The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Out Doing Mobile App Work

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The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Out Doing Mobile App Work

Mobile phone apps that can earn you money have been advancing at dramatic rates over the last year. More and more companies are realising the flexibility that mobile workers, over a massive geographical area, can offer. Companies, such as Field Agent, Streetspotr, Roamler and Clic and Walk are now able to release a job, such as a billboard audit, and have results back to their client within hours if not minutes. This type of crowdsourcing work has been a breath of fresh air for those of us who either earn a living from home, or earn a top up income. However, earning a decent amount of money from these apps can be tricky, especially if your tasks get rejected or if you can’t complete the job.

Here are The Money Shed’s top 10 mistakes to avoid when out completing mobile app work:

1) Missing out: If you don’t check the app you won’t earn money. Simple as that. In order to be in with a chance of earning money, you must remember to check your phone regularly throughout the day to catch jobs when they are available.

2) Reserve Jobs: Always reserve a job before you leave home, otherwise you may find yourself out of pocket from fuel costs, because someone else has taken the job before you got there. Also reserve them when you have a signal, some jobs will be out of internet range.

3) Low battery: Before you leave the house make sure you have anything you might need for the next few hours. A failing mobile battery will lose you money. Fully charge beforehand and carry a mobile charger (Car or independent device). Other handy items include a SatNav, notepad and pen and any letter of authority attached to the job.

4) Brief: If you fail to read the supporting information or brief you will risk having tasks rejected. Simple mistakes can be avoided if you fully understand what is required of you.

5) Location: The easiest mistake to make is going to the wrong location. Don’t just check the pin location, also double check the address too.

6) Coyness: You are much more likely to be successful, particularly with tasks that require human interaction, if you approach the job with confidence. Have a very clear intro speech planned and talk with certainty about what you require.

7) Dress code: Most jobs can be completed in casual attire however, always read the task description before setting out, because on some jobs you need to look professional and represent the client themselves. You may get refused information if you look scruffy or unprofessional in any way. Even going so far as to carry an A4 black leather folder, just to minimise the chances of rejection.

8) Photo quality: Your jobs will be rejected if your photos are inadequate. Always check that the photo is in focus, the required object is central, and that there is nothing blocking the view. In some instances there will be further photographic requirements.

9) Explain yourself: Sometime you just can’t complete a task as well as you’d like to be able to. This might be because there is a crate in the way of a product check, or very awkward store owner who won’t give access for a store audit. At the end of a task you will have the opportunity to add additional comments. Always explain why a task has not been completed as per brief and usually, as long as you give enough detail, jobs will be accepted.

10) Help: If you are on location and struggling to complete a job, don’t just abandon it and lose money. Instead contact the in app help option, and get some advice on how to proceed. Alternatively you could post on TMS forum for advice.

New apps that earn you money are expected to join the UK market later this year, so polishing up on your skills will definitely earn you more money in the long run.

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