Have you seen BeMyEye’s new app?

Have you seen BeMyEye's new app? 5

Anyone who follows the forum on The Money Shed will know members are ALL OVER mobile earning apps! We’ve actually covered on the blog before how one person is earning £1000 a month from smartphone apps alone so there really is some great earning potential from these money making apps!

So when the BeMyEye app which people can use to earn a great amount of money from each month got relaunched recently it only made sense that we covered it!


What is BeMyEye?

BeMyEye is another smartphone app which is designed to let you earn money on the go by completing challenges. To get started simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. You can start earning money straight from the start by completing locations near where you are. The more missions you complete the more you will rise up the levels and the more opportunities you will get exposure to.

What does a BeMyEye job typically involve?

Much like any other of the task based smartphone apps they involve collecting data for clients. It may be something as simple as a photo of a display of Coke cans inside a Tesco Superstore near you or it might be a bit more involved and they want you to buy an item and take a photo of it. BeMyEye also offer what they call ‘Home Based Missions’ which can obviously be done at home and are like paid surveys about your habits.


How do I reserve and complete tasks?

To grab a task simply hop onto the app and tap on the pin that’s near you. Once you’ve had a read through the task and are happy with everything then accept it and GO OUT THERE AND EARN! The higher up the ranks you go the more tasks you will be able to grab at once so it pays you to stay loyal to BeMyEye.

Now here’s something interesting!

Typically with these kind of apps you can only submit the task details from the phone but that is not the case with BeMyEye. Tasks can be submitted from your PC, phone or tablet, in fact any device where you can login to your BeMyEye account. This is very helpful incase something happens to your phone while you are out completing a task.


Approval and Payment

Tasks are usually approved within 48 hours after you have submitted them. Obviously sometimes the task might come back to you if they require a bit of extra clarification about anything but the majority of tasks obviously sail through with them. In terms of payment there are two options available. They can pay you either directly into your PayPal account or into your Bank Account.

Reporting your earnings to HMRC.

BeMyEye will help you out with your tax return by sending you a full breakdown of your earnings in the previous year so you won’t have to go hunting for figures to declare to HMRC.

Don’t take our word for how amazing this app can be! One of their top earners who makes £500/£600 a month from them and told us all about their experience with the app!

Why did you decide to start using the BeMyEye app?

I first started using the BeMyEye app in July of last year, primarily because it looked fun and I’d just started doing Mystery Shopping for a bit of extra cash. The app soon became my favourite of all the Mystery Shopping type apps and websites that I use because I love the simplicity and quickness of the process. No long reports to fill in and the missions are always approved quickly!

So how many missions have you done?

So far I have managed to complete 211 missions but that’s only because I have dedicated a lot of my spare time to completing as many missions as possible, and when bonuses have been offered I’ve spent entire days out on the road, travelling up and down the UK.

How much have you made?

I’ve made over £2000 now, and most of this was made in the last few months. Having now worked my way up to the top level though, I will be able to reserve even more missions and earn even more!

What do you enjoy most about being an Eye?

The thing I enjoy the most about being an Eye is being on the other end of Customer Service and Marketing situations. Having spent the last 25 years working in customer service, it’s nice to sometimes pose as a customer in order to evaluate the level of customer service companies are providing.

What are your highlights of being an Eye?

My highlights so far have been completing the recent Betting Shop missions where I travelled down to London and the south east and then up to Scotland as far as Glasgow and then Perth.

How are you finding the new App?

I’m loving the lay out of the new app and the new features that it now includes. The levels-system is a great idea and being able to invite friends onto the app will allow BeMyEye to become even bigger and better and will hopefully lead to business growth for all involved.

What advice would you give to any aspiring Eye out there?

The advice I would give to any aspiring new Eyes would be that if you are planning to do multiple jobs in one go, plan ahead! Work out your route and a schedule and do your best to stick to it. Do as much research as possible before heading out including using Google Street View in order to find the destinations! Most of all, enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to be challenged if a shop owner or manager asks why you are taking photos. At the end of the day you are collecting data and information that will ultimately benefit the company or business you are assessing.

So readers, you’ve read all about the app and heard about a first hand experience from someone who’s earned over £2000 from it so GO OUT AND GRAB THAT MONEY WITH BEMYEYE!

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