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Working for Appen : Have you seen those jobs that are advertised on the internet to work as a Web Search Evaluator? – There are a few companies that offer such high paid work you can do from home such as Appen and Lionbridge. In this post we look at what is like working for Appen and how you can apply.


There are two types of requirements for you to begin working as an independent contractor for Appen. Firstly there are the technical requirements: you must have a computer or a laptop with web browser running on it, and a high speed internet connection. Secondly, there are the personal requirements: you must have good analytical skills, the ability to research things on the internet effectively and efficiently, and good written communication skills. There are also extra schemes open to you if you are fluent in a foreign language.


In order to become an independent contractor for Appen, you must pass an exam, which is undertaken over a week-long period whereby you will sit three stages of the exam, to test your theoretical and practical knowledge and ability to work effectively in the role. Before the exam is scheduled, you will receive some guidelines, and you can use these to help you during each stage of the exam. Details of the exam are confidential but you can typically expect to spend around 10 hours on completing all of the parts. It will take around 14 days from your initial application to receiving details of the exam, to being notified of your passing it and beginning working.


When you become a contractor for Appen you are paid per hour of work. The rate of pay remains confidential between Appen and independent contractors, but it is significantly higher than minimum wage. However, you are a contractor and therefore self-employed, and as such it is your own responsibility to sort out paying taxes and national insurance contributions, which for people in the UK means registering to pay self assessment taxes. This is quite straightforward through the HMRC website.

The payment system works on the Pay 30 scheme, which means that you invoice Appen on the 1st (or after) of the month, for the previous month’s work completed, and then they guarantee your payment within 30 days from then. It is usually much sooner that your payment reaches your bank account, provided that everything is as expected with your invoice.

Benefits of being an independent contractor with Appen

The benefits of working for Appen are many. Firstly, the job itself requires no upfront costs and only a few hours of training. Once you become a contractor there is quite a lot of support and information available, from other contractors and from Appen themselves. The email support is good and helpful, and usually, they are quick to respond to any queries or issues you may have. A key benefit is that it is flexible so you can fit the role around other commitments such as your family, other work or study commitments and you also incur no childcare or travel costs. You could even work in your pyjamas while the children are decorating the kitchen table with cornflakes, should you desire it.

Any downsides to the job

There are not really any downsides as such. For all the role is flexible, and you can work whenever you are free, like most jobs there are times when there is an abundance of work available, and times when there isn’t, so you are limited somewhat to when the work is available. But this is not much of an issue in reality. You will need to install, and keep an updated copy, of a good anti-virus, and also install a toolbar in order to participate as an independent contractor. Also, you are not allowed to work in any public place, or in another country, so there is no working while at uni, or on holiday, for example. But the limitations are minor and there are many benefits to working with Appen from Home.

If you would like to apply to work for Appen then just click here

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