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Top 30 Surveys for Money

Surveys for Money

One of the easiest and least time-consuming ways to make a little extra income online is by completing surveys for money. They are the perfect solution for if you are trying to find ways to earn money from home that don’t require paying anything upfront. There are a host of companies out there looking for your opinion on specific topics, and by taking the time to complete several of these a day, you could soon be finding a little extra pocket money coming your way as they really are a great way if you are beginner when it comes to earning money online.

Let’s look at the Top 30 Surveys for Money available to help you get started today on your earning journey.

Online Survey Tips

Online Survey Tips

Surveys are dependent on your demographics

It is important to remember that surveys are dependent on specific demographics. Companies conducting market research may want to hear from parents or retired people. The requirement of every survey will differ. This may mean that you get lots of surveys or it could mean that you are not quite so fortunate. It is important to remember that it is nothing personal against you and it is just to help companies compile data from their target audience.

Keep your profile surveys up to date

By keeping your profile surveys regularly updated (at least every 3-6 months) you can cut down on survey disqualifications. Being disqualified from a survey can be a little frustrating but it is important to remember that it is nothing personal. Companies do not want to pay for data from people in demographics that are not suitable. Most companies work hard to ensure that you are disqualified as quickly as possible so, for example, Prolific Academic, work hard to ensure that you only receive surveys that you are eligible for.

Profile surveys usually ask you about a variety of areas of your life. This could be something as basic as your gender or which political party you would support in an election. By filling out these profile surveys, which are usually unpaid, you can increase your chance of being invited to future paid surveys.

Check your emails regularly

Be sure to check your emails regularly. Keep your email open most of the time that you are online. Look every few hours, to see what new opportunities have come through. Some people prefer not to complete surveys the moment they arrive and instead stockpile them, but you could maximise your chances of successfully completing a survey by opening the emails as soon as they come in, time-dependent.

You could consider having an email address specifically for completing surveys. This will help you avoid any spam on your main email account and also means that you will have a dedicated account to login to when you want to complete paid surveys.

Be honest

It can be tempting to lie when it comes to completing surveys. However, this is not something I would recommend. Some survey companies incorporate test questions into their surveys. It could be something simple like asking you what car you drive, both at the beginning and end of a survey, or it could be asking you to click a specific option to a question. It is important to be honest, mostly to avoid being disqualified for missing a test question, but also because it will make completing surveys much more straight forward for you. Companies want honest opinions and will do what they can to weed out any dishonest survey answers.

Consolidate the time you spend on surveys

Personally, I like to ensure that I spend the minimum time for the maximum reward. This means that I will delete very low paying surveys unless they are 1-2 minutes to complete. I will also spend just 1 hour per day on surveys, often less. I like to try and have several surveys from different companies open on tabs at one time. This allows me to move forward to another survey if I am getting bored of repetitive questions or looking at the same screen for a long time. This works very well for me and helps me to stay motivated as I work through my different survey sites.

Use a browser add-on to check for new surveys

Page Monitor for Google Chrome is an excellent plugin for any survey enthusiast. This checks websites frequently and will give you a small alert when an update has occurred on any linked page. This means that you can avoid missing out on new surveys from companies that do not send out emails. This is a fantastic way to pick up surveys throughout the day if you are going to be online anyway.

Cashout as soon as you reach the payment threshold

Where possible ensure that you cashout as soon as you reach the payment threshold. Some websites will allow you to earn a small discount if you save up for a large cashout.

It is always wise to err on the side of caution and avoid holding too much money in your survey account. It is much better to cashout, for a smaller amount, as cash is king and it is better in your account than sitting in a survey website.

Declare your earnings

Any time that you are earning money online it is important to look at the tax implications. It is quite straight forward to register as self-employed and you can keep a simple record of payments that companies make to you. Registering as self-employed can feel like a daunting prospect but it is much easier than I ever thought. You can learn more by visiting the fantastic self-employed toolkit.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

It can be tempting to stick to just one or two survey websites, however, try out a few. Look at the best paying ones first and then work from there. If you have more time then you can join more websites. If you find that a website isn’t working out for you then be sure to reach the payment threshold and then close your account once you receive your payment.


Surveys for Money Qmee

Qmee’s platform doesn’t just cater for survey users, there are a variety of ways you can earn money with them however since you’re probably here to learn more about surveys, let’s look at what Qmee has to offer. 

Signing up is simple, and you can be completing surveys for money within minutes. As with many other survey sites, you will be allocated surveys based on the details you provide, as many companies want exact matches to get the most relevant results. Many of the surveys can see you earning $0.50, usually taking a few minutes to complete. Although this doesn’t seem like much, completing several a day in your spare time will have you racking up the cash in no time. 

There is no pay out threshold with Qmee, meaning you’re free to cash out your earnings whenever you want. Although it’s probably better if you wait until you have accumulated a fair amount.

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold N/A – Typical £ per survey 50p-£2 – Payment Method Paypal, Amazon, iTunes etc. – Average Survey Time 5-10mins



LifePoints is primarily an online survey website but you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in polls, product testing and other types of data collection. This may include having products sent to you for testing and feedback or being sent a diary to record your behaviour or habits over a longer period. For your effort, you’ll be rewarded with LifePoints that can be exchanged for gift vouchers.

Signing up to LifePoints only takes a couple of minutes and one of the main benefits of this website is that survey invitations are sent out by email. This leads to a much less time-consuming process as you don’t need to keep checking back for new surveys to take part in. By signing up, you’ll be immediately given 10 LifePoints to kickstart your earning journey. 

Perhaps the only downside, if you want to look at it like that, is that the LifePoints are only redeemable for gift vouchers at the moment. Nevertheless, gift vouchers do represent monetary value so the fact that surveys are sent directly to you makes LifePoints a no-brainer to sign up to.  

Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen Mobile Panel

The Nielsen Mobile Panel provides users with an opportunity to earn exchangeable points by allowing Nielsen to monitor their mobile phone usage. Sign up doesn’t take too long and you simply provide the usual demographic responses so Nielsen can learn a little more about you.

The Nielsen Mobile Panel works by getting its users to install the Nielsen Mobile app on their mobile phones. Once installed, the app will monitor and collect data about how the individual uses their mobile phone. Data collected includes things such as the user of the internet, apps, what websites are visited and for how long, battery status, GPS, and connectivity status. It doesn’t collect user IDs or passwords and is designed to be non-invasive and won’t impact device performance.

Nielsen then uses the collected data to analyse demographic behaviour and use. As a reward, users will be given points on a quarterly basis for being active. Nielsen points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash cards.

Nielsen Computer Panel

Nielsen Computer Panel UK

The Nielsen Computer Panel differs somewhat from the Mobile Panel alternative. Instead of installing an app on a mobile phone, users are required to install Nielsen software onto their computer.

The purpose of this software is to collect data about how people use their computers and the internet around the world. This data is then analysed in order to allow businesses to form strategies about how their products and services appear online.

Unlike the Mobile Panel where users earn points over the year, the Computer Panel are instead entered into a monthly prize draw with the potential to win £100. There is also a £2,500 quarterly prize draw that is split between 5 active members and an £8,000 annual prize draw that is split between 10 active members. 

Although a prize draw doesn’t seem as enticing as guaranteed earnings, users can participate in more than one Nielsen Panel at a time. Therefore, if you’re happy to take part in a data collection panel then it would make sense to be a part of both to increase your earning potential.

Again, signing up for the Nielsen Computer Panel is straightforward and simply requires you to fill in a questionnaire for them to understand your demographic. The software is designed to be non-invasive, runs in the background and won’t impact computer performance.


Surveys for Money i-say

i-Say is quite often tipped at being one of the best survey sites available, with many earning a nice £10 voucher every month. 

The payment for each survey can vary with some earning only pennies up to £1.80, but with surveys for money on offer all the time, it won’t take long to get a high-street voucher for shops such as John Lewis, Argos and Boots. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold £10 – Typical £ per survey 5p-£2 – Payment Method High Street Vouchers – Average Survey Time 15-20mins


Surveys for Money Respondent

This is another example of a better paying, higher quality survey site. Respondent tends to get seen as the Matched Betting opportunity of the survey world (ie, very high paying!) Here you can participate in online or face-to-face research, with companies paying high-quality applicants a nice earner for their time. 

Respondent can sometimes be tricky to get studies to work on, with places often being filled quickly or higher quality applicants taking places over less qualified people. However, once you do get a place on a study you can find yourself earning up to as much as $350, and although this seems a little outrageous for a survey site, it does happen from time-to-time. 

There is no real cash out limit here, and you’re free to do so whenever, but it’s important to keep in mind that you will be charged a small fee to get access to your money. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold N/A – Typical £ per survey $30-$350 – Payment Method Paypal – Average Survey Time 30-45mins

Opinion Outpost

Surveys for Money opinion Outpost

Well known for its £2.50 payment threshold, you can quickly get your hands-on cash into your PayPal account or use it to purchase amazon vouchers. 

Taking about 15 minutes per survey and earning you around 50p per survey you do, it’s an ideal way to kill some time and earn some cash whilst winding down for the night. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – £2.50 – Typical £ per survey 50p-£1 – Payment Method PayPal, Amazon Vouchers – Average Survey Time 15-30mins

Panel Opinion

panel opinion

Panel Opinion is a more traditional kind of survey website that allows users to fill in questionnaires to be matched with surveys applicable for their demographic. Panel Opinion is free to sign up to and surveys are completed online and rewarded with cash payouts.

One of the main benefits of Panel Opinion is that the surveys pay out in actual cash and there’s only a minimum cash out amount of £10. You can request cash out via PayPal, BACS, and even a cheque in the post. There are also monthly draws that pay out around £250 in cash to winners and minipolls that provide smaller earnings.

Another positive for Panel Opinion is that some surveys provide compensation if you’re screened out. Of course, surveys require a specific demographic and, if you try to take part and don’t fit the criteria, you’re sometimes given a small pay out for your time. This is great because there are plenty of survey sites who won’t reward you for lost time in this way.

One thing to note, however, is that there is a fair amount of surveys that can only be completed on a computer and not a mobile phone. This is because some surveys are too complex to be displayed and taken correctly on a mobile phone.

Survey Friends


Survey Friends is another more traditional survey website that’s free to join and allows users to earn points that can be redeemed for vouchers. Signing up is an easy process and a lot of the surveys take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Once a user has earned 20,000 survey points on Survey Friends, they can be exchanged in the Gift Voucher Shop for £10 vouchers. The current redeemable vouchers available include Love2Shop, Amazon, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s. Although vouchers are often seen as a downside to survey websites, Survey Friends gets a thumbs up for its range of useful shops available. 

If you’d rather take your chance and try to win a larger reward, you can also exchange your survey points for lottery entries. Prizes in the Survey Friends lottery include £50 vouchers to Amazon and Love2Shop. You can also see how many entries have already been made to give you some insight as to what chance you have of winning. 

Finally, there is an option to take part in auctions for vouchers. Simply make a bid using your survey points and if you don’t win, your points will be refunded. Again, you can see the highest current bid so can weigh up whether or not a bid is worth your time.  

Prolific Academic

Surveys for Money Prolific Academic

If you’ve done your research into survey sites, you’ll probably have heard of Prolific Academic. It’s one of the better-paying sites out there, with academic institutes looking for people to complete research. Payment for each survey can really vary, with some paying only pennies to one research project, which took 4 hours paid over £42, so it’s worth staking out the higher-paying tasks. 

Once you’ve got yourself some surveys to complete you can cash out at the £5 mark, so you won’t have to wait for several months before you can get your hands on the cash. 

Signing up with this site can take literally seconds, but if you want the chance to earn more, then it is going to take a little more effort. When it comes to completing your profile, you’ll be asked a whole host of information, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Where you love
  • Income
  • Hobbies
  • Religious beliefs

There are other topics too, and it can become slightly tiresome working through and answering everything to complete your profile. The one thing to keep in mind here though is that it is all worth it. The more you take the time to answer, the more studies you’ll be invited to participate in. What is so different with Prolific is that once you have been invited, you won’t ever then be screened out for not being a match. Once you have an invite, providing you follow all of the instructions, you know that the money is yours. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold £5 – Typical £ per survey 50p-£5 – Payment Method Paypal – Average Survey Time 5-30mins


Surveys for Money yougov

YouGov, a classic in the world of online survey sites. Although the surveys provided by YouGov are often short and to the point, that also means that the earning potential is quite low. Surveys here are often 50p a pop, so you can find that it takes a while before you can build up your balance to reach the £50 limit before you can withdraw your cash. 

Consistency is the key with this one, persevere and you’ll eventually reach that pay out limit. 

In the same way as Prolific, with YouGov, once you start a survey you know that you will get the chance to actually complete it: there is no chance of you being screened out partway through. 

As well as the chances to earn from each survey, YouGov offers you the chance to enter into a monthly prize draw. You can enter a set amount of points into the draw. If you win, there is a chance to win a cash prize or add more points to your balance. Admittedly, it is a gamble but it is a way to speed up the time that it takes to reach the withdrawal limit. 

There is also the chance to earn extra points by referring your friends to sign up. For every person that uses your referral code and completes 6 surveys, your account is credited with an extra 200 points (worth £2).

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold £50 – Typical £ per survey 50p-£1.50 – Payment Method Paypal – Average Survey Time 5-10mins

Valued Opinions

Surveys for Money valued opinions

Another old timer in the online survey world. This one however is a little different, as instead of cash payments, you’re able to redeem your opinions for gift cards and vouchers to be used in many high street retailers. 

Surveys here usually pay £1 however can go up to £5, so grabbing as many of these as possible is the best strategy. Taking 15-20 minutes of your time each day will see you cashing out a gift card before you know it.

As well as their surveys, Valued Opinions offer members other opportunities to earn:

  • Sweepstakes – there is the opportunity to enter into a quarterly prize draw. The prize is typically a Samsung Galaxy Tab and is well worth winning.
  • Focus groups – this sees you given the chance to take part in a panel discussion that focuses on one particular topic. As well as getting paid for your time there is also the chance to be rewarded with gifts that are related to the product that you have been discussing. These don’t come up very often, so if you get an invite you need to act fast!
  • Diary studies – If you are someone that likes to keep records then diary studies could be a perfect match for you. With these, you are asked to record your feelings about a certain product or service over a number of days. Again, these do not come up very often so if you have the chance to take part, you’ll need to get in there quick. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold £8 – Typical £ per survey £1-£2 – Payment Method GiftCards (Amazon, High Street Names etc.) – Average Survey Time 15-20mins


Surveys for Money onepoll

Surveys aren’t notorious for there fun-filled, action-packed questions, but OnePoll breaks that mould. OnePoll offer users the chance to give their opinion on more interesting topics such as celebrities, tv dramas and so on. But you need to be quick as surveys for money are offered on a first-come, first-served basis so it’s better if you log on each day to see any potential money-making opportunities. 

You won’t find yourself reaching the big bucks with this site and earning a small 20p for every quick survey may seem like it’ll take forever and a day to reach the £30 withdrawal limit, at least you’ll be entertained whilst doing it, you will also get a bonus £2.50 when you sign up to get you started!

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold £25 – Typical £ per survey £0.20-£1 – Payment Method PayPal – Average Survey Time 2-5mins

Maru Voice

Surveys for Money maru voice uk

Maru Voice is a UK based survey site that gives participants the chance to answer questions that will make a difference in the products and services they are asked about. 

You could see yourself earning up to £3 per survey, using this money to cash out on vouchers and gift cards, which is especially helpful at this time of year. 

By taking part in surveys with Maru Voice UK, as well as helping traditional companies you will also be providing vital information for government bodies, the media, and not-for-profit organisations. 

On joining up, Maru will reward you by automatically entering you into a prize draw where you will have the chance to win £1000. As well as this, by completing surveys on a regular basis, you will be entered into a sweepstake prize draw.

It is reasonable to expect around 5 surveys a month from Maru, and to keep your account active you need to commit to completing at least 1 survey every 5 months. This isn’t a big ask and it worth keeping your account going to add to your monthly income.

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold 1000 points – Typical £ per survey £2-£3 – Payment Method PayPal – Average Survey Time 15-20mins

Populus Live

Surveys for Money populus live

With a focus on business, political and cultural views, Populus has some interesting topics to discuss. It’s amongst one of the fan favourites, paying out a £1 for every 5 minutes you spend completing a survey, so it can add up quite nicely. 

There is however a £50 cash out limit, and with surveys for money not available daily or being filled up very quickly, you might find that it may take a while to reach the pay-out limit. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and have a little patience this could be one to add to your favourites. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold £50 – Typical £ per survey £2-£3 – Payment Method Cheque – Average Survey Time 15-20mins

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research, often said to be the pinnacle of all survey websites, paying out a tasty £3 per survey. Only catch is, you need to be either extremely lucky or be part of some secret agency to even get anywhere near these surveys. 

But seriously, it’s pretty hard to get signed up to Pinecone, but once you’re in you can find yourself earning at least £3 for every survey you complete which usually takes 10-15 minutes. There is also the chance you will be invited to one of their product testing studies where you will be sent an item in the post and will get paid to answer question about it.

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold £3 – Typical £ per survey £3 – Payment Method PayPal – Average Survey Time 15-20mins


Surveys for Money swagbucks

The famous Swagbucks. It’s everywhere and I’ll be surprised if you haven’t heard of it. However, just in case you haven’t it’s a site that allows you to earn online, through using their search engine to browse the internet, playing games and of course completing surveys for money. 

It’s a site that makes earning money online fun. Once you’ve completed enough surveys you can spend your points in the Swagbucks reward store and get gift cards and vouchers, for example 700 points can see bag yourself a £5 voucher for Amazon. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – Reward Type Dependant – Typical £ per survey 50-100 Swagbucks – Payment Method PayPal & Amazon Vouchers – Average Survey Time 15-20mins

Google Opinion Rewards

Surveys for Money google opinion rewards

This one takes surveys mobile, quite literally. Download an app on your iPhone or android phone and you can participate in surveys which take less than a minute to complete. These surveys are usually only worth a small amount, with people saying they have earned around 30p for a few questions. 

Use your payment on the Google Play store to redeem against apps, games or movies. It’s an ideal way to pay for your usual downloads.

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – Enough for an App purchase – Typical £ per survey 5p-80p – Payment Method Google Play Store Credit – Average Survey Time 15-30mins


Surveys for Money crowdology

We’ve mentioned a few sites now that only offer vouchers or gift cards, but sometimes what you want is cash, just normal cash for your efforts, no strings attached. 

Thankfully Crowdology is one of the cash payments sites you can add to your list. Surveys here can pay from as little as 40p all the way up to £10 and taking only 2-15 minutes it’s well worth your time. 

The cash out limit is £4 so it shouldn’t take you too long before you can withdraw your earnings. Although I did mention that you can withdraw straight cash if you wanted, you can also use your earnings from Crowdology to purchase Amazon gift cards but be aware that you must have earned at least £10 before getting a gift card. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – £4 – Typical £ per survey 50p-£10 – Payment Method Paypal, Amazon Voucher – Average Survey Time 5-15mins


Surveys for Money newvista live

One of the most important aspects when choosing a new survey site to join is the payment threshold, the amount of money earned before you can get access to your money.

With NewVistaLive the payment threshold is £50 so it may take you a while to build that up, especially with many of their surveys paying between 50p and £1. Some users of the site have said that it has taken them 6 months to get to the £50 mark. All things considered, that’s not a bad return for a few minutes each day. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – £50 – Typical £ per survey £1-£2 – Payment Method Cheque – Average Survey Time 15-20mins


Surveys for Money panelbase

By signing up with Panelbase, you’ll never be short of surveys to complete. There are new ones on a regular basis that give you the opportunity to earn some decent cash. As a start, just for joining Panelbase will credit your account with £3 just to get you going.

Surveys pay anything from 25p up to around £10 and will take 5-10 minutes of your time. Occasionally there are more in-depth surveys that take longer but will see you receiving up to £50 for your efforts.

As well as being paid for each survey, some surveys will see you entered into a prize draw where you can win cash or products that you have given your feedback on. On top of this, for the months that you have completed surveys, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw where you have the chance to win anything from £1-£50. If that is not enough, Panelbase will also credit your account with 20p for every person that you refer to sign up with them. 

When your account hits £10 you can withdraw your money and have 3 choices of what you can do with it

  • BACS transfer straight to your bank account
  • Exchange for vouchers that can be used at over 70 stores
  • Donate your funds to charity

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – £10 – Typical £ per survey 50p-£5 – Payment Method Bank Transfer, High Street Vouchers – Average Survey Time 5-10mins


Surveys for Money toluna

Another one of the regular survey sites is Toluna, a points-based survey site where you can earn a little each time you give your opinion. 

Each survey can earn you anywhere from 15 to 50,000 points and the larger the points the longer the survey will take to complete with some taking up to 30 minutes to complete. The payment threshold here might seem a little out of reach with a £5 voucher costing 27,000 points and a £35 voucher taking you back 190,000 points. These large numbers may seem off putting for some but put in the time and effort and you’ll eventually get to that critical cash out point. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – £5 (e-voucher) £35 (Paypal) – Typical £ per survey 15-50,000 points – Payment Method PayPal, High Street Vouchers – Average Survey Time 15-45mins


Pollpass Logo

Pollpass is a modern survey website that rewards its users with points for answering questions about their daily lives. Users are asked to provide information about a variety of things, including purchases made, thoughts on things, whether you like or dislike something.

As a reward for answering questions, Pollpass users receive points that can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards or as cash via PayPal payouts. Credits earned depend on the length of each ‘conversation’ but can vary from 100 to 1000. The minimum credits required to cash out to Amazon gift card or cash is 3000. 

Pollpass registration takes a few minutes online and is completely free. You can make use of the website on both desktop and mobile and are required to submit a short questionnaire that lets Pollpass understand your current demographics. 

Pollpass ensures that survey responses are anonymous and that your information is kept secure and confidential. Your data is not shared or sold to any third parties and you can update or delete your details at any time in your Pollpass account section.


Mingle is a more traditional kind of survey website that allows users to take part in market and opinion research surveys. These surveys are then used to help businesses and the academic shape how they interact with the public.

Most of Mingle’s surveys require users to use a desktop but there are instances in which mobile devices may also be used. Also, users may be asked to test products at home or take part in closed community research projects. Surveys vary in length but most will take just 2-5 minutes to complete so won’t be too much or a burden on your day.

As a reward for participation, users earn points that can be exchanged for shopping vouchers, paid out as cash, or even donated as cash to a charity. Something to note, however, is that once you’ve earned 2000 points, you’ll need to cash them out as soon as possible as they expire within 3 months.

Signing up to Mingle is free and can be done on the main website by answering a few questions about yourself. Survey results on Mingle remain anonymous at all times. Information such as IP address and details about your system are collected to ensure that each member only registers and takes part in surveys once. 


OpinionBar is a free-to-join survey website that rewards users with cash for taking part in a variety of online surveys. Unlike some websites, OpinionBar will email you when there is a survey that you’re qualified to take part in. In order to do this, you’ll need to answer some questions about yourself when you sign up for an account. This allows OpinionBar to pre-screen and match you up to surveys and get you earning as quickly as possible. 

There are several different ways to take part at OpinionBar, including traditional surveys, brainstorms, and testing products at home.

Users are rewarded in cash for their participation and you’re able to see pay out amounts before taking part in each survey you’re invited to. Once you’ve reached the minimum balance of £10, you can make a withdrawal to your back account as cash or decide to donate your earnings to a chosen charity.

As with most survey websites, user data is not shared or sold to third partied and participation remains anonymous. OpinionBar also has a support team that is on hand to help with any queries you may have.


MindMover users take part in market research surveys and are rewarded with points for doing so that can be converted and cashed out for money or gift vouchers. MindMover registration is free and can be completed online in just a few minutes. Users are required to answer a few questions about themselves in order to provide MindMover with demographics that will help with the assignment of relevant surveys.

Users are generally contacted via email when there is a survey for them to complete. Irrelevant surveys will be automatically screened out in advance based on demographics. Users may also be contacted by phone from time to time but there is an option to turn this feature off if this doesn’t interest you. Surveys come in a variety of lengths, but most will take around 5 to 20 minutes to complete and users can take part in around 2 surveys per month.

As a reward for taking part in surveys, MindMover users are credited with points that can be redeemed into withdrawable cash via PayPal or into Amazon gift vouchers. The minimum points required to convert is 2000 (£20).

It’s important to remain active as a MindMover user as 12 months of inactivity will lead to you being removed from the panel. You can, however, request to be added back at any time.


TalkInsights is another traditional survey website that pays its users to answer questionnaires for market research. However, there is a more time-consuming registration process that requires you to fill in several practice surveys before being sent surveys with rewards. This process is in place to make sure users are paying attention to the questions that are sent and weeds out people trying to trick the system to earn quick rewards for false information.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, TalkInsights will send you appropriate surveys to take part in. Most surveys will take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete and it’s rare to receive one that takes any longer than 20 minutes.

As a reward, you’ll be paid in points that can be exchanged for vouchers. Most surveys pay between 50 and 100 points and you require 2000 to cash out. Points can be exchanged for a wide variety of vouchers, including Amazon, Argos, Boots, Homebase, IKEA, John Lewis, Love to Shop, New Look, Next, Sainsbury’s and many more.

If you’d like to unsubscribe from the panel, you can do so with ease on the main website. Your data is not shared or sold to third parties and is secured and stored by a firewall. 


Surveys for Money SurveyBods

Perhaps a lesser known survey site, SurveyBods offer the same chance as others to give your opinion and views on a variety of topics in order to earn some extra cash. 

With payment around £1-£3 per survey, taking anywhere from 5-30 minutes to complete and a cash out threshold of £15, it shouldn’t take too long before you are able to access your cash. 

In a bid to get people to sign up, SurveyBods also offer the chance to win prizes monthly as all active users are entered into a draw.

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – £15 – Typical £ per survey £1-£3 – Payment Method PayPal – Average Survey Time 15-20mins


Surveys for Money branded Surveys

Popular amongst the survey users across the world, it’s said that with a little commitment you can reach the cash out threshold limit of £8 within a few days. Not bad for most of their surveys only paying 35p. 

Not only can you earn money by completing surveys, but you can also earn bonus points for turning up every day, another easy way to earn a little extra on the side. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – $10 – Typical £ per survey $0.50-$1 – Payment Method PayPal, High Street Vouchers – Average Survey Time 10-25mins


Surveys for Money yoursaypays

The clue is in the title with this one, another opportunity to get paid for your say. 

Another site that is often praised for it’s easy to fill out surveys with most taking as little as 2 minutes to complete. You may find yourself having to log in and check easy day which surveys are available, as many state that they don’t find the emails in their inbox. 

Survey Rundown: Payout Threshold – £20 – Typical £ per survey £0.50-£1 – Payment Method PayPal, Amazon Vouchers – Average Survey Time 2-5mins


What are the highest paying survey sites to use?

The highest paying survey sites to use are Valued Opinions, Prolific, MaruVoice UK, YouGov, Qmee and Respondent. The latter of which pays up to $250 per study.

How do you get paid for doing surveys online?

Payment typically comes via PayPal, BACS or Amazon Vouchers with a few survey sites offering the ability to get paid in high street vouchers.

What websites offer surveys I can do on my smartphone

All survey sites can be accessed on your smartphone and some offer the chance to download their Apps and earn even more money.

How can I stop getting screened out for surveys?

Surveys are dependant on your demographics so make sure that you keep your profile up to date, be honest and make sure you check your emails regularly for survey matches that are personally sent to you.

Where can I find more information on making money from online surveys?

Are you a member of the money shed forums? Its a great community of people discussing how to make and save money at home.

top 30 surveys for money

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