Everything you need to know before you start mystery shopping

beginner mystery shopping

I’ve been doing mystery shopping in one form or another for over 13 years now and like to think there isn’t anything I haven’t come across before and I feel prepared no matter what is being asked of me. I’m a huge fan of Mystery Shopping anyway as it’s given me the chance to have fantastic nights away in hotels and meals out at at restaurants I just wouldn’t attend normally. It wasn’t always like this though! I remember doing my very first mystery shop for MarketForce which just involved…

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Oddsmonkey are offering 2% commission on Betfair until the end of 2017 BUT YOU HAVE TO ACT QUICK!

OddsMonkey have worked hard to secure an exclusive offer with Betfair where OddsMonkey Premium members will get 2% commission at Betfair! The process that users will need to follow to be eligible is below. OPT IN at Betfair between Wednesday 13th September 9am and Monday 18th September 10am Enjoy the reduced commission rates from Monday 18th September 12:00! The following terms apply to qualify for the offer. Your account must be linked to Betfair through the Betfair integration at oddsmonkey. If you haven’t already done this, please read the Betfair Integration Guide You must place at least 1 lay bet using…

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How to Save Money as a Full Time Blogger

home office

How to Save Money as a Full Time Blogger Running a blog is difficult when there’s so many things to remember: emailing, scheduling posts, writing new content, collaborating with other bloggers, and the list goes on. Neglecting the smaller things is easy and can be costly which is lethal to your business. These five tips are designed to help you save and make money every day without taking up too much of your precious time: 1. Find a reliable web host. If your credit/debit card is linked to your host,…

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Run a self hosted blog for only £2.99 a month!

Blogging is a fantastic way to earn money online and really gets your creative juices flowing as you create you own space on the Internet where you can let out your thoughts of share your passions with others. When some people start blogging they can end up using a free service such as Blogger or Blogspot to save money but that means that all your hard work ends up being kept on a platform you can’t control nor do you own it and indeed it could be taken away from…

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The AWESOME £150 Money Shed Referral Contest!

Are you one of the THOUSANDS of people The Money Shed has helped financially?  If it has then now is the time to spread the word and grab some money for yourself!   To celebrate The Money Shed being 4 years old on October 17th 2017 we are doing what we used to do back at the start and running a Referral Contest! The contest closes on the 17th October 2017 and for each person who you get to sign up and post 5 Good Quality posts on The Money…

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Earn money passively on your Android phone with Lucky Leftovers

Today we’ve got a guest post from Money Shed fanatic Naina who has found a fantastic app that is EXCLUSIVE to Android and can earn you a great passive income!   Lucky Leftovers I like passive earnings. This means apps that I don’t have to sit and press things and check things, etc. Lucky Leftovers is an ANDROID only app, which I class as a passive earner. What is Lucky Leftovers? It is an android only app on your Smartphone, which allows you to earn and win competitions using your…

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How to make a SEXY blog post title!

As a blogger one of the most down-heartening things can be when you write an amazing post full of unique content but it just doesn’t get the clicks or views you thought it would be. You know the content is good but people just aren’t feeling driven to click through and read it! It’s enough to drive you mad at times! You’ve spent ages creating your blog from scratch and you just want to see some traction with your awesome content! NOTHING on a blog post is as important as the…

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8 Things I Wish Somebody Told Me Before I Went Self-Employed

self employed money

Today we have a guest post from Jen over at The Blog Lancer who is one of the most money savvy gals I’ve seen on Twitter however as she found, making that leap to being Self Employed came with quite a few challenges.  Although it’s often dubbed the dream lifestyle, going self-employed is not without its drawbacks. My experience before I went self-employed could be pretty much summed up in me reading lots of books which told me I was going to be an amazing, inspirational, boss lady but gave me…

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Current Matched Betting company sign up offers

Matched Betting company sign up offers

With the football season just around the corner I thought it was important to take a look at a number of FANTASTIC offers that various Matched Betting companies are offering at the moment to grab you custom as they guide you through the process of making THOUSANDS of pounds. As ever if you want to read my journey to making £25,000 from Matched Betting you can do so here. Profit Accumulator £1 for 3 days full premium access Sign up here Profit Accumulator Compare The Matched Betting Review OddsMonkey £1…

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Why the best interest rate, isn’t always the best decision for your money!


Money and what we do with it is a hot topic in the UK at the moment and with good reason. People’s opinions on what you do with your hard-earned money are as diverse and divisive as those that surround Brexit. Will we be heading towards a bright new tomorrow or utter financial apocalypse? Often in cases such as these it is best to look towards the middle ground. Here you will find the majority of Britons confused and planted firmly on the fence. One thing we can all agree…

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The Best Way to Monetize Websites in 2017

  In 2017, there are more ways to make money online than ever. However, with so many strategies to turn the website your love into a source of income, knowing which monetization model to use can be difficult. While not every monetization model works for every website, some monetization models work better now than ever. So here’s a quick guide to the five best. The Fifth Best Way to Monetize Websites: Sell Merchandise   If your website has a strong enough fanbase, they will want to buy things from you.…

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A simple guide to making hundreds switching bank accounts

switch bank accounts

Today we have a guest post from Money Shed forum member Glen who has perfected the art of earning money by switching bank accounts and has made themselves hundreds of pounds for just a few minutes work. Pssst, fancy earning a juicy carrot tempting £100 – £150 for a few minutes work? Banks have made it easy these days to switch accounts with the Current Account Switch Guarantee. This means the whole process can be done in just 7 working days (not counting Bank Holidays and weekends). They like to…

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5 things to invest your money in this year

invest money

We all want to make more money. Whether it’s to save for a rainy day, to splash out on a holiday or to prepare for the future, it’s important to have more than one revenue stream. Below, we’ve rounded up five creative investments that you should try out this year.   Stocks and shares If you have the time and the knowledge, investing in stocks and shares can prove incredibly lucrative. Take Apple, one of the world’s biggest and most successful technology companies. If you were to have invested $1,000…

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EXCLUSIVE : AMAZING MATCHED BETTING OFFER – OddsMonkey membership for only £1


The Money Shed have teamed up with OddsMonkey to offer you an absolutely amazing offer. For £1 you can now get access to their FULL service for a full 7 days. All the offers, all the tools, EVERYTHING!             I would say there is nothing stopping you earning £400-£500+ within 7 days of access TOTALLY RISK FREE and indeed some people on our Matched Betting thread have earned a LOT MORE in that time! To take advantage of this offer click through to OddsMonkey and enter…

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Find out all about how The Sure Bettor can make you GUARANTEED money!

The Sure Bettor

What is Matched Betting? Matched betting is hands down the best way to make money online. In one sentence matched betting is a risk-free betting technique taking advantage of bookmakers free bets and promotions. The betting industry is incredibly competitive and each bookmaker is continually trying to get ahead. They do this by offering free bets and promotions to new and existing customers in the hope that they’ll place more bets with them. This is brilliant for matched bettors as we can make a guaranteed profit from these offers and…

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5 things Profit Squad do better than other Matched Betting companies

Profit Squad

    When you are trying to choose which Matched Betting company to use there are lots of different things to consider. From price to the size of the community there are without doubt a whole host of factors for you to consider when choosing which company to give you money to each month. Profit Squad have been kind enough to give us a peak behind their paywall to show us 5 amazing things Profit Squad does better than anyone else!   The most organised money making strategy around! There…

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How I’ve made over £25,000 so far doing RISK FREE Matched Betting AND YOU CAN TOO!

Matched Betting win

Anyone that looks into working from home world will have seen a mention or 10 of Risk Free Matched Betting. It’s without question the number 1 fastest way to earn the most money in the shortest amount of time. I started my Matched Betting journey back in the summer of 2015 with only £50 and have never put more money in. I sounds crazy but it’s 100% true and as time went on and I did more and more risk free offers my bank account just got bigger and bigger.…

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The Money Shed UK Blogger Subforum – A MUST USE tool for any blogger!

UK Bloggers

If you are just starting out in the world of blogging it can be hard to get your feet under the table so to speak. You write great content and you put it up on your blog but what you really want after that are some eyeballs to notice it.       The Money Shed has been running a subforum dedicated to bloggers in the UK for quite a number of years now and it has some fantastic threads in it that act as great tools to any new…

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Combining TopCashBack and Online Bingo to earn BIG money

topcashback bingo

Anyone that follows me social media will know I’m a big fan of TopCashBack. I use it whenever I can to get back some of the cost of my purchase no matter what it is. I’m also regularly posting NEW MEMBER offers on our where you can get some fantastic stuff for free just by signing up to use TCB! A few years ago I discovered there was a great way to earn money using TopCashBack and Bingo sites. It’s not rocket science to be fair and you aren’t asked…

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Bloggers behold! The days of endlessly scheduling your social media updates are over with SocialOomph


Anyone that runs a blog will know the time vacuum that is scheduling social media. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you will end up spending an amazing amount of time designing and scheduling your content. Over the years of running The Money Shed I can’t count how many times I have dreaded when the time has come around for me to schedule all my social media and 90% of the dread was from the fact that I was just having to repeat the same action…

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