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Giveaway : Win a year of PLATINUM Profit Accumulator membership worth £115

Giveaway : Win a year of PLATINUM Profit Accumulator membership worth £115



It’s time for another giveaway and this time it’s a fantastic one for anyone who wants to earn some SERIOUS money from home each month via Matched Betting


We’ve got together with the guys at Profit Accumulator and are offering 1 year of PLATINUM membership worth £115 for their site.


Matched betting for those that don’t know if a system where you take advantage of the free bets that bookies offer in the UK on a constant basis. There is no ‘betting’ involved in the traditional sense, everything is calculated down to the last penny and no money is lost. If you wish to take a look at what it’s like check out our Matched Betting thread on TMS here



The competition is running from 31st July until 14th August 2015. The competition is open to anyone who has never had a Profit Accumulator account before or has only joined in the last 2 weeks.


If you wish to apply simply use the Rafflecopter below.

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For those of you who have never done any Matched Betting before we chatted to Money Shed member Natalie who told us how she has found her Matched Betting experience using Profit Accumulator so far.

I have been aware of Matched Betting for a few years now but I’ve never been a fan of gambling so I would read the relative literature and think “It’s too complicated and I don’t like the risk, so I’m not doing it!” 13 days ago I read a forum that was discussing MBing and they mentioned Profit Accumulator. Curiosity got the better of me and I took a look. Now, I have to say, it was probably one of the wisest moves I have ever made! I signed up there and then to the monthly option and placed my first bet that same evening. Sam made it look and sound so easy, risk free and fun and it is definitely living up to my expectations!

So far I’m finding my Mbing journey very fun, rather than stressful as I thought it would be. Once I had signed up to PA it was very straightforward as there is such a wealth of information available to guide you through the process. Sam has really managed to take the stress out of understanding the MBing process and has even recorded videos to guide you step by step. These were invaluable to me at the start and I would watch them over and over again until I fully understood. Once I had completed my first few offers I became hooked and worked my way through the extensive (but not exhaustive) offers list. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make money- and have fun whilst doing it!

As if there wasn’t enough help and support available, Sam has set up a Facebook page that is full of offers and stands at just shy of 10,000 members. I signed up after the first week of joining PA and loved it straight away. There are threads set up for each offer and members are welcomed and supported regardless of MBing ability. I currently use this tool every day and I feel it will be invaluable to me when a large sporting event happens. I won £202 from a free bonus offer on the slots, my first ever big win, and I was excited to share but I was quite reluctant to join in with others and post my result to a free bonus offer as I thought I would be questioned and possibly even interrogated. I could not have been more from the truth; everyone congratulated me, even if they hadn’t had the same good luck. It is a fantastic community with people of all abilities and I’m very thankful that it’s there.

I spend around 5 hours a day doing all things MBing related but this will be less with time as I speed up (I’m still double and triple checking before I place bets!) and I find I can fit it around the children and my paid job, easily. MBing is starting to expand my horizons and already I’m thinking of the day when I could give up my paid employment and do MBing full time! It would improve my family’s quality of life massively; imagine working for minimum time but for maximum bucks! Being able to earn so much money drew me in but knowing it was tax free really sealed the deal!

For all my life I have never had money, never had savings of more than a few thousand, have always had some debt and struggled to buy things for my children. After only 13 days as a member of Profit Accumulator, I can honestly say that I can start to see myself earning considerable amounts of money for the foreseeable future! In 13 days alone, I have made £1487 profit. I have to keep re- reading that as I can barely believe it myself! I am saving this money to build a £3000 pot to throw at Mbing and then anything after that I will use for myself and my family. I have been worried about putting the car through its MOT next month but all of a sudden I don’t have to worry, I know I won’t have to scratch around to pay for any work that may need doing or put it on a credit card, I can just place a few bets and I’ll have enough!

I couldn’t keep this little money making gem to myself and raved about it to my family; they didn’t believe me so they signed up to find out. My sister can’t believe it; she’s already made £150 profit in only a few days as a member of PA. She is about to take her teaching PGCE and was worried about the cost of books this year but her profit so far has covered them! I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to have found the Profit Accumulator site and for this to actually work- and it really does work! My dreams are starting to come back into focus after being pushed aside for so long due to lack of money. I was considering going back to university and taking a second degree but I haven’t been able to secure funding. I’m starting to think about MBing my way through Uni instead of taking out loans. I could earn enough to see me through 3 years and come out with a degree and NO student loan! I wish I knew about MBing when I took my first degree! Going forward and thinking about family life, after 15 years of renting, my dream of owning my own home is finally becoming a reality- I can finally start to save for that illusive deposit and it’s all thanks to Sam at Profit Accumulator and matched betting.

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