Voxpopme: An app that pays for your videoed opinions

Voxpopme: An app that pays for your videoed opinions 2


Voxpopme : We are a video nation, we just love to record our everyday lives and share our opinions with others. It’s fun, but how much more fun would it be to get paid to do it?


It is well known that you can earn a bit of extra cash from survey sites, but did you know that you can now make money from giving your opinions in a video? Voxpopme is the fun app that does just that. The app is simple to sign up to and can start earning you money straight away. For each question asked you will be required to produce a video of yourself lasting between 15 to 60 seconds. You could be asked to watch an advert and give your opinion on the product, content or underlying message. Alternatively you might be required to explain why you like or dislike a company, how a company could improve, or what your views are on a political situation. It feels strangely empowering knowing that you are influencing changes to products and businesses, and give you the chance to say how you really feel. There is no right or wrong answer, so it’s not just a matter of saying you like everything that you review. Being honest, insightful and enthusiastic about your answers is likely to earn you more money in the long run.  Why? Because you video’s will be rated and you’ll be given a score for the last ten videos made. The higher your score, the more chance you have of being selected for future surveys. So it pays to make good videos.











Making a great video however, is not always easy. We are too used to recording ourselves in busy environments where there is poor lighting or lots of background noise. Being a Voxpopme user means that you need to get out of bad videoing habits, and start being thoughtful about how and where you answer questions. Always choose a quiet space with no noise from TV’s, children or machinery. Make sure that you don’t have your back to a window, as the light will cause a glare on the screen. Try to position yourself with a blank backdrop too. Remember, the clients of Voxpopme are looking for videos that are good enough to be posted on their website or social media. Because of this the visuals must also be clear with minimal blurring or shakiness, and ideally you should show your head, neck and top of your shoulders.
Video responses will be declined if there is inappropriate content, such as nudity, swearing or responses made in bed or the bath. You must audibly speak for 15 seconds, however great video tend to last between 30-60 seconds. Another way to get declined would be to not answer the question being asked, or to forget the sub questions.










One Money Shed member usually makes over £15 a month from producing good videos; a good rate of pay considering the time taken. So if you want to have a bit of fun, share your view, criticise the companies who upset you, whilst earning extra cash, Voxpopme is the app for you.

A link to the Apple version of the Voxpopme is here

A link to the Android version of the Voxpopme is here



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