With over 150,000 pageviews and over 13,000 unique user visits (over 90% of which are based in the UK) a month and a forum with over 145,000 posts The Money Shed is the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money online.

There are two parts to The Money Shed; the Blog (http://blog.themoneyshed.co.uk/), and the Forum (http://www.themoneyshed.co.uk/) Both are inundated with ideas & articles to help you start your online money-making journey.

I , like many home-workers, started my online money-making journey filling out simple surveys, & over the years, my desire to earn extra cash allowed me to discover more & more opportunities. There are plenty of ways to earn – you just have to know where to look. I wanted a platform to share my knowledge & experience with other like-minded people, & discuss any money-making opportunities to see what works, and what doesn’t. A lot of people are skeptical when they hear the term “work from home”, & have all sorts of assumptions & reservations, and I wanted to show them that there are legitimate ways to earn from home that won’t cost a fortune to start up –  there is a wealth of information out there; unfortunately, a lot of it can be misleading, outdated, & sometimes illegal. I also wanted people to be able to freely discuss their online ventures without being restricted in what they say, and also have a place to kick back & relax or socialise outside the walls of money-making,  but couldn’t find a site which offered this.

The Money Shed

At the beginning of 2014, The Money Shed Forum was born. It started off as a basic forum, with only a few members, and allowed home-workers to discuss their experiences. Nearly 2 years’ later, the Forum has over 2000 members & over 5000 posts, as well as a large fanbase on Facebook, and over 1700 followers on Twitter. The aim of the Forum is simple – to help people to find legitimate home-working opportunities, as well as allow them to share experiences of working from the comfort of their computer. Members are from all walks of life, ranging from stay-at-home mums who can’t work outside the home as they simply cannot afford child care, to people who work full-time & want to earn a bit extra cash to pay off a debt. Members earn money in a wide range of very different ways too, from using their smartphone to take photos in supermarkets, to working as a web search evaluator. It has several long-standing members who take the time out of their busy online schedules to run various threads, including The Money Shed Online Money Making Challenge which is really helpful for motivating home-working, & also gives you an opportunity to track your earnings as you go. Another popular section of The Money Shed is the diary section – members are encouraged to create & maintain their own money-making venture, which they can update as often, or as little as they wish. The diaries are a good tool for keeping an eye on how much you make, as well as showing other members that working from home can be lucrative.


The forum is friendly, and all new members are welcomed. No question is too “silly”, and members all help & encourage each other. Questions are typically answered within a hour. Self-promotion of businesses is allowed, as well as posting referral links. There is also an off-topic section where members can discuss anything they like, and get to know one another. One of the most controversial sections is the MLM section – members are encouraged to discuss the pros & cons of  these direct selling opportunities such as Forever Living & Herbalife,  as these tend to be the work from home jobs that attract the most negative attention, due to companies sugar coating the benefits of working for them.

Over the years, The Money Shed has been fortunate to have been able to work alongside a range of companies who offer the chance to work from home. Companies such as StreetBees, Red Wigwam & StreetSpotr have representatives actively posting opportunities, & on hand to answer queries. This is great news for online workers, as it allows them to ask any questions & receive direct answers. A lot of these companies don’t post their opportunities anywhere else, so The Money Shed members get an exclusive advantage.

Although the site mainly focuses on EARNING money, there is a section for SAVING money. Members can discuss the latest money-off coupons & discount codes, as well as keeping track of their own money-saving in the diary section. The site also has an extensive thread with the latest ways to save, as well as guest blog posts with fantastic ideas & frugal lifestyle tips. There really is something for everyone.

After seeing how successful the Forum was in terms of helping people achieve their goals, I decided to harness a lot of the content, and make it available in a weekly digest on the Blog. Apart from the very helpful & extremely popular toolkit which is basically a starter guide to working from home (http://blog.themoneyshed.co.uk/working-from-home-toolkit/), there are a range of topics on there, including various reviews on money-making opportunities, & unique guest posts written by members of The Money Shed – all of the topics carry on through to the Forum where they can be discussed more thoroughly.

The Money Shed

If you’re thinking about embarking on a work from home journey, then I strongly encourage you to visit our Forum. New opportunities are being posted all the time, and there is always something that will fit your availability, abilities and skills. I look forward to meeting you 🙂