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Younique : UK Younique presenter Claire Danielle earned $10,000 in a few days – Want to find out how?

Younique : UK Younique presenter Claire Danielle earned $10,000 in a few days - Want to find out how?


If you work in direct selling and haven’t heard of Younique it may be time to come out from under that rock.

Younique launched in the UK on November 1st 2014 and sales have been THROUGH THE ROOF. One presenter (that’s what they call their reps) has done amazingly well and earned herself over $10,000 so far and was the first UK presenter to reach BLACK status. The Money Shed chats to the one and only Claire Danielle about just how she has managed to achieve that. If you feel you want to get involved with Younique you can find more information from presenters in our dedicated Younique thread here.


What is your background in Direct Selling? – What have you done in the past or was this your first taste?

Have never done direct sales ever. This is my very 1st time.

What was it that drew you into Younique?

The company itself – their core values are UPLIFT EMPOWER AND VALIDATE  women.  The fact that this is a business completely focused around social media, aimed at stay at home mums or ladies who wish to earn extra cash. The whole business can literally be done from the comfort of their own home . It gives everyone a chance to be successful .

What would you say were your BIGGEST concerns about joining Younique?

I never had any concerns. I knew either way I couldn’t lose out as the products we get given on sign up are actually worth more than the signup fee itself ! so it’s a win win really

What due diligence would you say is important to do before signing up to a direct selling company?

Be prepared to put a huge amount of effort in as it’s not going to be given to you on a plate! You must also want others to succeed as much as you want to succeed yourself! It really is all about teamwork. Obviously the first things would be to research the company, their growth, how long they have been established, whether they are debt free and sustainable. Fortunately Younique ticks all these boxes.

Direct selling has a bad rep a lot of the time, scams are rife and the pyramid scheme ‘smell’ is still quite rife with it, what would you say should the DS industry do to change this perception? Even more so in the UK?

Anyone anywhere in the company can reach the top, unless you have a full understanding of network marketing – everyone will jump to the conclusion that only the guy at the top will do well. This is not the case. Pyramid schemes / selling is illegal.

As someone who recruits other people to be in your team, what quality control do you personally do with them? Both at the point of recruitment & during their time with you?

No experience is necessary is this business, me being the prime example. I look for those who are motivated and excited about the business and the products. Going forward, through the use of Youniques fantastic back office I can see which team members need my help and training.

Do you think Younique is just another gravy train in the same way Juice+ was last year? What do you think will make it last in the UK?

Younique without a doubt will stand the test of time – what women doesn’t need make up? Once they use the products, it will hopefully become their make-up brand of choice.

The products completely sell themselves. The mascara being the main attraction is THE best mascara i have ever used !!

How many hours a day do you actually spend on the company each week? And how do you divide your time up between selling yourself, recruiting, admin, training etc.

As much time as possible as my goals are big – I’m dreaming big. You can literally spend 1 hour a day on the business and do well, but of course the more time you put in the better you will do.

I’m on hand literally 24 hours a day for my team. As well as working full time ….To be honest my main focus is on the team and helping them reach their goals.

Recruiting wise, I find that people actually come to me now so i don’t spend too much time focusing on that.

What do you feel is missing from the Younique direct selling brand in the UK that they need to put in place over the next year or so to help gain traction outside of Facebook friends etc?

Nothing is missing – this is the whole point, it’s a home based, social media focused business.

You can venture out and about if you want – and to be honest this will help spread the word and products quicker, but this isn’t essential.

Can you tell us about your journey from when you first signed up to Younique to where you have got to the point of winning £10k. At what point did it all click for you?

May 24th was the date i first heard of Younique and how they would be launching in the UK.

October 1st was the date I officially signed up – i had over 3000 ladies in my pre launch groups however only 246 of these actually signed up on the day.

I knew we would do amazing as these ladies had all put in months of work unpaid and i knew they were in this to do well and grab the opportunity with both hands.

From day 1 was blown away by what was happening , sales were going through the roof , the team was expanding at a ridiculous rate, sometime id look and think ‘is this actually even real’ ??

I knew after the 1st day …. all the preparation had more than paid off , and there was a really good chance i could hit black status way sooner than i ever thought was possible.

3 days after launch , black was well and truly in sight , i needed just one more of my team members to hit Green Status for me to hit black. It started to feel a bit more real then and i wanted it so bad. When I officially hit black that night it just went absolutely crazy !!! it was announced on the Younique presenters group , fastest time to hit black status ever ! I was getting friend requests / messages / congratulations . it was all a bit overwhelming. I even got an inbox from the CEO congratulating me on my success. So as it stands everything is finalised at the end of this month, I will get my 10k cheque and find out when im going to Utah !!  My team is still growing now at 920 , and sales show no sign of slowing down.

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TMS Pinterst Younique rep


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  1. Fantastic to see someone who was made aware of Younique prior to it’s UK launch & how preparation was the key to such an amazingly quick journey to Black status. I wish I had heard of Younique earlier but so glad I have now & I’m enjoying my journey so much!

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