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Why Will Cross-Channel Marketing Represent the Wave of the Future in 2019 and Beyond?

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A concept known as multi channel retail has recently entered into the lexicon of the business world.  While quite effective, the fact of the matter is that the majority of stakeholders have still not been able to adapt this strategy to their current operations.  It is therefore important to define multi-channel marketing before taking a quick look at some of the many advantages that it will be able to provide to your firm. If you have been hoping to take sales to the next level in the coming year, the information presented immediately below will come in quite handy.

Multi-Channel Marketing Defined

It is a good idea to take a look at a traditional marketing example to fully appreciate how multi-channel techniques come into play. In the past, businesses possessed relatively few mediums to promote their goods and services.  These often included television commercials, newspapers advertisements, local flyers and simple word of mouth. While these were indeed effective, their main drawback was that they required a significant capital investment; a very real problem if you happened to be governed by a limited budget.

Multi-channel sales involved the ability to tap into the sheer scope and breadth of the Internet to promote what it is that you have to offer.  These channels will often include:

– Paid search engine listings.

– Social media portals such as Facebook and Instagram

– Traditional websites.

– Third-party retail portals including Amazon and eBay

There are several advantages associated with this method which should now be examined.

Why Multi-Channel Marketing and Why Now?

One of the most recent observations in terms of online retail sales is that customers tend to look at multiple sources before committing to a purchase.  Not only will they closely examine your website, but they will also take into account word of mouth as well as the ranking of your page withing major search engines such as Google.  Multi-channel marketing addresses all of these concerns. If you regularly update a number of different online portals, your SERP (search engine results page) rankings will rise as a result.  This causes increased digital visibility and therefore, a growing number of visitors will migrate to your website. Furthermore, it is much easier to determine the opinion of others as well as the efficacy of a specific sales campaign if the metrics are spread across multiple portals.  This will provide you with a superior level of insight and clarity when making important decisions such as which products are the most popular or if a specific campaign should be modified.

While multi-channel marketing might be a rather new concept, there is no time better than the present to appreciate what it has to offer as well as the relevant benefits.  the good news is that modern e-commerce providers such as Shopify Plus are able to offer a host of solutions based around the needs of your business. The concept of marketing has now been taken to an entirely different level.

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