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Qmee earn money with surveys

Back in the day, the online moneymaking world revolved around things like building affiliate marketing websites or working long hours for very little reward on low-paying crowdsourcing platforms. That’s all well and good but we don’t all have the time or the expertise to be able to earn money like that.

Today, most people are looking for ways to increase their earnings or make savings wherever possible. There are loads of options out there for this kind of thing, but it can be difficult to know whether they’re worthwhile or not.

Thankfully, this post covers a method of earning and saving money online that’s been tried and tested for years. It’s called Qmee and you can get started with it today in both a passive and active capacity.

What is Qmee?

Qmee is an online platform that helps you to search, earn, and save online through a personalised experience with your favourite brands.

To get started with Qmee, all you need to do is sign up with an email address or Twitter account and then install an extension into your desktop browser. Qmee then works its magic in the background, helping you to earn and save, while you go about your day to day business.

How to Earn and Save with Qmee 

Qmee Surveys Cash
There are so many different ways to earn money with Qmee

You might be wondering how a little extension for your internet browser or phone can help you to earn money online and that’s perfectly normal. After all, money doesn’t just fall out of the sky into your lap for nothing. 

For clarity, brands pay to appear in Qmee’s search results and offer pages. The money is then split between you and Qmee as you make searches and interact with specific brands. But there’s much more to it than that. Let’s look at exactly what you can do with Qmee.

Search and Earn

This is perhaps the most impressive way to earn with Qmee. When you’re going about your day to day business, Qmee is working in the background and waiting for an opportunity to show you price savings and relevant deals.

For example, if you were searching for a specific brand of footwear and Qmee found savings or offers, you’d see them displayed on the left-hand side of your screen. You’d then be rewarded cash for interacting with these brands by clicking through to them or would save money by selecting a better deal or a coupon.

It’s important to note here that you won’t earn money on every single search you make. However, plenty of brands pay for the opportunity for you to find and engage them so over time you can earn a decent chunk of cash. Even when there aren’t earnings to be made, Qmee may still provide you with a price comparison selection which is useful.

Taking Surveys

Qmee Surveys
Qmee offers Surveys on a huge range of topics

By opting in for this feature, you’ll be sent surveys to help boost your earnings further. Make sure you enter your details correctly, so you’re sent surveys that apply to you. You can find new surveys on the ‘Surveys’ tab.

Something to note here is that there may not always be surveys available for you to complete. Surveys appear as and when they’re available, so you need to keep checking back if you want to make some extra cash through this feature.

An interesting feature of Qmee is the survey streak. You can increase how much you’ll be paid for taking surveys by being active. Once you’ve maintained a streak of 5 consecutive days of completing surveys or answering the daily poll, you’ll earn more money on your next survey. This earnings bonus remains for as long as you continue your streak so make sure you’re taking part in the daily poll even if you’re unable to complete a survey that day.


Qmee offers available
Just some of the Qmee offers available where you can both save AND earn money!

As well as receiving cash rewards and deals for your searches, you will find hand-picked offers in your Qmee dashboard. These offers will reward you with cash for taking up new offers for things like your internet or phone provider. It’s another way to earn money and perhaps make savings on something you’re currently paying more for.

Important Stuff 

Let’s quickly run through some of the need-to-know information before you start earning with Qmee. 

Qmee does not share your data with any third parties without your permission. Payments are made via PayPal so Qmee also doesn’t store any of your financial information.

Qmee works with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers. You can also make use of the Qmee app on Android and iOS phones and tablets. 

As payments are made through PayPal, you’ll receive your money instantly. This means that you are able to withdraw money as soon as you earn it! If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can set one up for free. If you’d rather donate your earnings to charity, Qmee provides you with an option to do so. 


Qmee is something I’ve been fond of for many years. It’s surprising how much cash you can earn by going about your daily searches online. Back when I started using the service, I only made use of the search and price comparison features but they’re really stepping up their game by providing surveys now. 

What this has done has rounded off Qmee as both a passive and active earner and, for anyone looking to earn and save on the side, this is a perfect option that won’t eat into your valuable time. 

Ultimately, it’s a no-brainer to sign up for Qmee. Even if you’re not looking to complete surveys or shop for new offers, you can earn some cash for your regular internet usage. Just think about how many searches you do for brands and products around the time of Christmas, birthdays, or even just pay day. These present opportunities to earn some cash back and the fact that you can be paid quickly via PayPal makes the whole process that much sweeter. Whether you’re a desktop or mobile user, Qmee gets a big thumbs up as a legitimate earn from home opportunity.

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