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20 Ways you can earn money with Fiverr UK

20 Ways you can earn money with Fiverr UK
Click above to find 20 ways you can earn money on Fiverr

Earning money online can be a daunting experience if you don’t know where to start. Back in the day, you either had to be able to build a website or be willing to take part in tasks such as surveys that paid pennies for your time. These days, there are plenty of ways to earn some extra cash online if you’re creative. Fiverr UK provides a platform for almost anyone to get involved and offer their personal services and skills to other people.

There are over 200 categories to promote your services in and it’s free to join. Services are known as ‘gigs’ on the platform due to their micro nature and your time commitment for what you want to offer is completely up to you. If you want to set out to work on Fiverr full time, then you can. Likewise, you can see it as a supplement to your regular income. It is often said that people pay freelancers for the knowledge and skillset they have rather than the time it takes to do the actual task and it’s this mantra that lets so many freelancers earn money via Fiverr.

Another big advantage of using the platform is that once you’ve completed a buyer’s order, you’ll be paid 80% of the transaction fee immediately. No more waiting around for big companies to respond to your fifth email about an overdue invoice from 90 days ago which as any freelancer knows can be a complete nightmare.

Now, before you click away because you don’t believe in yourself, actually take a moment to think about the skills you have. You see, you don’t need to be a fully qualified professional to offer value to someone else in these categories. All that’s needed is experience and the ability to help someone else out for a fee.

Top Tips for earning the most you can on Fiverr

Earning money on Fiverr is something that most people can do. After all, there are so many categories that you’re bound to be able to offer some sort of valuable skill to other people. 

Nevertheless, having the ability to earn money on Fiverr and making the most of it are very different things. In order to maximise your success and potential earnings, there are 5 tips you should follow:

Don’t Overprice 

The way you price your services will depend on the category you’re working within. However, it’s important not to set your prices too high or you’ll be skipped over by many for someone who has set theirs lower. 

This is even more relevant at the start of your journey when you don’t have thousands of positive reviews to back you up and convince someone to part with more money. 

However, it’s also important not to undervalue your services, too. The best course of action here is to get a feel for the current market conditions by looking at the prices of similar services and then basing your price around that.

Provide Great Customer Service

Your Fiverr business can be made or destroyed by how you behave toward customers. By offering great customer service, you’re much more likely to obtain those coveted positive reviews that open you up to much bigger audiences so if people want quick or easy tweaks to the content you have provided them with then it may be in your interest to do them.

Always be polite in your correspondence, answer messages as quickly as possible, and ask to remedy any issues your customers may have to let them know that you’re there to provide the best service possible.

Keep Your Gigs Simple

Many people looking for services have something specific in mind when they start searching. It’s important that you keep this in mind when creating your gig. The user should be able to understand what you are offering quickly. If this isn’t the case, you’re likely to miss out on customers because a competitor got to the point quickly.

If you require tips here, then look at the highest-rated gigs in your category to see how the most successful people have set things up. You don’t want to copy them, but it doesn’t hurt to see what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t Limit Yourself

If your skillset allows you to cover multiple gigs, then it may be worth casting that net far and wide. Don’t go over the top but a graphic designer, for example, could easily create business logos as well as t-shirt designs.

If one of your gigs becomes popular then you may need to reconsider this, however, as you may run into time constraints. Don’t forget, positive feedback is the aim of the game here and you’re less likely to receive that if you’re distracted by lots of different projects.

Take Your Time

As with many things in life, success on Fiverr usually takes a while. It’s not easy to be noticed at the start of your journey but every sale and subsequent positive review should be considered a victory.

Make sure you’re following the best practices and keep an eye out for new trends that may help you to catch a fresh wave of success. Either way, keep at it and put as much effort into it as you can. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Now let’s look at some of the categories you could sell your services in.

Freelance Content Writing

Freelance Content writing with Fiverr UK

Don’t let the fancy name put you off. Freelance writing can include anything from creating engaging content for a website to writing an ‘about me’ page. The great thing about Fiverr in this regard is that there’s always something you can help someone else to do. 

If you have any experience of writing at all then this could be an easy earner. You just need to be able to type, make use of correct grammar, and create a service that suits your skills. With more companies existing purely online than ever the need for creative writers has never been greater.

Logo Design  

Logo Design

Logo design is an interesting one because it can include anything from complex business designs to fun hand-drawn cartoons. Many logo designers on Fiverr are people who like to be creative in their own time or are students looking for some extra cash.

If you’re able to create logos in Illustrator, Photoshop, or are a talented artist then there’s some serious cash to be made creating logos for people like me who have no idea where to start but need a new website logo designing. These days you don’t even need to use expensive graphic programs and could use something like Canva to do all your designs.

Blog Post Writing

Blog Post Writing

This ties in nicely with freelance writing opportunities. If you run your own blog, then you’re probably ready to help others with their content creation. Most of the time, people feel too busy to get everything done so want to ask for outside help. That’s where you come in. You can charge per number of words so this kind of gig can really pay if you get regular customers.

You might also want to take the angle of offering blog post writing for specific topics. For example, you could help to write financial posts or advice about being thrifty. The opportunities are pretty much endless here. More and more people are starting blogs and going to websites such as Fiverr to help fill their pages in the early days with posts ranging from 500-1000 words usually to make sure to price your blog writing services accordingly.

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

It’s a fact of life that some people just aren’t savvy when it comes to social media. If you’ve got experience of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you could charge to help people set up their pages.

There are also opportunities to earn lots of cash by managing someone’s social media accounts on a long-term basis, helping them with an advert campaign, or simply optimising the pages to help them reach more viewers. With services available like Buffer and Hootsuite the number of freelancers offering social media management is growing by the day.

Resume / CV / Cover Letter Writing

CV Resume

Industry standards change all the time and it can leave people feeling worried about the quality of their CV or cover letter. When you want to impress a potential employer, it’s important to get these things right so many people reach out to others with more experience. There’s no question that University graduates are finding it harder than ever to find their dream job which is why so many of them are turning to sites such as Fiverr to have someone with some expertise help them curate the perfect job application.

If you’re someone who has created an impressive CV or cover letter or have worked in an industry that deals with this kind of thing then you may tap into a Fiverr goldmine with this one. Offering specific services could help to attract custom here. For example, ‘I will read and review your CV’, or ‘I will create an impressive cover letter based on your CV’.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can offer loads of different services and that’s why it’s a perfect role for a Fiverr gig. Earning money in this category could involve answering business emails for busy people, creating PowerPoint presentations, collecting data for research purposes, data entry and even just writing copy for firms.

If you’ve got experience in any of the above roles, or indeed any others you can think of, you could be the perfect match for someone. It’s not always about being an expert in the role but helping someone who is busy focussing on other tasks can add massive value. For a lot of companies out there (especially during the startup days), they aren’t looking to hire permanent staff to do small tasks and this is where the gig economy and virtual assistants can really benefit.

Data Entry

Data Entry

As with the virtual assistant services, data entry is a job that many people want to farm out to others because they’re busy working on other aspects of their business. This means that you can charge money to add data to spreadsheets and create business reports.

It’s all pretty simple stuff here. If you’ve got any experience with using Excel, for example, you could fit this role well. Truth be told it can be quite repetitive at times however I have always found the work comes in batches and projects don’t tend to last more than a few days so if you can power through before moving on the next data entry task then you can make some great money offering this service.

Offering Online Lessons

Offering Online Lessons

This is an opportunity to get creative with your services and finally get a payoff from those musical or language lessons you had as a child through gritted teeth. People want to pay to learn all kinds of skills but not necessarily wasn’t to leave the house for whatever reason so there’s plenty of cash to be made in this category. Have a think about your hobbies and how they might be of interest or use to someone else.

For example, you could charge for online guitar lessons, give singing lessons, teach a language, show people how to create websites, or even teach people how to do card tricks. There’s an endless number of things that fit in here so almost anybody can offer something of value.

SEO Services

SEO Services

Search engine optimisation is such a huge part of online success these days but it’s an everchanging landscape and it can be easy to fall behind the times. New website owners and bloggers, for example, may know how to write about a specific topic but will have no idea how to write it in a way that will help their website to favoured by Google.

If you’ve got experience in SEO and know your H1 Headers from your Anchor Text then you could offer to edit people’s posts to help their SEO practices, teach people about image optimisation, write guest posts with backlinks, or simply review an overall website.

Web Design

Web Design

As with SEO services, website design work is something that many people will look to pay for. Writing about a topic is the easiest part of the journey but building a website can be a steep learning curve.

There are different services you could charge for here. If you have the know-how about coding in HTML or Javascript then you’re likely to do well but there is also an opportunity to help people set up their WordPress blogs, add beneficial plugins, or even build a website from scratch.

Flyer / Brochure / Poster Design

Poster Design

Outside of logo creation, another option for designers on Fiverr is to offer services relating to flyer designs. People want this kind of service when advertising a new business or even creating a fancy wedding invitation and don’t want to spend a LOT of money with a graphic design company. Again, the opportunities are vast here so there is plenty of scope for earnings if you’re a keen designer, even if it’s just a hobby you’ll be amazed how much money can be earned from offering these services on Fiverr.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an interesting category on Fiverr because there are lots of different services. For example, you’ll find animators offering to create marketing videos for businesses, but you’ll also find people offering to share your current videos on social media.

I actually paid someone on Fiverr to make this for me many moons ago!

If you’ve got any experience with creating videos or even have a far reach on social media, there is an opportunity to earn some side cash here. Take a look at the category to see if there are any other skills that match yours but I would say that out of everything on here offering this service can require a bit of financial investment. While the latest iPhone may offer fantastic video quality some customers will request you use light rings and other expensive equipment so you need to factor that in when you are thinking about how you will pitch your services.



This one is simple. People around the world need to translate audio or written text into other languages for a variety of reasons. If you speak more than one language, then you’re onto a winner here. 

All you need to do is set up a service along the lines of ‘I will provide a perfect English to German translation’ and watch the work come flooding into your inbox as this is quite a niche offering on Gig Economy websites so you will find you can charge more than other services mentioned here due to how specialised it is.



No one likes seeing that dreaded red line in Microsoft Word and many adults probably still have nightmares about their teacher using the dreaded RED MARKER to mark their schoolwork. Well, now it’s time to get your own back on that cursed thing!

Proofreading is a pretty cool side gig to have because you can charge a fee per a certain amount of words. That kind of cash can add up quickly if you’re being paid to proofread someone’s dissertation.

You could also find work proofreading anything from blog posts to e-books for busy people as well as offering editing services for a bonus fee.



Transcription work can involve all kinds of different content. You could transcribe audio dictation of business meetings into a text file, a presentation, provide subtitles to films with difficult to understand accents, or even transcribe and translate the audio from one language into another.

This kind of work can be a little tricky if the audio isn’t clear, so you need to be a little careful if charging per minute of recorded content and that you have access to a good headset for listening to the audio.

Product Photography


If you’re anything like me then this kind of gig is certainly appealing. Creating websites has been difficult in the past when I’ve had to take photographs of products because I don’t have the equipment, location, or ability to make it look professional.

If you’re a good photographer, then you could make a lot of money taking product photographs for businesses and individuals. Usually, they’ll pay for your services, ship the item to you, and give you a brief about what they need. They’ll also front the cost of you sending the item back afterwards. These sort of services are extremely popular during the early days of people running online businesses or blogs as they don’t want to have to shell out for expensive photography equipment and this is a far cheaper way of letting someone with the existing skillset do the work for them.

Voiceover Work

voiceover work

Voiceover work is a great source of income if you’re the right person for the job. There are loads of opportunities here such as creating video voiceovers for marketing, providing specific accents, creating radio adverts, and even just making something jokey for a laugh.

You’ll need some decent equipment to earn a high rating in this department but, If you’ve got the voice for it, it could be a worthwhile investment.

IT Support

IT Support

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Well, although this might work from time to time, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why someone would pay you for IT work. If you’re good with computers, then this could be the gig for you to earn some extra cash easily.

Specialising in certain issues could help you to find work here. For example, you could offer to help fix Windows or Linux problems or assist people with website and Cpanel issues. With the explosion over the last few years of tools for remote help such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn the need to get someone to your house to fix an issue you are having with Windows or some other piece of software is getting smaller by the day so it’s time for you to take advantage of that if you have the necessary IT skillset.

Infographic Design

And yet another designer’s goldmine and one where all those vector graphics skills you learned at school can finally pay off! Plenty of businesses are looking for infographics for their products and services but don’t have the skills to create them themselves. This is where you can earn a nice chunk of cash because infographic designs tend to sell for higher starting prices on Fiverr than other design gigs.

Custom T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

Designers seem to have all the fun on Fiverr and here’s another one to add to the list. T-Shirt design is something that all kinds of people are looking to pay for. Businesses want to wear shirts that advertise their products while upcoming bands want a way to make some money on the side and get their name out there.

Unleash your creative side and be paid to have your work displayed on someone’s clothing. Pretty cool.

Ultimately, there are endless ways to earn extra money on Fiverr. Having specific skills in technical fields will help but you can still cash in on things that don’t require too much know-how. Most of the time, people just want someone else to do the easy work for them, so it makes sense to cash in on this idea.

It’s worth taking a look at each category on Fiverr to see what kind of services are being offered and where you can add more value. Perhaps you could put a spin on something or offer a new service altogether. You can also offer more than one service at a time. If you’re someone with a variety of skills then casting a wider net may lead to more sales and more money in your bank account at the end of each month.


How can you make money on Fiverr?

You make money on Fiverr by offering “Gigs”. These are typically small tasks and can be anything from copywriting and blog posts through to designing a logo or doing some coding for a website.

How much can you earn on Fiverr?

Gigs start being offered at $5 each and can go up beyond $100. There is no limit to how much you can earn from Fiverr. When you are starting out it may be best to offer your services as a reduced rate to make sure you get as much positive feedback as you can before upping your price.

How can I make my service stand out on Fiverr?

Good use of SEO will make sure that your results appear when people search for the terms you are trying to list for. Beyond that using graphics that stand out and building up positive feedback will really help.

How much does Fiverr charge for me to sell my services?

Listing your gigs on Fiverr is free of charge. When you complete a gig for a customer you’ll be paid 80% of the transaction fee immediately.

What is a Fiverr gig?

Fiverr gigs are typically micro tasks that could take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to do. You can offer your skills and services via the platform for people to buy.

Where can I get additional help with making money on Fiverr?

Have signed up to be a member of forums? Its a friendly community working together with the common goal of making extra money at home.

What do you think?

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