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Stop listening to the voices in your head saying you can’t do something!

Stop listening to the voices in your head saying you can't do something!

As anyone making that leap from the security of full time work to being self employed can testify the constant battle in terms of having self believe in your abilities to earn money from home can be a real struggle.

The fabulous Meg from How Enchanting has written a guest post all about the mental journey you need to make when taking the leap from full time work to going self employed!


I’ve had a passion for making extra cash since I was quite young.  The ability to use my wage from work on bills and day-to-day expenses, and have this extra money to spend (or save) as I please is freeing.

However, just a couple of years ago I didn’t know what I know now.  Jon reached out to me on Twitter while I was working a very long shift, and he opened my eyes to countless scam free ways to make a regular income from home and I’ve been a huge fan of TMS since.   Thanks to everything I’ve learned on TMS I’ve been able to quit my job, without a drop in income.

Quitting wasn’t necessarily an easy decision; it was a pretty scary one in fact.  Would I be able to manage without my regular wage?  Would I continue to make money in the long term?  If I quit, will I fail?

I was very unhappy in my job, I was working in a toxic environment and it was affecting every area of my life.   Leaving was pretty much a no-brainer.  But the problem was, I didn’t want another job.  The thought of potentially entering another work environment similar to what I was leaving, having my income capped at a certain amount, just didn’t appeal to me anymore.

I’m can talk myself out of absolutely anything, and I was so filled with doubts it was almost like I was doomed to be unhappy at work.  So I upped my game, I worked harder in my many side hustles, took a chance on more opportunities and allowed my fear to push me forward.

Self believe is so important when it comes to going fully self employedIf you don’t believe in yourself, you’re bound to fail.   The second I started to believe in myself is when everything changed.

I was maybe making £50 a week extra for the first few weeks, then £100, then £200.  In just a few weeks my self-employment income was more than what I was earning in my job.   It was amazing.

Not everyone was supportive of this decision, mainly my family.  I suppose working online is still new and the Internet is so full of scams, not many people are aware of the many ways to make a stable income online.

I found this really difficult to deal with, I would take what everyone said to heart and it put me off.  That’s part of the reason why it took me so long to take the leap.  I kept a lot of things to myself, too scared to share anything, as I didn’t want any negativity to make me doubt myself even more.  Having a support system is important, I found TMS forum to be a lovely little support network.  Not only is it inspiring, everyone is there to lend a hand and offer advice.  Little by little, I would share some things, I’d invite someone on a mystery shop and we’d get a free meal, or I’d help someone try matched betting.  Now everyone is asking me for advice tips on how they can make some extra cash and are realising that this is real, and anyone can have the opportunities I have.

One month ago I worked my final shift at my job to start an eight-week sabbatical.  One week ago I took the plunge and handed in my notice.  In the four weeks I haven’t been “working” I’ve made almost four times the amount I’d make in an average month.   In one day I made than I’d make in a month.  In one day!   My matched betting income paid for my first on site holiday at Walt Disney World, and all my park tickets.  My taxed income allows me to have a comfortable life.

I would tell myself “as long as I match my wage from work, then I will be fine, and it will be worth it”.   I am incredibly proud to say that I achieve that and more.  I’ve gone from just getting by, to being able to do almost anything I want!  It is incredible.  I would urge anyone, if they can, to try some of the many working from home opportunities on The Money Shed a go, because they can be truly life changing.

17 thoughts on “Stop listening to the voices in your head saying you can’t do something!”

  1. Brilliant- very inspiring read! I agree self doubt is a barrier to us all and we should just give it a go!

  2. So inspiring! Self doubt holds me back from so much in life, I’m trying very hard to stop listening to the voice!

  3. Melanie Edjourian

    I think self doubt can stop us achieving so much. I hate that I doubt myself so much i find it really does hold me back sometimes.

  4. Self belief is definitely something I struggle with. I’d love to make a regular wage online to help bring in some added cash. I gave up my job recently as we emigrated but I find I’m a bit lost at the moment despite blogging.

  5. I’m not sure I could cope with being self-employed, not because I doubt myself or my ability, but because I like surrounding myself with people in the office, and I like keeping work for work and home for home (and blogging). But kudos to you for making it work! x

  6. Self belief is so important and so is committing to your decisions. I went self-employed over a year ago and the doubt was the scariest part. As soon as I stopped listening to doubt things started to look up. I really want to try matched betting but don’t know where to start. I’ve heard a lot about it and I’m definitely interested in finding out more. x

  7. What a great post – I am so glad it is working out.I have been self employed almost all my working life. Kaz

  8. Sounds like your doing really well! Well done you! It’s really hard isn’t it when family don’t understand sometimes my family are a bjt like that with blogging they think it’s all just free stuff and don’t see the work I put into it.

  9. I’ve needed this boost of confidence for a long while so this post was very uplifting. I’m not self-employed and work in a job that doesn’t give me the thrill and excitement that a job should so I have been applying for the jobs I want more than ever and it feels bloody good. Just fingers crossed it becomes successful soon!


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