How to get up to £100 in free money during Coronavirus

How to get up to £100 in free money during Coronavirus

There’s no doubt out Coronvirus has turned a lot of our lives upside down. From our living arrangements to our finances everything can seem so up in the air at the moment. With everyone tightening their belts as much as possible anyways in which you can find free money during Coronavirus can be a godsend!

We’ve recently put out a guide on How to earn extra money from home during Coronavirus and also a guide on how you can make a huge amount of money selling your skills on Fiverr during the pandemic and also covered How to manage your mental health while working from home during Coronavirus.

For some people though who maybe don’t want to get into the whole ‘earning money from home‘ thing but DO just want quick and easy money, we’ve found some easy tried and tested ways you can grab up to £100 in free money during Coronavirus. None of these requires you to do any kind of work nor do they involving you signing up for a free trial and then having to cancel something later.

Get £20 Amazon Voucher and then £10 every month with Ipsos MORI inCompass

ipsos mori incompass

MediaCell+ is an easy to use app that sits on your smartphone while detecting what is being played / watched in the background when it comes to your TV and radio listening habits. Not only that but it is also clever to monitor the websites you are visiting on the device.

The MediaCell+ app will detect what you watch on TV, what radio you listen to, and the apps/websites used on your phone. The InCompass app will detect how you use your PCs/laptops/tablets, including how you use the internet.

They are asking for people from all areas across the UK to build up this picture of media consumption in the UK today, and how this is changing over time. The information will be used to help shape the future of TV, radio, music services and the internet. Ipsos MORI UK Ltd is a VERY well known company in the ‘Market Research’ sector and has been established since 2005.

£3-£100 Free Share with Trading212 and Freetrade

I’ve made over £400 from my free shares!!

This is a super easy one to do and you don’t even need to know anything about trading stocks! Trading212 is a platform where anyone can buy a share online. They have a fantastic sign up offer where you just need to deposit £1 and you will get a free share the next day worth up to £100.

Don’t for one minute think you will only get one worth a few pounds as I’ve had ones for Greggs worth £20 odd and I’ve seen others get some in the £70-£80 range!

Getting a free share from Trading212 is very easy.

  • Sign up to Trading212
  • Deposit £1
  • The next business day you will get your free share allocation.
  • Allow the share to settle for 3 days (ie, don’t try and sell it)
  • After 3 business days sell the share for what its current value is
  • Wait 30 days for the cash to unlock
  • Withdraw the value of the sold share back to your debit card.

Make sure to check out our review of Trading 212 if you want to find out more information about them.

Freetrade is another company that offers the ability to get free shares just by depositing £1, again it’s extremely simple to do.

  • Pick up a referral link from the dedicated thread on The Money Shed (Make sure to say thanks to the person you take one from!)
  • Add your details
  • Deposit £1 (via Bank transfer takes an hour or two)
  • Get your Free Share (shows as a mystery share until it is revealed)
  • Wait 7-10 days for your share to be revealed
  • Sell the share
  • Withdraw Cash!

Grab £15+ with Plum

Plum referral scheme

Plum is a fantastic savings smartphone app you can use to save money and keep on top of your finances. On top of trying to help you have achieve your financial goals it also has one of the best referral schemes around where you can earn an UNLIMITED amount of money.

For every 3 people you refer you will get £15, 6 gets you £30, 9 gets you £45 etc. and there is no limit to how many friends or family you decide to refer.

£5 for FREE from Curve Card

Curve Cards in One

The Money Shed has worked alongside Curve for a number of years now and over the last few months has managed to grab a deal with them whereby you can get £5 to spend ANYWHERE that accepts Mastercard (online or offline!) just by signing up for their free card.

The idea behind a Curve Card is that you can bring all of your various bank cards into one single card. Unlike those traditional plastic cards you’d be used to, the Curve Card is done so through an app which can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone. From there you can add as many cards, whether they are credit or debit cards, meaning everything is in the one, easily accessible place. 

Simply head over to their site and sign up to their FREE card via our EXCLUSIVE link. Once it arrives in the post a few days later you just need to activate the card which is done by buying something on it. So you could link the Curve card to your normal debit card, go into a shop and buy a packet of 50p sweets and as soon as you do that you will see you have £5 CREDIT to spend anywhere you like!

Earn from your smartphone

You’ve no doubt read about smartphone apps like Roamler and BeMyEye which pay you for going out and about to take photos of displays in shops. The pay is great for these money making apps and they also pay for a lot of ‘at home’ work at the moment which involves nothing more than sitting on your sofa answering a handful of questions about the hot topics of the day! Although it’s not a fully passive form of income I would say it comes under the banner of ‘something for not a lot of effort’

Another way to grab some rewards using your phone is to use the Nielsen Computer and Mobile app. Once the app is installed on your smartphone it will collect data about how the phone is used. What apps get used the most? How much data do they use? How often do they use the GPS on the phone? It doesn’t collect any User IDs or password and is a completely non-invasive app which doesn’t impact on the performance of your smartphone at all. 

Nielsen uses the collected data to analyse demographic behaviour and use and as a reward, users are given points on a quarterly basis for being active. Nielsen points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash cards.

£100 for FREE from Ratesetter

Ratesetter is a peer-to-peer investment platform which sounds far more technical than it really in. Normally if someone wanted a loan they would just go to their high street bank. With Ratersetter there is a whole community of people putting money into their system and then you come along wanting a £500 loan and your loan is then made up by all the £10-£50 deposits people have put into the system.

Typically people use these sort of platforms as an investment. A place they can put their money, have it used to fund other peoples loans and then they get the money back + interest.

RateSetter offers a fantastic signup bonus of £100 for putting £1000 into the system!

To get your free £100 from Ratesetter.

  • Sign up to Ratesetter
  • Deposit £1000 using your debit card
  • Move the money into your ‘Everyday Account’
  • Wait until your £1000 is matched by someone looking for a loan. This could take 24hrs or it could take up to 30 days.
  • You will then be awarded £100.
  • Withdraw the cash (This can take up to 24hrs due to the fact your initial £1000 investment was put into loans)

£20 Cashback Sites

Cashback websites have been a staple of online ordering for many years. I mean who doesn’t want something for free? Getting cashback doesn’t cost you any more money and means you always get a little something extra for your purchase.

The two main players in the cashback world are Topcashback and Quidco. The former currently offers £7.50 for signing up after a £10 minimum spend and the latter gives you £12.50 after a £5 minimum spend.

With both cases, you just need to signup, buy something you would normally buy from an online store and you’ll get the money once the cashback has tracked! With the average cashback user claiming around £300 a year there is a LOT of free money for you to grab just by doing what you normally do when it comes to buying online goods to services!

Hopefully the above will be of use to some of you so that you can grab some extra cash at this traumatic time. If you are looking for more options you could consider the likes of OhMyDosh which is an offer paywall that pays you (fairly decently at times to be fair!) for taking out free trials in a variety of online services and products.

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