Maru Voice UK members earn over £50,000 per month taking paid surveys

The secret’s out, Maru Voice UK is the latest way for Britons to make money online and is one of the few online surveys that pays cash. When you join as a new member, you will earn up to £3 per survey which means they are offering some of the highest paying online surveys out there on today’s trending topics such as Do you trust Theresa May to negotiate the best Brexit deal? or Are you an online or in-person Christmas shopper? Maru Voice UK is operated by a trustworthy company (Maru/Blue) and has successfully been running a similar community in both the United States and Canada for many years, so you can be sure everything is on the up and up.

Earn Survey Maru £3

Can you really make money with surveys?

Paid Surveys can be a very easy way to earn online, but it will be pocket, not rent money. The transaction is simple: You are exchanging your time and opinions for a couple. The more surveys you take, the more points and rewards you will receive. When you join that Maru Voice UK community, having a complete (and frequently updated) profile will maximize your earning potential. In addition, we recommend you complete all profile surveys offered. Having a full profile will qualify you for more surveys overall including the more targeted ones with higher rewards. Think of it as a long-term investment into your earning upside. Don’t forget that these are surveys that pay cash instantly. Speaking of which, when you reach 1000 points in your member account you can redeem this for a £10 denomination of one of the following options:

– Virtual or Physical Visa card,
Amazon gift e-card,
– iTunes
– Google Play
– Donation to a charity, 
– Or your choice of a different £10 voucher.

Maru surveys categories

What are points?

Points are the reward system that we use in the community. You collect points for surveys and projects you complete and then you can redeem them once your account reaches a certain balance. 

Most of the surveys award between 50 and 500 points if you qualify and complete them. They will always let you know in the survey invitation how much you’ll receive for completing it, or if instead you will receive entries into a contest draw. The amount is generally based on what’s involved in taking the survey—for example, if it is longer in length, or more complex, the award offered for completion will be greater.

Any other benefits?
As a thank you for each survey you take, you will be rewarded with points or entries into contests to win cash or other rewards. Additionally, by simply joining you will be entered into a £1,000 Prize Draw! 

Joining Maru Voice UK allows you to voice your opinions along with other forum members from across the UK. This collective feedback will get to the companies and policymakers who shape our country’s future – your opinions will make an impact.

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