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Win Money for Free – The Ultimate Guide

win money for free

Win Money for Free – The Ultimate Guide

There’s no better feeling than getting something for free, especially when that’s something that you’ve always wanted. Now, we all wish that we could win the lottery, but with the latest statistics saying that you’re more likely to go to space than win the lottery, you might want to stop thinking about spending your millions for now. 

You may have heard of people entering competitions and winning things, and yes sure winning a new toaster or a pair of concert tickets are pretty cool, but some people take competitions to the next level. Some people report earnings that would top a part-time job, that’s not something to complain about for a few hours worth of work a week

Becoming a professional competition enterer is a great way to bring in some extra cash, as well as all of the other cool gadgets and gizmos you could land. Let’s take a look at how entering competitions could just well become your new favourite past-time, especially as you can win money for free.

Get Serious

If winning free things sounds like a good idea to you, then you’re going to have to rethink your game plan. Entering competitions is all about the numbers. If you enter 1 competition a day, your chances of winning are pretty slim, enter 100 competitions and your chances increase significantly. 

Professional compers enter at least a few hundred competitions a day, cumulating in thousands a week, and now you can see why they can win as often as they do. It’s about putting the time, effort and concentration into it, spending a few hours entering competitions in front of the TV won’t seem as much of a slog.

Sourcing FREE competitions

Now, this article is about how you can win money for free and entering competitions should be fun while you try and achieve that goal, it’s all about the excitement. I’m sure you always see competitions on TV and radio stations that charge you to enter the competition, that’s exactly how not to start in the competition game.

Putting yourself in the minus before you’ve even started is only going to lead to one thing, failure, you’ll eventually burn yourself out trying to enter every competition, spending more money than you have coming in. 

You’ll need to get yourself sorted with a list of the best competition sites that offer the chance to enter FREE competitions. There are loads of them out there such as theprizefinder one of the most comprehensive comp sites out there or the MoneySavingExpert Competition Subforum, giving you access to thousands of daily competitions to enter, all from the comfort of your sofa. 

For the even more adventurous out there, Twitter is a compers playground with companies in their thousands offering people the chance to win some exciting prizes just for liking and sharing their post. 

Getting Started is Simple

win money for free get started

Setting up your competition habit doesn’t need to be a chore. It’s recommended that you get yourself a brand new email address, you are bound to be signing up to thousands of companies’ email lists every week and you don’t want your personal email being filled up with spam.

Having a new email address just for competitions means that if you do win a prize, the all important congratulations email won’t get lost amongst those boring work emails that you read every morning. 

For those who are looking to enter a tonne of competitions every day, which you should be doing, then you could save all your important details such as name, email address and contact details onto your computer, that way you can auto-fill your details in the competition form, saving you valuable time on every entry. You could even use free browser add-ons such as Lastpass or Roboform.

It’s all about being smart, keeping your head in the game, and keeping ahead of the competition if you pardon the pun. 

Show Your Dedication

Just with everything else in life, you need to put in some effort to reap the rewards. This is the same with entering competitions, you can’t just enter a few a day and then sit back and wait for the fantastic news that you have won a prize. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. You need to be putting in the time and effort every day that you can in order to see the rewards. 

Some professional compers admit to putting in several hours of entering a day, giving every waking moment, every spare second to enter a competition. Although this does sound like an addiction, it could make the difference between winning and losing. 

I Want to Win Big

So does everyone. No seriously, I mean who starts out thinking, ‘I can’t wait to win a brand new pencil sharpener’. Everyone wants to win a holiday in the sun or thousands of pounds in cash, but that’s not always the case. 

There are thousands of competitions out there to be entered, some big and some small, but the important thing is that you enter them all. 

You might come across this competition for a set of DVD’s and then see another competition for a holiday to Crete, and although the two are completely different, I’m sure that you would still be pleased if you won the DVD set. 

The saying ‘It’s the taking part that counts’ is very true in the competition world, you really do need to be in it to win it, entering everything you can, you’ll soon see the positives of sitting at your laptop for hours every-day. 

It’s a Game of Luck

win money for free luck

For the most part, entering competitions is all about luck (with the exception of THIS couple from Michigan who used Math to game the system!). Unless you find a competition where you’re required to send in a poem or drawing, then your skill is more likely to win you the prize. 

Although it’s important to enter as many competitions as you can, luck will only get you so far, so you’ll need to up your competition game if you’re to make a success in the comping world. 


  • Use Social Media to enter more competitions. Not as many people enter social media competitions, they require you to tag friends, make a video or do something that requires a little more effort than just entering your details. Take advantage of this and search Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest competitions, taking the time to read the instructions properly and follow what they ask you to do. 
  • Get Creative. Find competitions that require you to create something, write a story or come up with a catchy headline for a newspaper story. Using your creative talents will see you rise above the rest and can increase your chances of winning that all important prize. 

Using Lotteries to increase your chances

Alongside the traditional competitions, there has been a massive increase in the number of online lotteries that are available to enter. Sites like Pickmypostcode is an exciting way to enter a free lottery which gives you the chance to win over £1000 every day. 

Lotteries are obviously 100% luck based, but add these into your normal daily competition routine and you could soon see yourself winning a nice little prize out of nowhere. 

Keep Yourself Organised

It’s vital that you keep yourself organised when entering such a large amount of competitions every day, and most importantly you want to see where your winnings have come from. 

Setting yourself up a dedicated comping email address is the first step, this will keep all of your entries in one place, and free up your work and personal emails for more formal matters. This can be done in a matter of minutes, I suggest using Gmail as it’s one of the more user friendly systems. 

It’s also important that you get yourself a spreadsheet set up. This will help you keep track of all the competitions that you’ve entered as well as which ones you have won. It could take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve used the spreadsheet for a while it will become second nature and you’ll never look back. 

Alongside all of the practical tips, setting yourself targets will also keep you organised. If you’re entering competitions for hours on end it can become rather mind numbing. So set yourself a target, do you want to enter 100, 200, 300 competitions a day? Keep track of how many you have entered, showing your progress throughout the day, it’ll help keep you motivated and inspired to keep going. 

Be Wary of Spam Competitions

Although we’ve mentioned some great sites to join up to and start entering competitions today, some websites and social media pages aren’t always as they seem. Chances are, if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. 

Be wary of sites that require you to pay any money or complete unnecessary tasks in order to enter a competition, these are likely scams are and more interested in getting your money and your personal details rather than offering genuine prize offers. 

You should ensure that your computer is secure, with complex passwords and up to date anti-virus software. 

It’s a Long Term Game 

Entering competitions is not a get rich quick scheme, nor has it ever been or should be used in order to replace a normal income. Comping should be used as a way to earn some extra money or win some cool gifts in your spare time, it’s an unreliable and unrealistic way of earning money for the foreseeable future.

Alongside this, you shouldn’t expect to see results straight away. Many people become disheartened when they don’t win anything within the first few weeks, although this is very common. Many competitions have long run times, meaning that the competitions could be open for several months after you have entered them.

This means that you’ll have to wait until at least the closing date before you can even think about hearing back from it, even at that, you may not hear anything back for many weeks after. This is normal, and therefore you shouldn’t expect to see any results within a couple of months, but if you do that’s an added bonus. 

It’s a slow burner to begin with, but the excitement that comes with your first prize is the perfect way of reminding you why you have dedicated a lot of time and effort into comping. Many compers have entered competitions for years, with some good and some bad years gone by, it’s a numbers game after all, so the more you enter the higher your chance of winning anything. 

What are you waiting for?

So, we have established that comping isn’t for the faint hearted, and although not an income replacer, entering competitions is a great way to spend your spare time. It can be rather overwhelming at first, with loads of information out there to confuse even the most avid comper. 

You can get started today, entering any and every competition you lay your eyes on. It’s important that you keep focused on your goals, and there’s no better way of doing that than joining a group of like-minded individuals.

The Money Shed forum is not only a great way to find out how to earn extra money or how to live the frugal life, but it’s also a great community of compers. The dedicated competition subforum is there for everything competition related and you can even keep yourself motivated with all the winners posting their goodies for all to admire. 

So that’s it, the guide to win money for free is almost done, we’ve covered everything that you need to get you on your way to winning, and there’s nothing that beats the feeling of winning free stuff. 

Let’s leave with some of the most important tips for any competition goer, old or new:

  • Keep Focused – set yourself realistic targets, don’t see this as an income replacer but rather an income boost, it’s a hobby, not a career. 
  • Keep Organised – set yourself up with a dedicated email address and a spreadsheet to keep yourself in control, after all, you should be entering hundreds a day if you want to stand a chance of winning. 
  • Have Fun – It’s the most important part. Have fun and enjoy the winnings. 
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