10 Best Money Making Apps in the UK

10 best money making apps in the UK

One of the easiest ways to make extra income is via your smartphone. You carry it with you everywhere anyway, so why not put it to extra use and earn some extra income? There are plenty of apps that allow you to earn more than just beer money, but the 10 best money making apps listed below are easy to use on the go!


Roamler Paid Tasks

Roamler pays for tasks that help companies learn more about how their products are served and stored via market research. Tasks can be anything from taking pictures of menus in restaurants, counting stock in shops, or buying a beer to photograph how it’s poured. 

There are 3 main types of tasks requested:

In-store insights 

You will be tasked to report on visibility and availability of products within stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants and more. You will need to answer questions and take photos for most of these tasks. 

Mystery visits

A mystery visit experience could be shopping or dining without the employees or owners knowing. You will be given clear instructions and a scenario to enact, then will record the results or answer questions. 

If you have an eye for detail or have done merchandising previously, you can apply to become a merchandiser that could be given tasks like setting up promotional displays, branding materials or replenishing stock. There is also a sales Crowd that you can join if you are experienced in that area. However, the first two are more applicable for flexible extra income. 

Roamler pays around £5 per task, but it varies between £3 and £20. Tasks will usual take between five and twenty minutes.

The catch with Roamler is that it is currently invite-only, so you will need a code to join. These can be found on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well as via other users. 



RoamlerTech is a new offering from Roamler for people in the UK where you are offered the chance to earn money by repairing things at peoples homes or workplaces. You obviously need to be qualified for some of these tasks but if you are a tradesman then this is a great way of picking up extra work. To apply for RoamlerTech you need to fill in this form on their website.


bemyeye Task

BeMyEye offers missions for cash. You will be tasked with visiting a store, then given instructions and a time limit for each task. Missions available near you will be displayed on the app on a list or the map. The app uses Google maps by default, but you can choose to connect with your favourite maps app for ease. 

You can check for missions and book them so that they will then no longer be available to others. Missions usually include a time limit, in which you will visit the store, answer some questions and possibly take photos. At the end, you simply send the report in. 

You will be sent your money after the report is validated, which can then be withdrawn via PayPal.

Field Agent

Field Agent Task

The Field Agent app offers the opportunity to earn while performing retail audits, mystery shopping reports, digital product demos, online reviews, and more. The app has tasks in various industries and well-known brands from retailers to bars and restaurants. You will have the chance to mystery shop and audit in-store, or do surveys from the comfort of your own home. There is also the option to purchase products and review them, receiving a reward for your opinion.

Payments are made directly to your bank account, but it can take 2-3 days so plan ahead if you’re planning to cash out and use the money.

Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen Mobile Panel

Neilsen is the world-leading provider of media and marketing information so you have likely heard of it. It is a professional research company that learns about what people watch, listen to, and buy, plus monitors their online habits. 

Nielsen uses a points-based reward system for people who install the app on mobile devices. By participating in the research via the app, Neilsen can learn more about how you use your smartphone and the websites you visit.

Users gain points that can be redeemed for gift cards at retailers like Amazon and Starbucks. Each month, you will receive extra points which can also be redeemed for gift cards and prizes. 



Streetbees is another task-based app. There are many kinds of tasks, and each one differs from the last. Tasks can be anything from recording short videos of you using a product, survey based tasks, or ones that involve taking photos. 

It’s a fun app to use while making extra money. Payment is made via PayPal, which is great if you’re after cash rather than vouchers or gift cards. The amount you can make very much depends on the tasks available to you due to location and other factors. You can usually get about £1 for 5 minutes work so it’s worth downloading and seeing what is available to you.


To become a Gigwalker, simply download the app and find a gig near you. Leading companies pay to receive market research on product displays, stock availability of particular products in stores, and more.

This app is especially great for those in urban areas such as cities, where there is an opportunity to easily walk to different stores. It means that you can simply complete a gig while out and about in the city rather than going out specifically for the task.

Once your gig has been completed and the report is approved, the agreed payment will be sent directly to your PayPal address. Gigs can take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours, so the time you spend and amount you earn is up to you. 

Airtime Rewards

airtime rewards balance

Airtime rewards offers an easy way to make passive income, which can be used against your mobile phone payments. It’s a great way to make an extra saving and the money helps you save on a bill specifically so you know it won’t be wasted. 

Airtime Rewards have partnered with over 80 well-known brands to make earning rewards easy. You simply link your payment cards and continue to shop as normal to receive automatic cashback rewards. You will receive a percentage of your spend in partnered stores whether spending in-store or online.

When redeeming your payment, mobile networks have varying levels of redemption thresholds, but it is usually £10. You are able to redeem your rewards off your pay-monthly phone bill, or as a voucher for pay-as-you-go credit.


shepper app

With Shepper, you can complete a check/task while out for a walk, on your commute or whenever you like.

This app is engaging and user-friendly, and supports market research for well-known brands and businesses, including supermarkets, bars, properties and more across various locations. 

This app can be quite personalised as you are able to choose the specific area you’d like to find checks in, plus hear about jobs that matter to you most. It includes in-app directions to the location of the job too and has a live chat feature so you are never alone when working. 

Payments are made directly to your bank account making it a simple process for adding extra money to the pot. 


mobeye Task Apps

Mobeye uses a geolocation feature so that you can choose tasks available to you wherever you are. You simply choose from the list of tasks, collect the information requested, which usually involves taking pictures, and submit the results. The results are validated within 24 hours and you can then be paid via PayPal. 

You can activate your push notifications to be alerted when a task is nearby so you don’t have to constantly search for work.

Tasks can be anything from taking pictures of products, checking promotions or stock availability, or checking prices. You can also give opinions on products or answer a survey or questionnaire so there is a wide range of activities that can help you earn extra income via your phone. 

Each week, there is also a way to earn more by playing the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game. To enter, you must take a picture of impressive store displays and the best will be chosen by a vote.


streetspotr tasks

Tasks are called Spots on StreetSpotr and can be done while you’re out, but also from the comfort of your couch. 

When you are within 400 metres of a location-based Spot, you will be notified and able to accept it, so there is no need to browse for jobs. However, there are plenty you can do that are not based on your location. This app is especially good for those that don’t live in urban areas that still want to earn extra money via their smartphone. 

Spots can range from simple tasks to more complex ones, with payment varying to suit. They will often involve taking pictures or answering a survey. In order to ensure you get plenty of work via this app, you can add push notifications for Spots available to you.

Once you have accepted a task, you must complete it within a certain time frame (usually 12 hours). Simply submit the information required and it will be checked and validated.

Payment is not instant with StreetSpotr. Instead, you are paid within 30 business days after the money was requested with the payment being sent directly to your PayPal account.

These are the 10 best money making apps available in the UK and offer great opportunities to earn some extra income without taking up too much time. Keep an eye on your apps for opportunities when walking around town, or when scrolling through your phone at home, and you’re bound to add a little more to the side hustle pot. 


How can you earn money on your smartphone?

Yes you can. There is a variety of money making apps available from task based work which involves going out and about through to doing property checks for companies and even online surveys you can do while watching your favourite TV shows.

What are the best money making apps to use for earning money on your smartphone?

Which app works the best for you will depend on your location in the UK and the sort of work you are willing to do. Apps like Roamler and BeMyEye tend to offer a HUGE variety of work due to the large number of clients they have.

What sort of smartphone do I need to earn money doing task work?

Any recent Apple or Android smartphone will be fine for doing this work. The cameras quality is also very important as your work can be rejected and you won’t get paid if the photos you take are not in focus or blurry.

How do I get paid when earning money money on my smartphone?

Payment for this type of work is typically made via PayPal or BACS bank payments in the UK.

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