Finding the best soundbar under £200

best soundbar under £200

For a lot of people, the Television will be the centerpiece of their living room. Times where when these devices were massive cube-shaped boxes but now they are lovely, aesthetically built engineered audiovisual treats that are so light and thin you can han them on your wall! Not to mention as most TVs now are ‘smart’ the next time you grab that remote control you are able to do all manor of things from browse 4K videos on YouTube to ordering the latest films on demand!

But of course that is just half the story!

Sounds for a lot of people can be just as important as the visual element and when you spend the better part of around £400-£600 (or more!) on the television you won’t want the sound you get out of it to feel like a drop in quality.

This isn’t to say that the sound quality that comes out of TVs now aren’t a damn sight better than they used to be. I remember as a kid when my parents were buying a TV from John Lewis and it had Dolby Nicam Digital Sound which at the time was quite a feature to get with your giant CRT TV! The lady in the shop I remember explaining to my dad how if you had Wilderbeast (I think she used this as an example as you know how all those demo reels they show in shops always show Animals and hot air balloons!) running from one side of the screen to the other you would experience that ‘left to right’ sound experience in your living room!

Over the last few years, there’s no doubt that buying a soundbar for your television has grown in popularity. With a whole raft of buying guides out there giving you the rundown on which are the best to buy in your price range or would suit your living room or home theatre setup, there really is a huge amount of information out there.

So what can you do to find the best soundbar for under £200, well, when it came time for us to buy one when we got our new 4K TV we looked around at a number of deals websites such as Latest Deals and compared quite a few of them. I was absolutely amazed that you could get brands like LG and Sony for under £200 if you are just willing to do a bit of digging to find a great price.

Another top tip is to head into somewhere like Richer Sounds who will be more than happy to let you have some demos in their store of the various soundbars available. So no matter if you are looking for 3-channel, 5-channel or the simply amazing Dolby Atmos you can get a far better understanding of how it will sound in your home before commiting to a purchase!

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