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Matched Betting Tracker App – The Perfect Bonus Bagging companion​!

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Every successful matched bettor will tell you that logging your activity is vital to ensuring you are on top of your game and as such there are many spreadsheets available to do just that. But what happens when you have just placed a bet or accumulator while out and about and don’t have access to your spreadsheet to log them or track the offers they are part of? With so many Matched Betting Offers out there it can be hard to keep on top of it all.

Free yourself from spreadsheets and post-it notes with the Matched Betting Tracker mobile app. It is packed full of features to help you be on the game wherever you are.

Keep track of your Bookies and Betting Exchanges as well as their current balance, profit, commission and credentials (optional) in an easy to digest list. 

Logging your bets has never been easier with a simple to use interface which focuses on what’s important. Add a variety of bet types such as Qualifying Bets, SNR or Stake Returned, input the odds and back stake and let the app calculate the lay stake, liability and potential profits. Track different events such as sports, horse racing or NFL along with their start date/time and add a reminder for yourself so you never miss a free bet or offer. It even offers the option to add Mug bets or Lay Bets and takes care of amending the balances for your bookmakers’ accounts accordingly.

Matched Betting Tracker also helps you keep on top of your bank accounts making it easy to add new ones, log deposits, withdrawals and transfers and even reminds you to check if a withdrawal has hit your account.

bonus bagging calculator Matched Betting Tracker

If you’re hot on accumulators, the app has got you covered! Do you regularly place double bets, trebles or x-folds? You can record Sequential, Lock-in, Sequential Free or Lay at Start ACCAs with unlimited number of legs. It will then calculate your optimal Lay Stake for you and even remind you to lay your next leg.

To top it all off, it comes packed with easy to use bonus bagging calculators to help you make a fast decision on a bet while on the move. Matched Betting Tracker offers a Standard Calculator with advanced features such as Overlay/Underlay and Custom Lay Stake, a Dutching Calculator with two or three selections as well as stake rounding and a Risk Free Calculator which also includes a Custom Lay Stake option and a Profit Breakdown. There are also other Calculators in the works which will be released in future updates.

What makes this app better than a simple spreadsheet is the ability to see statistics of your betting history and profits as well as current figures such as amount of open bets and potential returns from them or which Bookmaker has performed the best. 

To tie all of the features together, Matched Betting Tracker offers a fantastic Daily Scheduler which allows you to see how your betting day is looking at a glance. It gathers all your open bets, accumulator legs, free bets and casino promotions in one place and sorts them all by date and time. The Daily Scheduler allows you to focus on “What’s Next” instead of having to remember when you need to place your next bet.

Support is as good as it comes with the developer typically responding within a couple of hours to questions via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or directly on the website.

Matched Betting Tracker is available to download for FREE from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

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