20 Ways To Make Money Doing Matched Betting

20 ways to make money doing Risk Free​ Matched Betting

Matched Betting is one of the fastest ways to earn money from home. It’s easy to do, there is a huge amount of money to be made from it and best of all it’s tax free as well!

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home parent or at University and looking for online jobs for students that you can do, Matched Betting will earn you a great deal of money for very little time!

A lot of people will start off matched betting and after a few years feel that the best betting offers aren’t what they were but more often than not this is the result of people just sticking to the sort of offers they know and not taking advantage of everything they could be doing when it comes to all the matched betting offers out there.

With this in mind, I thought it would be good to show you just how much money is out there to be made by showing you 20 ways to make money doing Matched Betting so that you can continue to do it in the long term, access the best free bet offers and earn a great income from home.

As ever if you haven’t given Matched Betting a go before I recommend signing up to the free trials with either Profit Accumulator, OddsMonkey or even the £1 for 14 days of Premium Access with MatchedBets.

Profit Accumulator:  FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE to make around £45 RISK FREE and then £17.99 a month or £150 a year, however, a LOYALTY BONUS is available to get it even cheaper and there is also a special way to get Profit Accumulator and save yourself £76 on the annual subscription by using this link

OddsMonkey: Try OddsMonkey for FREE. Take a look around the site, tools and training guides, and make around £45 without paying a penny! OddsMonkey Premium is available for just £17.99 a month or £150 a year.

OddsMonkey Discount Code matched betting
A Great OddsMonkey offer for you!

Both services will spoon feed you new offers daily and give you all the tools you need to extract risk-free cash. You may also wish to use the likes of Ultimatcher or Matched Betting Tracker to keep on top of tracking all the profit you are making and if you get stuck with unmatched bets we have a fantastic guide on what to do in terms of fixing that situation!

Sign up Offers

Sign up Offers should be your bread and butter when it comes to the first few months of doing Matched Betting. With some paying as much as £50 for just a few minutes work and around £1000 up for grabs with all the sign up offers available it’s a fantastic way to get your bankroll up in size before moving on.

It’s always very easy to get distracted by ‘other offers’ at the start I found but keep our head in the game and work through all the sign ups and you can’t go wrong as not only does it take you through earning a great amount of money but it also exposes you to different offers types which will benefit you further down the track!

Reload Offers

Reload offers come in all shapes in sizes and should be started after you’ve finished all the betting sign up offers so that you have a good-sized bankroll to play with. The majority of which tend to be of the simple ‘Bet £10 get £30‘ type. It’s easy to sidestep them as not worth your time however always remember that each reload offer only takes a few minutes to do and earning a good few quid for that time is well worth it. Especially come the end of the month when you add them all up!

2nd Place Horse Refund Offers

These simple horse refund offers should be a staple for your matched betting each and every weekend. You simply back and lay the chosen horse and hope it comes in second. Use tools like Match Catcher on Profit Accumulator or Racing Matcher on Oddsmonkey to keep your qualifying loss down to pence per race and you should be able to do a good handful of these each weekend and hopefully you will trigger a refund or two. You will mostly see this sort of offer with the likes of SkyBet, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfred, SportingBet etc.

Free Bet on Horses over 4.0 Offers

This offer was my first foray into Horses! You simply back and lay a horse (again, use the tools mentioned above to keep your qualifying loss to pence per offer!) and hope the horse wins the race. With this offer I would say don’t bet TOO far in advance as odds tend to drop as your horse needs to be at 4.0 or ABOVE at the time of the race. So it’s no good placing a bet on a horse than at 11am is at 5.0 and by 2pm when its race time has dropped to 3.8 as your bet won’t count.

There is also a way to use Overlaying to get guaranteed money out of these offers so I will give you a quick example below.

Free bet on horses Overlay risk free matched betting
Working out the calculations for my horse refund offer

Let’s say to place a £50 bet on a horse that has 6.0 back odds and 5.9 lay odds. If we did the offer normally we would lose £1.27/£1.28 depending on the outcome and just hope the horse wins the race so that we get our free bet.

However if we OVERLAY if our horse doesn’t win we would lost £0.00 and if it did win we would lose £7.89 at the bookmaker but would THEN get our £50 free bet! If we assume we would make around 80% value from that free bet which would mean around £40 guaranteed profit so if the horse loses we have no loss and if it wins we can expect the following return

Horse Wins = -£7.89

Risk Free Bet = £40

Total Profit = £35.11

The two main bookies offering these offers are Bet365 and Betfair Sportsbook

Extra Place Horse Offer

I would look to personally only do Extra Place Horse Offers during the weekend. This is because I have found in the post the odds are far too high and varied during the week. Extra Place offers are when bookies will pay out on extra horses (generally on high profile races). So normally on a 20 horse race the bookies might pay out on the first 4 horses but on this occasion are paying out up to the 5th.

An each-way bet is 2 separate bets. You are betting on both the horse to win with one bet and a separate bet on the horse to be ‘placed’. You make money from these offers when the bookie is offering more places than the exchange is.

As I mentioned above it’s important to look at how many horses are running in the race to understand how many places are on offer.

  • 2-4 runners: 1st only 
  • 5-7 runners: 1st, 2nd 
  • 8+ runners: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • 16+ runner handicaps: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

If your chosen horse wins, you would win both bets.

If the horse finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th, we would lose the ‘win’ part of our bet, but the ‘place’ bet that you also made would be a winner.

There are a number of ways we can do Extra Place Offers such as simply backing and laying or even betting multiple horses in the field with a handful of bookmakers. Oddsmonkey even have a fantastic Extra Place Matching tool to do all the hard work for you!

William Hill Golden Goal

The William Hill Golden Goal offer is much like the one above and once you’ve mastered it is very easy to do each week. If your backed team score but DON’T go on to win the match they will still pay out.

There are a number of ways you can approach this offer. You could just back and lay the team to win. If they score first and lose you would win at both WH AND the Exchange, else you would just lose your qualifying loss. You could also do the Guaranteed Profit Method which involves laying your team to score the first goal at the exchange by using the ‘Next Goal’ market. You would back your team as normal at the bookie side. Your lay odds will obviously be lower and you will make guaranteed profit.

William Hill Golden Goal Offer matched betting
Making some easy risk free money from the William Hill Golden Goal offer

Football Accumulator Offers

Football Accumulator Offers are a HUGE source of constant income. Many years ago I remember we used to have use complicated spreadsheets to keep on top of them but now everything is done for you by either using Profit Accumulator’s Acca Catcher or Acca Finder with OddsMonkey.

acca catcher matched betting
Using Profit Accumulator’s Acca Catcher

Many bookies such as PaddyPower, Betfair etc will offer refunds if 1 leg of your Acca fails but the rest win. Using the Acca software we can easily see how much we need to lay and when to do it to make the most amount of money from these acca offers continuously. I tend to have around 4-5 accs running a week among a handful of different bookies and tend to hit at least 1 acca refund a week during the UK football season.

Virtual Horse Offers

Virtual Horse Offers really seem to be on the rise over the last year or so. You are unable to lay these bets off so it is best to just treat these offers as ‘Advantage Play’. One regular offer you will see tends to be the ‘Bet £50 on Virtual horses and get £10 free bet’. With these you are best off doing 10x£5 bets to help with variance. The free bet that you receive can be used on ‘normal’ sports and you would just lay it off as SNR.

2UP Football Offers

2UP Football offers are a HUGE source of revenue throughout the football season. Bet365 and PaddyPower are the bookies most well known for running this offer and it’s very easy to do.

You would place a bet at the bookmaker for Chelsea to beat Norwich City. If Chelsea take a two goal lead then the bookie will pay out early. If Norwich go on to make a comeback and the game ends with them winning or a draw then you have won at both the bookie AND the Exchange.

When the bookie pays out early it then results in you having an unmatched lay bet at the exchange side so you have two options at that point. You can either cashout on the exchange side or use one of the Early Payout Calculators available on Profit Accumulator or OddsMonkey to find other ways to deriving profit after the bookie has paid out for your chosen team going up by two goals.

In Play Football Offers

There is some great money to be made by doing in-play offers with the only downside is that you have to be around for when the match is taking place. The likes of BetFred / ToteSport tend to do quite a lot of in-play offers every weekend offering their Double Delight or Hat-trick Heaven deals. You simply place an in-play bet on the next goalscorer and lay it off as normal and if he goes on to score another goal you will get double winnings at the bookie end and triple winnings if he scores a hatrick.

Bet365 tend to offer the ‘Holy Grail’ of In Play football offers via it’s £50 free bet offer which requires you to place a prematch £50 bet before the game and then another £50 one during the match. This gives you an easy £35-£40 profit risk free so once you are signed out for them keep an eye out for emails they send to you around important football matches such as Champions League games.

2nd Chance Goalscorer Offers

This is an easy enough offer to do and unlike the one above can be placed before the game takes place. A variety of bookies offer this deal and you want to be placing your back bets on the 1st Goalscorer markets on players that tend to score a lot of goals (Ronaldo etc.) and then lay it off as normal. If your player scores 2nd you will receive either a free bet or cash with you can just withdraw straight away.

Bore Draw Offers

Bore Draw Offers are mostly seen on Bet365 however they also appear on Ladbrokes and William Hill. They are simple enough to do and only require you to place a back bet on the game ending 0-0 that you would lay off as normal. It’s then just a case of waiting to see how the game ends up but you would honestly be surprised just how many English football games end 0-0 so if the qualifying loss is right it’s an offer worth doing on a few games each weekend.

Price Boosts

Price Boots are a fantastic source of income for anyone doing Matched Betting. While they do require you to be a bit ‘hot off the mark’ if you are around then price boosts come in they are a fantastic way to make some easy money, especially during racing festivals such as Cheltenham. A price boost is when the offers on a particular event get extended as part of some kind of promotion. This means that the difference between the back odds and the lay odds are further apart and you can simply back and lay and make instant profit. There are Price Boost threads to follow on the forums for both Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey that you can subscribe to and get desktop notifications if people post one. They are very much money for nothing and so well worth doing!

Weekly Bet Clubs

Weekly Bet Clubs are often overlooked because they tend to only bring in around £5/£10 each and there is quite a lot of them so it can require a bit of discipline to get the free bet. They typically require you to place say £25 of bets each week to get a free £5 bet. Now if this is with a bookie you use a lot either through regular reloads or maybe you are using that bookie to run an Acca or two each week you will have already covered the requirement to gain the free bet so it’s just another cherry on top of using that bookie. To join in there is normally an ‘opt in‘ page and then after that just let the free bets roll in each week.

No Risk Slot Offers

No Risk Slot Offers usually come with a very slim chance of gaining any substantial amount of income but are worth doing. Typically you see them as ‘Refund all losses’ where the offer might be ‘Wager through £10 and get any losses back’. So with that you know no matter what you lose within that £10 you will get the money back. Personally If I know that nothing is at risk I would do 10 x £1 spins and just hope of hitting something big.

Totally Free Spins Offers

Totally Free Spins Offers normally appears around big events or even seasonal ones. The likes of Betfair will usually do ‘5 free spins’ to celebrate literally anything happening in the sporting world. William Hill also does a lot as do the likes of BetVictor and BetWay. The only ‘catch’ is that more often than not there is wagering attached so if you win anything from your 5 free spins you may need to keep spinning the wheels to turn it from a bonus to ‘cash’. Remember though that you have nothing to lose with these. I remember once on Bet365 they gave out 20 free spins and I managed to last through wagering and took out £200 profit!

Low Risk Slot Offers

Low Risk Slot Offers typically will require you to put up anywhere from £5-£25 to take part in the office. Betfair Arcade and William Hill tend to have new ones available each week and they are usually in the vain of ‘Wager £10 and get a £5 bonus’ My advice would be to start the offer doing 25p-50p spins when using the bonus and if you hit a bonus round early on to start upping your wager per spin. This is because a lot of these offers come with a 15-25x wagering requirement and the less you win during the initial part the better and it will require a lot less spinning to turn the bonus into cash.

High Risk Slot Offers

high risk slot offer win matched betting
A HUGE win from a £2 spin on a High Risk Slot Offer

High Risk Slot Offers are something I would not consider doing until your bankroll is big enough to handle a substantial loss if you make it. They tend to come in two different flavours. Either straight-up ‘ Wager £500 to get a £30 bonus’ or the do what are called ladders where there are checkpoints you can hit as you wager. So Wager £100 to get £5 bonus, Wager £200 to get £10 bonus, Wager £500 to get £25 bonus’ etc. You can check out at any point but the idea of them is to keep you spinning as there is always a target to then reach before you get the next bonus. You typically see these offers with Betfair, PaddyPower and Gala Spins.

I didn’t start doing these until my Matched Betting bankroll was over £2000 so that I could absorb any losses (and trust me there WILL be losses) but you will also have monumental wins with my biggest being £2000+ from a £2 spin on Bonanza! My logic was that whatever I risked on these slot offers I could make back by then doing risk-free sports offers so I was sort of balancing everything out so to speak.

LIVE Casino Offers

Live Casino Offers tend to be very low risk I’ve found as they tend to want you to only put up around £5-£20. You are playing on LIVE casino tables and typically need to wager though playing BlackJack or Roulette. The bonuses that you get after qualifying for the offer will also require you to wager on the LIVE table so make sure you read about BlackJack strategy to understand when it is best to stand or twist. The advantage of doing LIVE casino offers is that nothing can go on ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak compared to if you play Arcade Blackjack where you are battling variance much more. Most of the big online betting companies offer LIVE Casino Offers so you can find chances to make money on the likes of Betfair, PaddyPower, William Hill and 888Poker.

Bingo Offers

Bingo Offers are something that many skip over during the Sign Up Offers phase but are well worth doing and you should make a good few hundred from them. The tactic that Matched Betters use to take advantage of these ‘Deposit £10 get £20 free play’ offers is to deposit the initial £10 and then when they unlock the freeplay that will VERY QUICKLY go from room to room buying the highest amount of tickets they can and blasting through their freeplay in one big swoop. The advantage to this is that any winnings from those freeplays then go into ‘Cash’ rather than ‘Bonus’ so you need to be quick and you need to understand how the site works so you can spend your entire bonus across multiple bingo room lobbies.

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