but if you make the right choices it can pay off in waves for your website.

Things to take into consideration when research keywords are the popularity of a search term, how relevant it is to what you are displaying on your website and how many other websites are already using the same search terms.

When researching keywords you will want to think about the people that you are trying to target with your search terms. Take into consideration natural writing styles, any problems that people may be trying to solve by using your products and what type of webpages they may be interested in.

Keyword tools can be a fantastic way to find the best search terms for specific words, as well as helping you find out the popularity of specific search terms. You can look at the search terms that your competitors are ranking for, and aim to use these terms yourself to generate further traffic.

Page Optimization

Once you have pinpointed the perfect search term you will want to work on using it on your website correctly.

By using the search term throughout your article, in title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags on images and in the content of the post itself, you will increase your chances of ranking.

Link Building

Having high quality links to your website is a very important way of building your search engine traffic. As Google has become more sophisticated, and developed better algorithms, it has become harder to manipulate the system to use link building to your advantage. The best way to obtain high quality links is to work on useful content and market it appropriately.

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  1. Good article for beginners! I would like to add that the search keywords for your website is the most important step in seo and i want to draw users’ attention to the “long tail keywords”. The competition for long tail keywords is usually much smaller than a short tails but the sum of searches for long tail keywords is sometimes equal or even bigger than for short tail ones. You can see this on a screenshot of keyword research made via Serpstat tool:

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