Best products to sell on Amazon FBA in 2023

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is a popular program that allows sellers to leverage Amazon’s vast logistics and customer service infrastructure to grow their business. By using Amazon FBA, sellers can store their products in Amazon’s fulfilment centres, and the company will handle the picking, packing, shipping, and customer service for those products. This frees up time and resources for sellers, allowing them to focus on sourcing and marketing their products. Additionally, FBA products are eligible for Amazon Prime, which can help increase sales, and can also qualify for other benefits such as Amazon’s Buy Box. Overall, using Amazon FBA can be a great way for sellers to scale their business and reach more customers.

How to find products to sell on Amazon FBA in 2023?

As we move into the new year, it’s important to keep an eye on emerging trends and popular products that are likely to sell well on Amazon. Here are some ways to spot new trends which will help influence your product opportunity research for 2023:

Use Google Trends to find popular products

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to see how often a particular search term is entered into Google over time. By using Google Trends, you can get an idea of the popularity of a certain product or category, which can help you identify potential products to sell on Amazon.

Here are a few ways you can use Google Trends to help find popular products to sell on Amazon:

  • Explore the google shopping trends, you can search with no search term to get a list of popular searches across the google shopping system:

As you can see, you can find relevant search topics as well as specific queries using this method.

  • Explore the web search trends for specific search terms to track their popularity over time. This will give you a better understanding of the seasonality and general popularity of the product:

Read customer trend reports

Reading customer trend reports can be helpful for a number of reasons.

  1. Identifying new and emerging trends: Customer trend reports can help you identify new and emerging trends in consumer behaviour, which can help you stay ahead of the curve and identify potential new products or markets to focus on.
  2. Understanding customer needs and preferences: Customer trend reports can also provide insight into customer needs and preferences, which can help you develop products or marketing strategies that better align with what consumers are looking for.
  3. Identifying potential challenges: Customer trend reports can also help you identify potential challenges or obstacles that may impact your business, such as changes in consumer behaviour or economic conditions, and help you plan accordingly.

Jungle Scout publish quarterly consumer trend reports specifically aimed at Amazon FBA resellers, you can see them here:

Amazon Best Sellers

The Amazon best sellers page is another great resource for finding product ideas in 2023. Go to the Amazon best sellers page here – Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

Here you will see the top 100 trending products for each product category in Amazon.

Examples of products to sell on Amazon FBA in 2023?

Here are a few items to consider when looking for products to resell on Amazon FBA in 2023:

  1. Beauty and skincare products: With the ongoing trend of self-care and wellness, skincare and beauty products are expected to be in high demand in the coming year. Consider reselling items like facial serums, sheet masks, and makeup brush sets.
  2. Home office essentials: With more people working from home, the demand for home office essentials is expected to increase. Consider reselling items like ergonomic desks, office chairs, and monitor risers.
  3. Fitness and wellness products: As people focus on their physical and mental health, items like resistance bands, yoga mats, and meditation cushions will likely be in high demand.
  4. Sustainable and eco-friendly products: Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Consider reselling items like reusable straws, beeswax wraps, and cloth produce bags.
  5. Pet products: Pet ownership is on the rise and people are willing to spend more on their furry friends. Consider reselling items like pet beds, grooming tools, and interactive toys.

When reselling on Amazon FBA, make sure to research the competition and pricing for each product to ensure that you’re offering a competitive price and maximizing your profits. Additionally, focus on building positive reviews and maintaining a high-quality product listing to attract more customers.

By keeping an eye on these emerging trends and popular products, you’ll be well on your way to success as an Amazon FBA reseller in 2023.

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