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Profit Accumulator Review – Still worth the money?

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator has been around for many years and provides one of the oldest and most established matched betting services and actually holds the largest matched betting forum with over 20,000 members which can be of real benefit when you are just getting started with no risk Matched Betting but what else does it offer you as a service beyond that? We take a detailed look over what they offer in our Profit Accumulator Review.

Profit Accumulator Money Shed User Comments
Some of the comments from our Money Shed forum users!

Over the last year or so Profit Accumulator have been really investing in their own Matched Betting service and now offer so much more for you to earn money online than just sign up offers and new daily reloads.

Nowadays, they have many different tools available which help you to repeatedly find great odds, which we’ll explain further on. 

This is fantastic news as the online gambling world usually has very few opportunities to win real cash with no risk like this. The only other popular way is to play at casinos with no wagering requirements, where you’re given a bonus and all winnings from it are paid in real money. Unfortunately, only a few sites offer these bonuses (you can check out the best casino sites with no wagering requirements at, so it’s great to see Matched Betting being taken further.

However, if you are just starting out on your Risk Free Matched Betting journey then you will no doubt need your hand held while you get used to placing your first few RISK FREE bets. Thankfully Profit Accumulator has really above and beyond producing a simple matched betting guide to ease people into it through the use of extremely easy to follow videos and instructions that are well broken down so even the newest of people can start making money from the start and increase their confidence.

If you are just starting out on your Risk Free Matched Betting journey then you will no doubt need your hand held while you get used to placing your first few RISK FREE bets. Thankfully Profit Accumulator has really above and beyond producing a simple matched betting guide to ease people into it through use of extremely easy to follow videos and instructions that are well broken down so even the newest of people can start making money from the start and increase their confidence.

Profit Accumulator offers around 50+ start up bookmaker offers at the time of writing all of which comes with very easy to follow instructions and will bring you in around £1000 which will help you build your bankroll extremely quickly.

FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE to make around £45 RISK FREE and then £24.99 a month or £180 a year, however, a LOYALTY BONUS is available to get it even cheaper and there is also a special way to get Profit Accumulator and save yourself £130 on the annual subscription by using this link

Profit Accumulator Review free trial bookies
The Profit Accumulator Free Trial offers showing £50 of easy money right off the bat!
Profit Accumulator review free bet instructions
Each sign up offer on Profit Accumulator comes with not only simple to follow instructions but a Video showing you exactly how to do it!

As mentioned at the start Profit Accumulator holds the largest Risk Free Matched Betting community on the web within their matched betting forum which is chocked full of people who can answer your questions. Indeed you may have already heard about them on the save the student matched betting page.

Each offer listed on their site no matter if it is a sign up or a daily reload has a dedicated forum thread you can access with one click and will be full of fellow Profit Accumulator members all chatting about that particular offer and will be ready and willing to help you with any question you may have in real time!

Profit Accumulator Customer Support

On top of the all the support the matched betting blog and forum offers Profit Accumulator are also the only Risk Free Matched Betting company to have a dedicated customer support team which are available over the phone 7 days a week!

This is on top of submitting a query via email or using their built in help desk system so no matter what your query is you can always get help when you need it!

The reloads section is updated throughout each and every day and features some very clever features to show new offers that have just been added that date and which ones have received an update such as a requirement or time change.

On top of this an email gets sent out every Saturday morning around 9am detailing the best offers you can do throughout the weekend.

There are some excellent threads on the Profit Accumulator forum detailing how to make £1000 a month which show you which offers to take advantage of each day! There is also a ‘part time‘ thread as well for those looking to just make an extra £300-£400 from Risk Free Matched Betting each month. You also have access to a great selection of forum moderators who do Matched Betting full time so are able to answer any query if you run into trouble with Unmatched or Partially Matched Bets you can always get help.

I also just want to make one final comment on the forums on Profit Accumulator. There is a fantastic LOOPHOLE thread on there which due to the size of the community on there covers a great deal of amazing opportunities for you to take advantage of when a loophole opens up. I’ve done a good number of these myself and it’s great to earn £100s for literally 30 minutes work so it’s well worth taking a look at it once you have signed up and there is some great money to be made.

Profit Accumulator’s 0% Exchange Commission offers

Anyone that has done Matched Betting for a little will know that when you use an exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets you have to allow for their commission percentage. With Betfair that is 5% and with Smarkets it’s 2%. Profit Accumulator actually has such good relationship and is so well integrated with those sites with these sites that through links you get access to when you become a platinum member you will get access to 0% commission deals with the likes of MatchBook, Smarkets, and Betfair meaning you can make far more money from each matched betting offer you do!

Calculators and Odds Matching Tools

Profit Accumulator Calculator Features
Some of the many tools available on Profit Accumulator

There is a HUGE selection of Matched Betting Calculators and Odds Matching Tools on Profit Accumulator to make sure you can do the most amount of free bet risk free offers available and get the best amount of money out of them!

From Bonus Lock-In and Early Payout calculators through to specialist extra place and dutching odds matching tools everything you could ever want to use to do matched betting in the long term is here for you!

How to use Profit Accumulator and get the most out of no risk matched betting.

Current tools they have on their website include:


Profit Accumulator over the last year or so have developed their own software for finding close matching odds which has been built from the ground up for speed and functionality. It brings the software in line with the other tools that are mentioned below in terms of look and feel which means OddsMatching is a very easy bit of software to use when you are looking for close match odds to take advantage of and offers a fantastic level of flexibility.

Profit Accumulator review oddsmatcher
Finding great matches is very easy using the OddsMatching tool!

Match Catcher

This is a fantastic tool which will save you a fortune when it comes to doing any horse refund offers as it keeps your qualifying loss down to pence! It updates every second and is literally a ‘one click’ solution for placing your horse related bets.

The tool offers some amazing flexibility as well in terms of setting filters up what you want. So if you are only wanting to see offers for a particular race or only from a particular bookie you an do that and much much more!

Profit Accumulator Review Match Catcher Review
You can keep your qualifying losses to a minimum when doing Horse Refund offers by using Match Catcher.
Profit Accumulator Review Match Catcher odds
One click and you can place your bets!
Profit Accumulator Review Match Catcher Filter
The Filters on Match Catcher can give you exactly what you want!

Acca Catcher

Earning money from Accas should be the staple of anyone doing long term Risk Free Matched Betting. A whole raft of bookies offer them and using Acca Catcher we can take great advantage of the endless Acca Insurance offers available. I personally make a great deal doing these sort of offers and often have around 4-5 running each week as they are a great source of income.

Acca Catcher is an ‘all in one’ solution for all your acca needs which will spoon feed you bets for your acca and tell you how much to lay each time. It offers the ability to do Normal, Refund Lock In, Free Betsand the Lay All method so no matter how you wish you do your acca this fantastic tool can help out. There are also numerous threads on the forum detailing the best football accumualtor tips to use.

The tool even has a built in reminder feature that can email you before each of your legs take place and reminds you to place your lay bet and there is also the option to only select ‘popular leagues’ so that you don’t end up betting on random football games in Iran League Division 2!

Profit Accumulator Review Acca Catcher results
There’s no needs to manually search for great accas anymore now with Acca Catcher.
Profit Accumulator Review Acca Catcher odds
Everything is laid out for you telling you what to do with each leg of the Acca!
Profit Accumulator Review Acca Catcher filters
Using Filters can give you even better information for the type of Acca you are trying to do!

Profit Tracker

One of the biggest issues for anyone doing Risk Free Matched Betting is tracking all your money. It won’t take long until your earnings are in the £1000s and it’s important that you know just where you stand in terms of tracking the money you have earned. Previously I used to use Ultimatcher for all my Risk Free Matched Betting tracking needs but the only downside to using that I found was that I couldn’t access it when out and about because of its need to us Excel. Thankfully Profit Accumulator have a fantastic tool called Profit Tracker which is completely online and like the other tools is included in your subscription cost.

The tool is entirely integrated into the Profit Accumulator site so when you do an offer and use the matched betting calculator you can click a ‘store’ button and it will track the bookie you are doing the offer with and how much you are making. It really is an amazing tool and not matter if you are just starting out taking advantage of free bets with Coral or are a regular on the Bet365 free bet scene you can track them all using this part of Profit Accumulator.

Profit Accumulator review Profit Tracker results
Being able to track your earnings as you go and show just how quickly you are making money when doing Matched Betting.
Profit Accumulator review Profit Tracker store
One click of the ‘Store’ button and you information gets automatically added to Profit Tracker!

Loyalty Bonus

At the start of this article I mentioned that you could get the cost of Profit Accumulator reduced through their Loyalty Bonus. This is a discount that kicks after you have been a member for a year and reduces the cost to £14.99 a month instead of £17.99.

Save yourself £76 on your Platinum subscription to Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator Special Offer

As I mentioned at the top of the page we have teamed up with Profit Accumulator to give you a total discount of £76 compared to the monthly subscription when you pay annually (£140) you can access this EXCLUSIVE deal by clicking here.

Profit Accumulator Sign Up

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