The Top Beer Money Sites in the UK

The Top Beer Money Sites in the UK

With the end of lockdown looming (well, we hope anyway), you may be forgiven for thinking that we’re about to guide you through how to top up your drinking funds in anticipation of the pubs reopening. To be fair, there are worse uses for beer money, but what are we actually getting at? The term ‘beer money’ actually dates back to the 1800s and was an allowance paid to non-commissioned officers in the British Army. Fast forward a few centuries and beer money has a slightly different meaning.

When looking at beer money sites in the UK, we are looking at sites that can help you earn a little extra. It may be that you’re always a little short each month, perhaps you’re trying to save for a treat, or maybe you’ve been hit with an unexpected repair bill. Whatever the motivation behind it, beer money is all about generating some extra cash above and beyond your usual income. The amount of sites and apps that can allow you to do this is phenomenal. You can earn cash in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your sofa, head out and complete some tasks, or even get paid for doing nothing. Here’s a look at the top beer money sites in the UK right now.

Survey sites

online surveys

Those familiar with The Money Shed forum will know that survey sites are the bread and butter when it comes to earning some extra cash. As far as making some beer money goes, these are things that can be done in any free time that you may have. In truth, you may never get rich doing these, but if you remain consistent they can give you a nice monthly bonus each. Some of the survey sites worth your time include:



Qmee can be a great source of beer money especially if you need a few pounds quickly. Surveys on this site can take anything from 2 minutes up to about half an hour. You can expect to be paid a few pence up to a couple of pounds a time, and there is even a daily pop quiz question that takes seconds and will reward you with 10p. The great thing about Qmee is that you can withdraw instantly into PayPal and there is no minimum payout. 


Prolific Academic Survey Pay

Perhaps seen as the king of all survey sites, Prolific will add a nice amount of beer money to your balance each month. It is relatively easy to earn an extra £50-£100 each month from this site alone. Whereas other sites see you answering questions for market research, Prolific sees you completing studies as part of academic research with universities posting and seeking your input. There are studies that take a couple of minutes and will pay you 5p while others may take an hour of your time and see you earn £10 or more. With Prolific, you get paid through PayPal and the minimum withdrawal amount is £5. 



Streetbees is another survey site that can help you increase your beer money. Again, the questions here come to help with the information that market researchers are seeking. On Streebees there are daily stories that you can complete. Some of these see you answering questions via a conversation with a chatbot. Others see you taking photographs of things like your pet food and where you actually feed your cats. There are unpaid tasks on here, but often by completing these you will unlock more paid tasks for the future. These tasks pay anywhere from £1 up to around the £10 mark. You’re paid as soon as the task is approved, which is usually 48 hours and there is no minimum withdrawal amount. The app is available on iOS and Android.



Another survey site that can add a little to your beer money fund is YouGov. This site sees you answering questions that that shape the news at times as well as helping brands to shape their marketing messages. You can expect surveys about TV habits, brands that you use, and politics. YouGov rewards you points for each survey that you complete. You get 100 points just for signing up and then 50 points for each survey that tends to take around 20 minutes. You need to accumulate 5,000 points before you can withdraw and this is worth £50 so is a welcome addition to your quest to generate some extra cash. 

Free Shares with Trading212 and Freetrade


These two websites are very much ‘one and done’ but they can bring in a very nice amount! Trading212 and Freetrade are online trading platforms and you can simply sign up to the, deposit £1 and get a FREE SHARE which you can then sell and withdraw back to your bank account.

Both offer you a free share worth between £3-£200 just by signing up on their smartphone app or website and depositing £1!

Get a free share with Trading212

  • Sign up to Trading212
  • Deposit £1
  • The next business day you will get your free share allocation.
  • Allow the share to settle for 3 days (ie, don’t try and sell it)
  • After 3 business days sell the share for what its current value is
  • Wait 30 days for the cash to unlock
  • Withdraw the value of the sold share back to your debit card.

Get a free share with Freetrade

freetrade free share
  • Add your details
  • Deposit £1 (via Bank transfer takes an hour or two)
  • Get your Free Share (shows as a mystery share until it is revealed) 
  • Wait 7-10 days for your share to be revealed
  • Sell the share 
  • Withdraw Cash!

Mobile Apps

smartphone money making apps

While there are some great beer money sites in the UK that allow you to earn from your armchair, there are also some great mobile apps that allow you to get out and about and earn some extra money each month. These apps will work across iOS and Android devices, so as long as you have a smartphone, you are good to go. Here are some of the best ones to take a look at and to start earning:


Shepper App Balance

When it comes to earning beer money in the UK, Shepper is an app that can’t be ignored. Downloading the app sees you becoming a Shepherd and carrying out tasks in your local area. This could see you heading to shops to take photos of displays, ensuring that certain products are on sale, or even visiting vacant rental properties and reporting on the condition of them. Shepper boasts on its website that Shepherds can earn £100 a day. With shorter tasks paying from between £2.50-£5 there are also more in-depth tasks paying £20 a time. This makes the earning potential impressive, to say the least. The minimum withdrawal amount os £20 but that really isn’t difficult to achieve. Right now, there is an abundance of work available and there has never been a better time to sign up. 

Field Agent

Field Agent Task

Field Agent is another smartphone app that will add to your funds quite nicely. This one sees you visiting retail stores and completing tasks once there. Typically you will need to take a photograph of the outside of the store, and once inside you will be asked to pay attention to a particular area of the store. One task that we completed saw us taking photographs of everything relating to digestive health. Once you’ve taken your snaps, there are often a few questions to answer and then you’re ready to upload. Tasks that we have seen pay from around £3 up to £10 and don’t take up too much of your time, especially if they are in a shop that you would have been visiting anyway. 



BeMyEye invites people to sign up and become an ‘eye’. In a similar vein to Field Agent, you’ll see plenty of tasks listed that ask you to visit shops and discreetly take some snaps. At times you may be asked for videos and a running commentary. One task saw us walking around the frozen chicken section in a supermarket while filming and giving our opinion. Not the easiest to film and talk without being spotted, but it was a nice fiver for 10 minutes of work. You’ll only be shown tasks within the radius that you set and right now there are checks at major supermarkets that are paying as much as £18 a time. 

Money making sites

Aside from survey sites and mobile apps, there are other beer money sites that are worth considering. Some may pay you in gift cards, others may be in cash, while others will reward you with cashback. However they pay, they are all giving you funds that we’re sure will be gratefully received. Here’s a look at some of the top ones to try out:



If you’re on the hunt for ways to boost your beer money then Swagbucks isn’t a bad place to get started. When you’re earning with Swagbucks, you’re earning the Swagbucks currency. You’ll have to hit a minimum of 300 SB before you can withdraw, but with the amount of ways that you can earn, this is fairly easy to do. Ways to bump your income with Swagbucks include:

  • Surveys
  • Scanning your grocery receipts
  • Trying new products
  • Cashback on your online shopping
  • Watching videos
  • Using the SB search engine

When it comes to getting paid you can choose between Amazon gift cards or withdrawing your balance into PayPal. 


Inbox Pounds

InboxPounds is another UK beer money site where you can quickly start to bring in some extra cash. When it comes to this site you can get paid for reading emails, carrying out surveys, browsing the web, and completing sign up offers. A great plus feature with InboxPounds comes when you look at their surveys. A frustration of many survey sites is getting screened out partway through. If this happens here you are given a free spin on a prize wheel to compensate for your time. You can win as little as 1p or as much as £10. A nice little sweetener if you don’t get to complete any surveys that you’ve started. 

Work from home opportunities

While some beer money sites in the UK are about building the pennies until they turn into pounds, there are other sites that offer greater potential and can generate a much healthier secondary income. These sites offer what can almost be seen as a full-blown job, but with a minimum time commitment and all of the flexibility that you’d expect from ways to boost your income. Some of the opportunities to explore include:



As beer money sites go in the UK, Clickworker can be pretty rewarding. This site has tasks that are all about teaching artificial intelligence. This could see you recording yourself saying numerous phrases, listening to AI give you instructions, or even reading the news online. Passing an assessment can also see you given access to a sub-site that gives you access to even more tasks. Pay can range pennies at a time, but the best tasks that we have taken part in have seen rewards of £12.50 for around 20 minutes of work. You will see your pay in Euros before it is converted to GBP and, providing that you have a minimum of €5 you will be paid into your PayPal account every fortnight. 


Rev Transcribe

If your typing and listening skills are up to scratch then you could earn some extra cash by transcribing with Rev. Now, we’re not going to lie and say that this one is easy. There are a whole host of rules that you need to follow to make sure that your transcripts are accepted. Once you have been accepted, you have several metrics to achieve and failing to do so can see your account being closed. That is not a reason not to give this a go though. Learn the rules, follow the guidelines and you can start to earn some pretty decent money. You only take on transcribe work when you want to and so the flexibility here is fantastic and you’ll see yourself getting paid weekly. 


Lionbridge Work

Lionbridge is a beer money site on steroids: there’s the opportunity to earn some really decent money here. Again, it is all part-time and the hours are flexible. Working 10-20 hours a week at around £10 an hour can bring you a nice monthly cash boost. With Lionbridge, before you can work for them you’re going to have pass an exam and there is a lot to read and learn, but it is worth it. Just make sure that you do fully prepare. The type of work on offer includes:

A full-blown side hustle

For some people, the idea of beer money goes beyond a few extra pounds per month. It is more about trying to establish a healthy, reliable, second income stream that continues to grow. The hope could be that the time will come when the secondary income grows to such a level that it replaces a current job. Sound a little too good? Here are some sites that will let you do just that:



Etsy is an online market place that specialises in hand-made/home-made items. The items on offer range from wall art to food and from greetings cards to jewellery. Anyone can set up a store and there are members of The Money Shed earning a decent monthly income from this site. Take a look around at other sellers if you’re in need of inspiration, but with the huge range of items available, there is bound to be an idea that you can replicate and grow into a full-blown business venture. 


Selling on Amazon

Virtually everyone knows this site, and practically everyone has used it at some point. Rather than just visiting the site to spend, why not sign up and start earning money yourself. As market places go, Amazon has a huge audience and the exposure you receive here when done right is something that you would be hard pushed to achieve with your own website or on any other platform. The options to use Amazon to dropship and the availability of Fulfilled by Amazon mean that you don’t need to turn your home into a warehouse to start selling and earning. 


ebay reseller

Perhaps the grandad of side hustles, eBay was once the go-to place for anyone looking to generate a second income online. A lot has changed over the years, but eBay is still a decent site to take a look at and earn beer money or even more. When it comes to being successful on eBay, feedback is everything. Building this up as a buyer in the first instance can help you towards achieving your first sale. As to what you can sell on eBay, your imagination is the only limit (apart from a few obvious rules surrounding body parts and the like!)

Even more UK beer money sites

The opportunities that we have already looked at can generate a serious amount of cash on a monthly basis. Yes, they’re all going to take a little bit of effort, but when it comes to boosting your bank balance that effort is always worth it. There is no reason why you need to limit yourself to just one or two of these sites. The more you sign up for, the higher your earning potential becomes. If you’ve yet to see an opportunity that appeals to you, these next ones are sure to strike a chord. With passive income on offer, or the opportunity for a few hours work for £1,000 plus each month, tax-free, we’ve saved the best until last.

Matched betting

Matched Betting Money Shed User Comments

If you’re a regular on The Money Shed forum you’ll know that we’re passionate about matched betting. Okay, matched betting in itself is not a beer money site, but the sites that you’ll need to use are. The likes of Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey make the matched betting journey faster and easier. 

If you’re unsure about what matched betting is, you’ll find our in-depth look at this here. In short, though, matched betting is where people take advantage of all of the offers advertised by bookmakers. The type of offer we’re talking about is ‘bet £10, get a £0 bet free’. Knowing how to use these offers in a way that you can never lose means that you can make some very handsome profits! What’s more, as in the eyes of those that make the laws, your profits are from gambling and so there is no income tax to pay. Those that know even a little about matched betting know that there is no gambling involved: it’s all about basic maths. Once you get to grips with matched betting, it can become a reliable source of income, and one that only takes a few hours each week.

Amazon (again)


Okay, so we’ve already mentioned Amazon as a UK beer money site, but this time it’s all about passive income. Putting in the work once and then getting paid over and over again is a very attractive proposition and one that members of The Money Shed are having great success with. So, how do you earn a passive income on Amazon? The answer is KDP.

Kindle direct publishing (KDP) allows people to upload book designs to Amazon. Once a sale is made, Amazon will print a physical copy of the book and send it out to your customer. People aren’t spending months or years creating the next bestseller: what they’re doing is creating journals and logbooks and these are selling well. Once you’ve uploaded the design you can sell them again and again with no further work.

Unleash your earning potential

As you’ll have seen by now, there are so many UK beer money sites to explore. In the times of uncertainty that we are now facing , now is the time to start exploring these to boost your monthly income. Who knows, you may find that some of these opportunities grow to the extent where they replace your full-time income and set you up for the long-term.  

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