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Working from home – Is NOT a man’s world!

Working from home - Is NOT a man's world!

Working from home : Being a man in a woman’s world

“This is a man’s world” Sings James Brown in the famous song. This couldn’t be less of the case you may feel when you look into the world of working online from home.

My name is Jon, I’m 33 and I’ve been doing this for over 10 years in one form or another. I started with eBay, went to mystery shopping, from there I started doing text Q&A work for companies like 63336/Bongo/ChaCha and currently I work as a web search evaluator while doing other bits and bobs to bring in money each month. I tend to bring in around £700-£900 a month from my various avenues of income but sometimes you can feel like a fish out of water no matter which company or community you decide to work with.

It won’t take you long to realise that the ‘work from home’ sector is chocked full of women and very few men. There are companies like MumPower who harness this to their advantage and literally ONLY offer work to both women and mums. In the 10 years I’ve been doing all this the demographic of workers have never really changed, if anything its swung even more so in the female direction as mummy bloggers have come on the scene and tried to build an online community  themselves and try and get their slice of the money pie.

There are some times though when being a man does have a major advantage in the work from home sector and I have found and that is in focus groups. Companies typically want a cross section of the population and with so many women and so few men being offered the work you stand a much greater chance of getting work from them and that’s a good thing with their usual high rate of pay £50 for 45mins.

You will see many an opportunity pass you by based purely on your sex. If you want to get into direct selling you will see there are FAR more brands/companies you can work for which are female orientated. They are mainly around makeup / clothing but they are still opportunities you will find are quite hard to do as a man and the worst thing is, there is no equivalent  product line for us men to sell!

Why are there not more men working from home? I imagine for women it is a natural slot where they are at home with the children but still want to bring some kind of income in. For us men, I find that people tend to want to earn from home as well as having a fulltime job. Sites like Netmums etc are rife with mums all wanting to work at home and help each other out but where is the help for the dads who have just got started in this area?

It certainly is a ‘hot potato’ as they say right now but I don’t see the demographic for working from home changing anytime soon. If anything i think more and more woman will end up doing it as the options available today to earn online far outweigh what was there even a few years ago.

2 thoughts on “Working from home – Is NOT a man’s world!”

  1. HI Jon, I’m a man! hahaha. Have been doing some MS stuff the past few months and a few apps, surveys etc. I wondered if you have ever done anything with these guys over the years: ? Its something I stumbled across today that I’ve never heard of before.

    1. Hi Andy

      Yeah I have heard of them – they offer customer service work from home.

      Pop over to our main site at and do a search as I am pretty confident they have been mentioned by members


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