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There are many ways in which you can earn money online, especially within the last decade with a rise in social media platforms. Now you can share, like and comment on just about anything from anyone across the world. 

There are people making a success from their social media following, using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to create a full-time income from only a few hours work a week. These people are aptly named ‘Influencers’. Social Media Influencers have thousands, even millions of dedicated fans following their every post. They make money by promoting products from companies and businesses to their fan base with the hope that the companies see a rise in their profits following their unorthodox marketing campaign. 

With the rise of the sharing economy. Like Airbnb and Uber are examples of this. MNFST is the digital equivalent, allowing you to monetise your own social channels (rather than a spare room or car)

The life of a social media influencer is usually reserved for those who have celebrity status or have millions of people at the click of a button, however there is an opportunity for everyone else to get involved and earn money from social media accounts. 

MNFST Smartphone App

MNFST – What Is it?

MNFST is a new and exciting app which has become available for both IOS and Android users, giving you the chance to earn a little extra income from promoting products and brand campaigns to your social media accounts. 

Unlike traditional social media marketing, you don’t need millions of followers, and with MNFST you can earn money no matter how many people you have on your social media platforms. 

MNFST are breaking the trend and bringing brand campaigns to the everyday users of social media. Thankfully you won’t need to build a massive online community, simply having your friends and family is enough to get you started. 

Currently only operating on Twitter and Instagram, MNFST is an exciting new project with huge potential to expand. 

So who are MNFST?

MNFST, standing for Manifest was founded in 2017, a relatively new but exciting crowd promotion platform, set up in London. MNFST wanted to bring social media marketing to the everyday social media user and by creating this platform they became the middle man between the companies and the social media users. 

They are passionate about helping the average person make some money, helping to create a digital income from something they already do on a daily basis. 

MNFST make their money by taking a commission from every paid post that is created from their platform.


How Do I make Money?

Making money online is always the exciting part of any project, especially when it doesn’t enough a huge amount of work. 

With MNFST more people are able to promote brand campaigns than ever before and able to earn extra money. Users of the app are given a ‘Social Capital Score’, showing how much influence you have on your social media platforms and also shows you how much you could earn.

You don’t need to worry about the products of companies you are promoting as you have complete control over what and who you decide to partner with, so if you don’t like the look of something, you can disregard it and move onto the next one. It’s important to remember than you are promoting this to your fan base, your friends and even your family, so you want to choose companies that you strongly support and like what they do. 

Just in case you need any more persuading, to date there have been over 15,000 users who have made over £50,000 simply by signing up and using the platform on a regular basis. 

Payment is always made within 24 hours of you choosing the campaign you want, meaning you don’t have to wait forever to get your money, which is always a bonus. 

Why Social Media Campaigns?

Social media marketing is a huge market, with companies piling millions in this sector every year just to get people to buy and promote their products. 

Inspired by the growth of other online money making avenues, MNFST are bringing this opportunity to the average social media user, meaning that not only do companies get to reach untapped potential but pretty much any social media user can make money form this idea. 

Social media can be full of untrustworthy content, and it’s not the first time that fake accounts have been made to simply promote products, not exactly in the best interests of companies nor the followers. However with MNFST, as a promoter you are able to choose the ideas and products that you like and are passionate about, meaning people will get a fair and respectable opinion, giving them the chance to make a more informed choice. 

How to Get Started

Getting started with MNFST is pretty quick and easy. The app is available to download now and is totally free to anyone who wishes to sign up. 

There is access to over 800 designers for companies who wish to have adverts created with the additional feature of Segmentation, a process where you can take a picture of yourself and create a totally new background. 

Alongside this there is the ever expanding face recognition technology, allowing for consistent, reliable and relevant content to be posted. 

The app is currently only available in the United Kingdom as well as in Poland, with massive scope to expand in the future. 

There has never been a more exciting time to get online and get social. MNFST have brought social media marketing back down to earth, and no longer do you need to be a verified, semi-famous personality to make an earning from your social media following. 

The ability to pick and choose the campaigns that interest you has totally changed the dynamic, you don’t need to pretend to like a product just because you’re getting paid for it, you have total autonomy, something that is rather refreshing in the online world. 

Getting started is simple, with the free app available to download immediately, you could be on your way to earn an extra income from your Twitter and Instagram accounts in no time at all. 

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