The astounding financial difference between smoking and vaping

difference between smoking and vaping

Smoking, as we all know, is a habit comes with a huge set of health risks. It’s also a habit that comes with huge costs and money can be a top reason for people wanting to quit.  Vaping has long been presented as a healthier alternative to smoking. Less nicotine intake and reduced exposure to toxic chemicals are just a couple of the health benefits you can gain by switching to e-cigarettes. But with all this talk of health benefits, what about the financial side of vaping? The difference might…

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The Great British PPI Refund

Great British PPI Refund

PPI. That’s right, Payment Protection Insurance. You may already be familiar with PPI with the vast amount of adverts on TV, Radio and plastered just about everywhere else possible. August 2019 marks the end of PPI claims, meaning that people now only have a few months left to claim and receive any money back.  What is Payment Protection Insurance? Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI as it’s more commonly known was sold to customers who had taken out a credit card, loan or even a mortgage over the last few decades. …

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How to use Airtime Rewards to pay off your phone bill for FREE

Airtime Rewards

Everyone wants to save a little money, whether it’s for a special occasion, a rainy day or simply because you like living the frugal life. There is loads of information on how to save a little extra each month, however one of the easier, more satisfying methods of saving money is to earn cashback on your purchases. If you can spend money on the things you love and get money back at the same time, it’s a win-win situation.  Airtime Rewards takes the traditional cashback opportunity and boosts it to…

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Ways innovation can help your business

innovation can help your business

Innovation for businesses is about executing and exploiting new ideas. As you are looking to introduce new ideas in your business, the end goal is usually to improve profitability. But before that, you must have a clear understanding of how far any innovation can take your business, so you can adequately capitalize on them. Here are several ways in which innovation can help your company: Increase workplace productivity When you find new processes that can be useful in the workplace, you will take off some of the load from your…

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Security Threats and Solutions for eLearning Systems

Security Threats and Solutions

eLearning systems are essential eLearning tools upon which online training modules and courses are designed. They are invaluable in the eLearning realm offering a number of solutions that include: Organizing eLearning materials in a central place.   Different parties like parents and educators can track student’s progress ensuring that they are hitting the required milestones. Course materials become easily accessible and they can be expanded with ease. Cost of learning is not as expensive as before.   Integrates the social aspects of learning. Allows institutions to stay up-to-date with relevant…

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Is investing in a website for a new business really the right move?

investing in a website

When you are starting a new business up there are always costs you didn’t think about. It could be insurance or something on the accounting side but mort often than not something will come out of the woodwork and demand your much-treasured money! One often forgotten about aspect of setting up a new business that I see a lot when more traditional companies are set up is not creating a website. If you decided to open a shop up it is very easy to be so focused on footfall that…

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Refinancing your business using personal loans – Is it a good idea?

Refinancing your business

If you need a relatively small amount of cash to refinance your business, using a personal loan could prove to be the ideal answer. Self-funding in this way can be an easier route than applying for a business loan. For anyone wondering if it is a good idea to refinance your business using a personal loan, read on to find out more.  Can you refinance your business using a personal loan? There should not be an issue with most lenders allowing you to use a personal loan to refinance your…

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Making sure you keep yourself grounded when choosing your wedding venue

choosing your wedding venue

When you decide to get married it can seem like so much attention goes on the little details and in fact whole arguments can be based around them on the run-up to the big day. Which type of cloth to use for the tables, what decorations do we around in the room, WHICH FONT SHALL WE USE FOR THE INVITES??!?!? Anyway, you get the picture. It’s because of all these little things that you can end up losing sight of one of the most important parts of the wedding, that being the…

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