SurveyBee – Join the one survey site that covers them all

SurveyBee - Join the one survey site that covers them all

When you first start out trying to find survey sites to sign up to it can take a while to find both decent ones which pay a good rate and ones that can be trusted. SurveyBee has solved that problem and is an excellent new service that basically lets you sign up to many survey companies by only joining one. We chatted to SurveyBee to find out more about this fantastic service.

What exactly is SurveyBee?

SurveyBee is a company, situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, providing a service, allowing panelists to quickly select and start operating with the best market research panels available. Our main idea is to provide valuable help to the people, interested in participating in surveys and match them with legitimate market research companies.
With the adoption of the technology era, paid online surveys have turned into an attractive business for some, but also a fraud opportunity for others. The amount of scammers online is discouraging people to participate and is making them suspicious and uncertain. This is the thing that we want to change in their mentality- making money online and getting paid for filling out online surveys is entirely possible and there’s nothing to be afraid of when you know where to look.
Therefore, we created Surveybee to help beginners, who still doubt the legitimacy of the whole deal. We partner with the best established market research companies that exist in order to give our respondents the best experience and protect them from phonies.
We are a small team of young, motivated people, aiming to make a difference and build people’s trust in our work.

What made you think there was a market for people to use a service that funnels survey work to them instead of having to sign up to each site individually?

Again, the scam danger is real- this is the first pitfall we wanted to avoid for our panelists. Besides the legitimacy of the companies, they also get the best websites in terms of survey volume and payments. These companies are big and recognized and basically have something for everyone. Our main goal is to try and assure that our panelists will actually get survey offers and working with such established market research companies gives great chances for it. As you know, taking paid surveys can’t really be a full time job, but a reasonable frequency is very important.
Another advantage of SurveyBee is that we allow panelists not only to choose, but compare panels. On our website you can easily see some of the incentives our partners will provide you with, and estimate based on your ambition and time resources where to sign up.
Finally, we value our respondents’ time and aim to spare it for them with our simple and straightforward service. Searching for numerous panels and market research companies and contemplating if they’re legit or worth it can be time-consuming and also annoying. We eliminate that unnecessary effort and try to make it as transparent as possible for our panelists.

Have the sites that have got involved with SurveyBee such as Valued Opinions been supportive of this method?

As we are already in more than 10 countries across Europe and work with global companies, they have been supporting us as we have built a close relationship with them. From their perspective, it is also a way of getting quality panelists, who are indeed interested in taking surveys. Another benefit is that they get outlined and recognized as the world’s best and most reliable companies. With cooperating with each other, we create awareness and mutual trust, which makes panelists prone to see us as reliable.
After the success with the first countries we launched in, our partners have been extremely supportive of the idea and sometimes even suggested that we try a new market. This close relationship we have established is beneficial for our panelists since it makes us cohesive in our actions and offers for them.

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s history around the rest of Europe?

The person behind the SurveyBee idea is Mark Thorsen, a Danish online entrepreneur and CEO of the online advertising agency AW Media. He has recognized the benefits of providing such a service and captured the opportunity. The first SurveyBee launched in Denmark, has been of great interest to people, so we have expanded further to the Nordic countries. People there have been very responsive and appreciative of the concept and SurveyBee turned into a success.
Since the main reason it did was because of the concept of streamlining which hasn’t been very common elsewhere, pursuing other markets was the next step. There isn’t a formula on if the people will respond and accept this concept, but as soon as we have built enough trust in them, we believe that anyone can benefit from SurveyBee.
The most recent countries in the SurveyBee families are Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom. Of course every market we operate in is different in terms of demand and approach to prospective panelists but we aim to do our best to create awareness and build trust within people.
The UK is a broad and highly competitive market, so the respondent is our main focus in order to give them something special and stand out from all the rest. We think that the key to success is putting our panelists under the spotlight- if they’re satisfied with us, we have done our job right.

What advantage other than streamlining the signup process does signing up through Surveybee bring?

As said before, streamlining brings a lot of benefits to a panelists, but further than that, our close relationship with our partners provides something a little extra. The respondents can get e-mails from us on limited offers, short-term surveys and survey campaigns in order to be the first ones to know about them. This is a big advantage since when exclusive surveys with a limited quota and respectively- good incentives, are released, our panelists are the first to know and take advantage of them.
Our aim with this is to keep them updated and give a special treatment since they have signed up through us.

Is there any further engagement from SurveyBee once they have signed up with you or does the worker just deal with the respective survey companies from then on?

Except the latter mentioned emails on special offers, SurveyBee is entirely non-committal to our panelists. When a panelist signs up on our website, they choose the desired companies they wish to work with and from then on, the interaction is entirely between them. The personal data that you submit to our registration form is secure with us according to our strict privacy policy, according to the Data Protection Act and you can authorize us to use your e-mail, only for personalized special offers.
Nevertheless, we are not only good for one visit. We have an active blog, where you can find everything you need about making money online, surveys or working from home. It is a great daily read and we keep up to date with the newest developments on new ways of earning on the Internet. We give our best to talk about the top ways to make money over the Internet, give advice and tips to homeworkers and try to put a little bit for everyone!
We love interacting with our readers and will be more than happy to answer questions or blog about a certain topic, just let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page.

What obstacles did you come up against when setting up Surveybee that you didn’t think you would when setting it up?

In terms of location, every market has its characteristics and we have been facing different challenges each time. Some markets are more responsive and open to the idea of paid online surveys, while others seem suspicious and doubt our genuineness.
Maybe the biggest problem we have faced and are still struggling with is that making money via surveys is still perceived as a shady business to many people. You can’t blame them- for every legit company out there, there might be three fake ones. Internet fraud and identity theft are pretty common and people are reserved when it comes to providing their personal information. We understand that and try to voice our position on it as much as possible.
Our service is completely free and neither us nor any of our partners will ask for a payment from our panelists. We try to convince people that their opinion is really valuable for businesses and getting paid for filling out surveys isn’t too good to be true.
We believe that scammers can easily be recognized if you’re looking for the right signs, we have written a guide on how to protect yourself from online fraud and try to interact as much as possible with our readers to ensure them that we are really working for their best interest. Since we understand that it’s hard to trust strangers on the Internet, we aim to communicate and show our faces, so people can know we are nothing unlike them.
As a final, I would like to address the scam problem- it’s out there, those people are getting more and more skilled and innovative in their means and everyone should keep their eyes open. One of the new trends is to create a fake version of a trustworthy website with a slight change of name, so when you use our service and sign up, please look at your address bar and make sure that the web address is and not something else. This way we can keep you protected and secure your information with us.

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