Tips to Save Money and Live Wealthy

Money is a valuable thing. It allows us to live our lives and do the things that we want to do. But it can also be difficult to manage when you have little of it. It’s important that you do what you can manage your money wisely so that you can live the life of your dreams.

The better you are at managing your money, the better your lifestyle will become since you end up creating a system that works for you. Here are some tips for saving money and living like a king.

Avoid the mall

Avoiding the mall is one of the best ways to save money and live like a king. Malls are a waste of time, energy, resources and space. The average American spends over 5 hours per week in a mall—that’s more than they spend sleeping!

Make your own food

Making your own food is a great way to save money. It’s much cheaper than buying it at the store or ordering takeout, and if you’re creative enough, it can be fun too!

Make your own clothes by sewing them yourself; this allows you to ensure that there are no blemishes on the fabric and that they fit properly when finished. If someone else sews up their clothes for them, then they will have to decide what size shirt works best for them and how much fabric should go into making each piece.

Dodge credit cards

Credit cards are a trap. They’re also a form of debt; if you don’t use them carefully, they can get you into trouble. The best way to save money is by not using credit cards at all!

You might think that using a credit card is the only way to earn rewards points or cash back with your purchases, but this isn’t true—you can earn these benefits without ever touching your plastic (or paper).

Rent movies and video games instead of buying them

Renting movies and video games is much cheaper than buying them. It’s also more convenient and environmentally friendly. Renting a movie is less of an investment because you only pay for it once, whether in physical form or digitally (on your phone).

Every time someone watches it again later on their own terms would require another payment from either yourself or another person who rented the movie with them. It costs less money because there are no shipping fees associated with renting something online. Instead, everything goes directly through Netflix/Amazon Prime Video, which charges based on how many movies/games were rented once per month before taxes (and other fees).

The main reason why people don’t rent is due to having a lot of things at home already collected over time—and sometimes you have too much stuff just sitting around unused, waiting patiently until some day when you want to use them all up!


So there you have it, my friends. These are some of the ways many have saved money over the years and what works for them by using Prillionaires wealth management app and other platforms. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not these tips help you save money or not—so if one doesn’t work out for you, try another!

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