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It’s no surprise that companies are looking for your opinion. It’s now more important than ever before for companies and big brands to get it right for their customers and to be able to make positive changes to their products and services.

Companies love getting customer feedback, just look at McDonald’s for example, a multibillion pound company who have spent millions marketing their feedback report so that customers can tell them exactly how they felt whilst in one of their restaurants. Why? So they can take action and keep them coming back, market research is key to their success. 

There are many ways in which you can get to share your opinion, but by far the best way to share your thoughts is by getting paid to do so. Although it sounds rather absurd, you can actually get paid to speak your mind.

One of the leading companies offering you the chance to get paid to take part in market research is

Who are Respondent?

Respondent is a huge online marketplace for companies and researchers to find participants to engage in research studies and work with massive companies such as Microsoft, Dropbox and GoDaddy. 

Respondent has a super smart algorithm that matches companies together with people who are willing to participate in paid research studies. 

You need to complete a simple sign up process, allowing Respondent to access your social media sites to verify your details. Doing this will allow them to find the most suitable research studies for you. As well as being matched to specific projects, you are also free to check out any other project and apply.

How Much Can I Make?

Paid Research Studies
The earning potential of is AMAZING!

Now, I know you’re already thinking, ‘how much can I make?’. To date, Respondent have paid out a whopping $2,343,324 to participants, with an average hourly rate of $140 for taking part. Each research study can take on average 30 minutes, with some taking longer and some being slightly quicker. 

You will be required to share your opinion, view and comments on a particular topic, giving your honest opinion. No two studies or interviews will ever be the same, with a multitude of companies and brands looking to get real, relevant feedback. The process itself won’t be too taxing, and in fact you could say that it would be rather fun, nothing too formal you’ll be glad to know. This makes earning money even more enjoyable. 

The information that you give is passed on to the company who requested the study to take place, meaning your opinion and views are valued and the information that you give is used to proactively make changes. It’s important to be honest with your details and employment history so that you can get matched to the best possible studies, making it easier for you to earn from sharing your experiences. 

Getting signed up with Respondent is free and anyone can get started earning money from their opinion. You can apply online now, making sure that you remember to attach your PayPal email address, after all you do want to get paid right? Getting paid to talk really is a thing. 

Although Respondent is a fantastic way to get earning money online, fortunately, it’s not the only one. There are loads of ways that you are able to share your opinion and get paid for it. 

respondent online studies

Other Ways to get paid with Market Research

Many people opt to participate in clinical trials. Clinical trials are a unique way to help the healthcare system, with participants expected to receive treatment, often not tested on humans before, to see the benefits and side effects of certain products. 

These type of research studies often require people with particular conditions such as diabetes, asthma or cardiovascular diseases to test out new drugs, with the hope that the study will make a positive change in medicine. The use of clinical trials in the past has seen medicines become available that have radically changed people’s lives. 

Although this does sound like a rather crazy idea, the benefits often supersede the cons. Payment is often higher than the average research study and you may be required to complete the study over a number of days or even weeks. One flu camp study required participants to stay for 7 days whilst the study was being conducted, so you need to make sure it’s something that you can commit to. 

This type of research is very popular with students, particularly medical and nursing students, earning an extra income on the side of their studies whilst actively contributing to their chosen career sector. 

Clinical trials are available up and down the country, so there’s bound to be something close by for you to take a look at. 

What else?

Individual feedback is useful for companies however it’s may be more convenient or beneficial for companies to set up a focus group. 

A focus group is another great way to earn a little extra income on the side. You simply apply, turn up and get paid for sharing your opinion and views with a group of people, it couldn’t be easier. Just like something from the Apprentice TV show you could be asked to comment on a brand or a specific product, giving your honest opinion and sharing it with the group. Payment for this type of market research is still viable, although you may find it may not pay as well as Respondent, however an extra £30 for an hour’s work is nothing to complain about. 

Sharing your opinion has always been important but being able to share your opinion online and get paid for it has really knocked things up a gear. 

Yes, market research and focus groups are great, but sharing your opinion online is where we can expect to see massive growth over the next few years with many companies now choosing to solely work online. If the more traditional online surveys are your thing then take a look at our Surveys for Money list which covers everything from head to toe when it comes to online surveys and earning from them.

You can find more information about Respondent here, and get started on your money making journey. 

respondent online studies

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